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Translation plays a huge role in the cultural development of mankind. Thanks to the translation, people of one country get acquainted with life, history, literature and scientific achievements of other countries. The role of the translator is very significant, and high demands are placed on him or her. A professional translator must be a highly educated person, possess extensive and diverse knowledge of the industry for which the translation is being made. A translator of scientific and technical literature should be well acquainted with the translation of terms for the source text to be accurate and sound professional.

How to prepare an essay translation? First of all, remember that the translated essay is going to be read by a specific audience. The style of the translated text should remain the same from its beginning to an end and be easy to read for the audience for which the writing was prepared.

For a business essay you might take into consideration using some catchy phrases which can unostentatiously promote the good to the customer; for literary translation consider using idioms and descriptive sentences. When translating an academic essay, special attention should be paid to scientific terms and to observe the stylistics of an academic text. When translating a literary translation essay, it is impossible to underestimate the role of a translator who, in addition to knowledge of the language, must have an experience working with texts on a deeper level: writing and editing.

The alternative way to get a professional essay translation is to use the service of translation companies. Protranslate team works only with professional and certified translators. Protranslate’s online essay translation team has passed tests adapted to their expertise, which allows its clients to be confident in the quality of translation and compliance with all stylistic norms.

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