The United States was discovered by adventurers whose goal is to set up a great colony. It was accidentally discovered by an Italian explorer on his continuous adventure to discover a westward route to India. Although there is a continuous debate on when the United States was discovered, but some people believe that the founding fathers of this great Nation are among the delegates who signed the draft of Independence Declaration  as well as framing the constitution. The Spanish were the first Europeans to establish colonies in North America. Among several events that has happened in the past is the Industrial revolution, conflict with Britain, the war of 1812 e.t.c.

The industrial revolution caused rapid urbanization in America, this bring about new economic changes. People started moving from the rural regions to the cities, by 1800 only 6% of the American population lived in cities. Before the end of the 19th century, new inventions brought about even more industrialization. For instance, the invention of electricity and the electric bulb increased production volumes because factories could stay open for a longer period. The first National Bank of America have been fully responsible for the Nations supply of bank notes. The United States of America, the new nation was  beset with problems. The bank was needed by the Government to settle a debt from the revolutionary war and at the time when each State has a unique currency. Apart from repaying war debt, they embark on restoring the nations currency and reducing inflation

The War of 1812

The United States failed to achieve any of its stated aim in the war of 1812, this war accredited the American Nationhood and secured a new respect for the young republic among the powers of Europe. Altough the origin of the war is yet to be ascertained and has been a source of confusion for the historians as lack of attention have been paid to the participation of England in the war and to the overemphasis placed on western expansionist factors. This war was fought for a lot of reasons but, much like the American Revolution,  it was triggered by British interference in American trade. The Americans were thrilled that the United States was finally getting respect from the  major powers in Europe. The United States didn’t lose to Britain, and so, the United States started getting more respect from major European powers. Nationalism exploded in the US, that feeling of supporting the nation as a whole, exploded in the United States. The United States scored enough victories to keep the British from making extreme demands. So, people had more of a patriotic, national spirit. After the war of 1812, there was a tremendous stimulus to American manufacturing. It encouraged American producers to make goods that was previously imported from overseas. Following this war, the American Government impose 15 to 30 percent import duties on cotton, textiles, wool and other good. The tariff plan is aimed to protect America’s fast growing industries from foreign competition.

The United States purchased several acres of territory in North America from France. The United States purchased the land for two reasons, one is to secure the Mississippi region including its mouth, and a portion of the Gulf shores. Another was the belief that Americans were destined by God to govern the entire continent. This ideology has influenced the United States to expand across the continent. However, the Mexican American war was driven by the idea that the US had a God-given right to occupy and civilize the whole continent. Ultimately, it was a great  battle where Mexico was fighting to keep what they thought was their property but the United States desired to retain more of Mexico’s land. The roots of this war precede the conflict that began in April, 1846. Gold was also discovered in 1848 by a Californian agriculturist whose discovery has made thousands of immigrants to move into the US and other nations. The  California gold rush triggered a global emigration of ambitious fortune seekers from various parts of the world. At this time, the number of Chinese gold seekers was so large that they intend to acquire as much gold as possible before returning to China.

In Conclusion

As a great nation, the United States has gone through several phases of revolution. While the country has been hit hard during these phases of revolutions that have damaged it competitiveness, its manufacturing sector remains a vital part of the economy. Furthermore, many of the nation’s asset are a result of its manufacturing proficiency.





















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