A Business Plan for Under Water Nightclub

Business Idea

Under Water Nightclub will focus on attracting young people, especially university students in the area. The nightclub will be situated one kilometer from the town to provide a conducive environment where young people can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and network with friends. The town hosts three universities, and the nightclub will focus on students from these institutions. In addition, the town has five nightclubs, which have been flourishing for the last ten years. The clubs attract hundreds of students and other young people as customers, particularly during the weekends.  As such, the club often has long queues of people waiting to enter every weekend. In recent times, a commercial house situated one kilometer from the town and next to one of the universities became vacant. The club will combine this space into a 1000 square meters nightclub. The location lies on the main street often used by students.

The nightclub will have a great management group to ensure its success. The mission of the club is to provide the best quality services to all clients according to their preferences. As such, the business will have a one of a kind appearance inside and outside to attract more clients. An elegant dance club located in a viewer setting that restfully houses 400 customers will characterize the Under Water Nightclub. Moreover, the business will provide four private skyboxes for use during meetings or private gatherings. The skyboxes will be reserved for exclusive daily use and occasions (Hopp, Greene, Honig, Karlsson, & Samuelsson, 2018, p. 364). The adjacent areas will house the dining room and a space with a charming and calming atmosphere presenting a collection of melodic and disco souvenirs. Lastly, a live deejay will be available during all events to manage the occasions by entertaining the audiences with music.

Viability of the Nightclub

A nightclub is a good opportunity since it is one of the most profitable businesses in the town. The business will not only deal with the sale of alcohol and other drinks but also will act as a venue for other services such as holding meetings where people will pay depending on the time taken. Moreover, the place can be used as a restaurant during the day to sell foodstuffs and provide special guest rooms to house clients. In addition, the club can provide gaming services by fitting video games and pool tables to entertain the customers. In many cities, nightclubs are a symbolic feature of each town’s social lifestyle (Hopp et al. 2018, p. 366). As such, these services can increase the profitability of the club making it the best opportunity for a business.

Nightclubs are a fast-growing business in cities worldwide due to the increasing need to have fun. The business will act as a source of income through increased profitability after that since it will be located near the town where there are many students. Also, the existing nightclubs are mostly full; therefore, the business will flourish. Moreover, the town has become a hotspot for many professionals from universities, travelers from other parts of the country, young adults, and business people seeking to enjoy life and network while eating and drinking. As such, the club is likely to succeed by providing meeting areas as well as foodstuffs, drinks, and music to facilitate these needs. Besides, there is an increased spending power across the town due to the tremendously young generation and their massive desire for entertainment and festivities thus making the club industry an attractive business to invest.


The club will seek to be famous and exceptional in the town by offering high-quality and diverse services. The business will exclusively involve the clients to ensure it embraces new ideas, pursues transformational services, and functions with dogmatic moral standards thus the need for a resilient leadership team. The team will ensure that clients receive exceptional and entertaining services to guarantee excellent customer experience. The club’s leadership will comprise professionals with over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry and those that have shown positive growth previously in their work. The team will help to grow the enterprise, offer improvement recommendations, and devise strategies for the venture. In addition, the team will contribute towards the recruitment of the staff.

The club’s staff will include deejays, bartenders, customer attendants, and security guards. The workers will provide enlightening services for the management level employees who will be in charge of the daily operations at the nightclub. The management team will utilize their skills, which include emotional intelligence, communication, and persuasion towards the achievement of the business vision and values. The club’s managers will come up with strategies to help in introducing new ideas that will drive the business into a forward-thinking phase (Bell & Bell, 2018, p. 653). The managers’ work will mostly involve developing tactics and strategies to solve problems that the customers may encounter. The primary recruiter will be Robert Brown, and he will conduct interviews for the recruitment of the general director, club supervisor, and other crucial employees. Most importantly, Mr. Brown will make the final decisions in regards to each job position.

Operations Strategy

Operations strategy refers to how the club will facilitate the attainment of the set goals. The Under Water Nightclub will promote creative and efficient means of using business ideas, resources, and employees to come up with operational strategies. The club’s leadership will be keen on recognizing the strategies that will guide the club’s operations at any given time thus attaining the business goals. First, the business will open earlier than other clubs in the town. The approach will help in providing entertainment services to clients before other clubs begin working thus gaining a more extensive market base. In addition, the business will hire stand-up comedians to entertain people in the evening. Moreover, the nightclub will host competitions funded by companies and brands thus an additional source of income through advert payments and possible sponsorship. Also, the club will provide all kinds of drinks and brands to meet different customer demands and segments (Bell & Bell, 2018, p. 660). As such, an in-depth understanding of the essential customer requirements will be vital for the success of the business.

The club will purchase the necessary equipment required for entertainment. Also, the business will operate seven days a week. Moreover, the establishment will offer other services to maximize space and increase its profitability. The additional services will include gaming through video games and pool tables, conferencing to hold meetings, and hosting events such as parties and celebrations. As a result, the services in totality will open the business to different market segments hence ensuring its success.

