Are you looking for high school research paper topics? If you’re in high school, you may find it difficult to come up with interesting high school research topics. Many teachers have now begun assigning students open-ended papers in which they are required to come up with high school research topics on their own. If you’re not experienced in writing papers, you might struggle to come up with topics for high school research paper because of this.

However, if you learn the basics of interesting research topics for high school students, you’ll find that the process is actually quite easy. Coming up with research paper topics for high school requires a bit of ingenuity and reading, and with practice, you’ll be able to develop papers that are original, entertaining, and informative.

Creative Theses

A good research paper example high school is one that has a strong thesis. The thesis forms the foundation of your essay, as it is the argument on which you build the essay. A strong thesis will hook the reader and also make writing the essay much easier, while a poorly-articulated thesis will hinder your paper’s development and also risk boring your readers.

A good thesis is one that starts from an original spark. Theses that have been done before will not attract your readers’ attention. While no one is expecting high school thesis topics to be deep, breathtaking works of academic genius, you need to put a certain amount of thought into them in order for them to be good.

For example, a good high school research paper example would be “Where does pop music come from?” This type of topic is expansive without being too broad and also will hook the reader, since it probes an aspect of cultural history that few think about. Applying a bit of thought to your high school research paper topics will greatly aid you in writing solid papers.

Narrow Your Thesis

One major problem with research paper topics high school is that students fail to accurately define their theses. They choose topics that are too broad, making it difficult for them to cram the necessary information into the paper within the allotted page count. A good thesis is one that is appropriately defined for the paper’s length and scope, avoiding bogging the writer down in extraneous detail

For example, with regards to history essay topics for high school students, a thesis on the decline and the fall of the Roman Empire might sound fun and engaging, if your paper is only three pages long, you won’t be able to adequately cover the topic in the limited amount of space that you have. For a paper of that brief length, you would be better off focusing on an individual period in Roman history, one that can be covered in detail in a paper that brief.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

When it comes to interesting research topics for high school students, you shouldn’t worry about being overly ambitious. As a high school student, you are only partly along your educational journey, and because of this, you are not held to the same standards as more advanced students. Because of this, you should not develop a thesis or topic that is overly advanced or complex.

It is a fallacy that your topic needs to be elaborate in order to be interesting. In fact, it is possible for high school thesis topics to be simple yet powerful. If your topic is too complex or esoteric, consider paring it back in favour of a research paper sample for high school that is more concise and punchier. Your teachers will thank you and your grades will reflect this.


If you’ve never come up with high school research paper topics, it may seem like a daunting and terrifying process. If you’re used to writing research papers for high school students where you are assigned a topic by your teacher, being given the freedom to create your own high school thesis topics may seem difficult.

However, you don’t have to let your anxiety and lack of knowledge hold you back. When it comes to research paper topics for high school, a little creativity and discipline will carry you a long way. If you learn how to come up with creative research paper topics for high school as well as refine them so they are simple and concise, you will be able to fashion high school research paper topics that are memorable and lead to powerful and well-received papers.


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