Argumentative Essay on Universal Health Care in the US

Argumentative Essay on Universal Health Care in United States

The United States is the only wealthy and industrialized nation that cannot provide free and universal care to its citizens. The earth’s wealthiest nation so far is the US. The restriction to healthcare access and escalating costs is the current practical situation in the United States. The coverage of the US healthcare system is currently determined by insurance coverage. Insurance provided on a personal or employer basis covers the majority of US citizens. When economic growth is achieved, it ensures that the health of all citizens is essential. This paper tries to explore if a universal health care system would be helpful to Americans or not.

It is fundamental in the United States when there is a need to deliver universal access to healthcare. Citizens threaten public health status when they fail to provide universal care for all Americans. The main form of priority for US citizens should be making healthcare adaptable to all citizens. Approximately 50 million Americans in 2010 alone we’re unable to access quality healthcare (Berwick, Snair & Nishtar, p. 1318). Persons in lower-income class and middle-income classes are unable to access quality healthcare services. People who can also afford the high costs of health care can also benefit from universal access to health care because it will decrease costs. The idea of having a universal health care scheme in the United States seems to support the law. The distribution of the expenses in the form of taxes and insurance premiums would help distribute health care costs in the presence of a universal health care system.

There is an advanced possibility that the insurance business will not cover the individual because managers perform a considerable insurance percentage. This current situation is unfavorable if an individual loses his job. Losing access to health insurance is equated to losing a job. Individuals would still access health care irrespective of their job situation, which is ensured by a universal insurance system.

The cost of health care rising at unprecedented expenses has been seen in the last few decades. The last few decades have seen the costs of health care rising at outstanding prices. Equally, the costs of health care premiums have also grown more than the rates of inflation. The number of uninsured Americans has been increased by a couple of increased insurance costs and the rising costs of health care (Berwick, Snair & Nishtar, p. 1318). Over the last few years, the percentage of employers that have offered insurance costs has been dropping. Deducting higher rates has enabled the employers that could afford to provide health insurance benefits which have helped them meet insurance costs. Low and middle-income earners with no or low-quality access to health care are the overall debt in governments overall.

Universal access to health care programs is likely needed to improve the welfare of most Americas. Over 50 million Americans who do not have insurance to access quality health care will be enabled by free access to health care. Health care programs would cover the number of people working. The number of people aged 25 to 64 would be covered under a health care program (De Maeseneer., 2020, p. 812). Universal access to health care programs is likely to enhance most Americans’ welfare and enable access to quality health care. With worldwide access to quality healthcare, American people, regardless of their area, gender, income, race, wealth, or health status, would be secure quality admission to health care.

However, the nonappearance of health insurance does not cruel that there is no medical care. As a result, around are numerous clinics and health centers that propose free medical services. The expenses are usually high in health midpoints. As the insurance cover cannot settle anything, the additional charges have to be incurred by the patients. Therefore, this leads to premiums.

There are significant expenses that are incurred by individuals who decide to pay for their health plans. There must be a way to benefit from the resolution of the problem. It also has exaggerated occupational processes and their financial allocation. Space an insufficient to provide to the healthiness plan. A small number of people is recruited to manage comfortably. Less money is left to cater to other organization activities by increasing the cost of health insurance. The activities compromised include no salary increment to the employees, reduced hiring, and labor. For Americans to achieve strong economic growth, the absence of an existing health care system is flattering a problem. This is due to financial development is affected by the healthiness of persons. The development of the nation would be contributed significantly if the citizens can be healthy. By confirming that the medical expenses are decreased universal health care system would be helpful. This will consequence in a healthy nation, and also, a substantial population will, popular try, donate to the economy.

Registration under health insurance has a very cumbersome procedure. Such long procedures will be helpful to avoid in a universal health care system. When people are sent to make some payment for the bills or get to see a doctor, they will no longer be required to submit the claim. These many procedures will be avoided by putting together a universal health care structure that will benefit. In other activities that build the nation, time saved could be used. A universal health care system drives main to extra investments than spending, as estimated.

A universal health upkeep structure determined the rouse growth of a database that is federal. This defines the castoff in treating diseases as fit as in the diagnosis (Tonelli., 2018). The work of medical practitioners will be made more accessible. Also, the time wastage will be reduced. Individuals will no longer require to clarify their medicinal pasts through their appointments since all therapeutic histories will be kept in the database. Reliability of information as the doctors discharge their duties will always be accessible for them. There will also be a straightforward analysis of the data. This will enable easy finding of new ways to improve efficiency, Although the data’s centralized system will bring more problems. This will not be the problem anymore if the government will be able to pay.

There are many disadvantages in the current health care system in patients with chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases; these demerits are seen in them. Treatment of these conditions is costly (Tonelli., 2018). The greatest patients are incompetent to encounter the charges as a result. Some insurance companies fail to shelter such affected roles since the situation becomes worse. Many patients devote their resources to cure the disease due to those who are vulnerable to medical conditions.

In conclusion, as universal health care might take some weakness, some policies can safeguard a significant population of America not covered become admitted to medical upkeep. Therefore the US should have universal healthcare. Special consideration should be given to diseases that require additional medical attention.