Broadband Internet Access is a Social Determinant of Health

Broadband Internet Access Is a Social Determinant of Health


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Broadband internet access (BIA) is a system in which one uses technology and electronic devices to access healthcare services. It is the most recent form of the health care system in the United States citizens’ faces where the patient doesn’t need to go to the hospital for treatment but connect to their doctor while at home. The system has become vital in healthiness in the U.S. communities nowadays, thus becoming a social determinant healthcare system.

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BIA has become a crucial system in the health care systems lately because it has enhanced treatment to every patient without wastage of time. The system has reduced the hospitals from large queues of patients who congested the hospitals waiting for the doctors to serve them. Having a gadget that can access the internet would help you reduce the cost of time driving or traveling to the help centers and increase lifesaving in terms of emergency. Interment access has reduced the cost of many things, with your phone at home; one can send her CV and apply for a job while at home. Students are learning from home, especially during this covid19 pandemic when all tutors are at home, enabling the education sector to continue, thus making internet access a vital factor in society.

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The social determinants of health (SDH) are vital to the healthcare systems as citizens’ wellbeing lies in the organization’s revival and advancements. The health services provided by the healthcare systems are crucial organizations’ determination of the healthiness of the communities. Primary care, secondary care, and care of particular populations and diseases are better SDH models. Special conditions have to be dealt with uniquely and considered vital in all areas. Services offered to the community level, and physician offices have to determine the wellbeing of an individual.

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Healthcare workforce; workforce in our caregiving facilities has become too much, and the responsible people need to be relieved of the overload. When nurses work from morning to evening, attending to the patients with various sicknesses; becomes life-sucking. A patient queuing for more than 3 hours just to be is treated unbecoming, thus urging BIA’s inclusion into the hospitals to save time and reduce the workload to the health center staff. Internet access as well will help keep the records of the patients and hospital and management documents. Maintaining files and operation documents of the health centers makes the BIA more useful than ever.

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Healthcare access and quality; I would be more pleased to see all the U.S. citizens access the healthiness services. A country with its people suffering from all sorts of sickness outbreaks is in a bad situation. Making every citizen able to access quality healthcare is attainable by the United States if only the concerned parties work. Ensuring that healthcare is available primarily to the elderly and young ones is achievable and pleasing. Proving the best

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Quality and accessible healthcare can be achieved when all the concerned parties ensure the idea is utilized and fulfilled. The government should support the health centers with the essential apparatus and qualified personnel to deliver the best treatments. The community should also avoid unnecessary harm to themselves, like the excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and all other toxic drugs. Health care and physicians should incorporate internet access to attain success and quality health-giving services to society.