Operations Management

Under Water Nightclub will ensure it meets the customer demands during the night and daytime. The club will employ five managers who will work in shifts to ensure they manage the business effectively. The managers will ensure that customers receive high-quality and fast service and address their problems in regards to the products and services offered. Also, the club managers will ensure that customers are safe by ensuring security guards work 24 hours a week to protect clients and their properties such as vehicles. A secure environment for customers will attract repeat visits and purchases. Besides, adequate security at the club will attract new and referral customers from satisfied clients thus increasing attendance at the club in comparison to other clubs in the town (Kalkhoran, Lisha, Neilands, Jordan, & Ling, 2016, p. 225).  It is vital to maintain the clients’ dependability on a business to increase their satisfaction and gain their loyalty. Therefore, the business will prioritize high-quality customer service and safety to capture the market and gain a competitive advantage of its competitors.

The current competition in the town is low, especially at night and weekends due to the few clubs that meet the demands of customers. The Under Water Nightclub will take advantage of this gap, mainly by capitalizing on its bar or tavern services. Other clubs in town such as Paddies, Blessed five, Diamond, The Marina, and Westside Choice often have long queues of customers entering the establishments during weekend nights. Therefore, the clubs are unable to house many clients at a time. Also, the clubs have a small dancing area hence cannot accommodate many customers than the required capacity. As a result, the majority of customers opt to travel to other neighboring towns with high capacity clubs. The proposed Under Water Nightclub has a massive dancing and bar area and restaurant and conferencing sections that will attract a more extensive client base than the competitors.

The projected nightclub will rival the existing clubs directly in addition to enticing a diverse customer base that seeks comfort, reliability, and a high capacity entertainment location. For example, the business will capitalize on its massive dance floor that lacks in the existing clubs. In addition, large clubs in neighboring areas are located one hour from the town thus inconvenient. A market assessment showed that the Under Water Club would have five main competitors. However, the competitor clubs have limited space and lack certain facilities that are key to a standard club such as a secure parking area (Kalkhoran et al. 227).  Therefore, the proposed business will operate in the town with ease due to the lack of much competition. The club will ensure it sells a variety of unique, quality products (foodstuffs and drinks), convenience, and high capacity areas to attract many customers and retain them in the long-run.

Developing the Strategy for Success of the Business

The business’ stakeholders will contribute towards the development of the operating strategies, particularly in managing the club. Some of the strategies that the club will adapt to ensuring its success include providing excellent service, which leaves a great impression on the customers to guarantee repeat visits. Also, the club will provide constant entertainment including live comedy shows during working hours, mainly at 6.00pm. The approach will attract many customers to the facility to entertain themselves. Moreover, the club will be located a few meters from town thus guaranteeing a conducive environment and atmosphere for customers to spend their time. The majority of people prefer quiet places away from the noise found in major towns, especially for conducting meetings. In addition, the club will develop a unique approach for handling its savings and finances as well as cash flow to facilitate continuous growth in its resources. The management will establish a strict mechanism for monitoring all expenses. It is essential to keep the business working capital flowing (in use through investments) as opposed to locking it in a bank account, especially during challenging economic periods. The approach will help the business to avoid the risk of fraudulent activities such as misappropriation and loss of capital due to bank charges on stagnant funds.

Branding the Company

The business will focus on young people, especially university students seeking a conducive environment to relax and enjoy themselves. The club will provide a place with a calm atmosphere to have fun and dance as well as meet and network with other people. The main aim of the nightclub is to provide high-quality services to all clients but mainly focus on university students who surround the town. The proposed location is near universities thus providing a student clientele interested in spending their time and money to networking with friends. As such, Under Water Club will major in delivering high-quality products and services in a serene environment to clients according to their preferences. The business will employ sales representatives to market its brand. The representatives will distribute leaflets to university students after school hours to market the club. The flyers will provide information about the services and amenities offered at the club such as a large dancing area, secure parking space, adequate security, and its serene environment to differentiate it from other clubs. Since the existing nightclubs lack such facilities, it will be easy to market the business’ brand.

Budget and Expenses, Analysis Projections, and Long-Term Plans

Table 1. Estimated Expenses for Under Water Nightclub






 Amount ($)
Supplies payments 1000
Rent 1800
Registering expenses 500
Permit expenses 200
Electricity 700
Water 300
Telephone services 250
Poster services 1000
Transportation 600
Miscellaneous 1500
Total  7850          

Source: (Self)

The estimated business capital is $100000 that will be used to buy products and equipment needed to begin operations and pay rent for space. In addition, the capital will cover other vital expenditures such as hiring the management team, other staff, and the sales representatives to market the brand (Hopp et al. 2018, p. 368). Moreover, the capital will fund advertisements and promotional activities to market the brand, including covering discounts on certain products during the launch of the business to attract customers. The employees will earn an average of $500 a month or less depending on their job description. The cost of products is estimated to be $6000. Other expenditures involving monthly rental payments will amount to $4000. The projected profit for the first and second year is $5000 and $7500, respectively. The club plans to increase the current space in the future and open other branches in the town and neighboring areas with similar capacity.



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