Amazon’s Process Design and Operations Management and Control

Amazon’s Process Design and Operations Management and Control


Operations management can be considered an area of management mostly concerned with designing and controlling different types of processes related to production and redesigning. This particular research paper focuses on preparing and submitting an original Business Report addressing different types of tasks and one of the most important factors related to the organisation that has been selected in this case scenarios, Amazon. This research paper will introduce the organisation and include an overview of Amazon as an organisation that will be analysed and discussed. After that, the aspects will focus on several analyses of operations of the selected organisation where different types of models in operation performance objectives will be discussed. After that, the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation through which the performance is achieved with required performance factors will be identified. The information gathered in this research paper has been taken from several articles and journals, and official documents.


This particular Research paper has selected Amazon as an organisation, and this area will focus on the overview of the environment through which the Operations are managed in this organisation. This particular company is considered to be one of the greatest American multinational technological companies where the headquarters are situated in Washington. The organisation is globally present in several types of countries, and it is also giving employment to thousands of people throughout the world. The operational objects are seen all the time because it is operating in an online environment and there are different types of strategies as well taken forward by this organisation (Majed et al., 2018). This specific Research paper has chosen Amazon as an association. This territory will zero in on the outline of the climate through which the Operations are overseen in this association. This specific organisation is viewed as one of the best American worldwide mechanical organisations where the central command is arranged in Washington. The association is internationally present in a few sorts of nations, and it is additionally offering work to a large number of individuals all through the world. The operational items are seen constantly in light of the fact that it is working in an online climate, and there are various sorts of methodologies also taken forward by this association.

Operational analysis

Transformational process model

This particular aspect can be considered as one of the most important models in Amazon because this model focuses on the organisation which produced goods and services by converting different types of inputs into outputs. This particular model also focuses on different types of processes through which the inputs are transferred into outputs, and this is known as the transformation process (Acker, 2017). There are different types of inputs and outputs that are taken into consideration for their particular case scenario. Amazon as an organisation focuses on different types of inputs and outputs because it serves the customers in a global manner. But a type of inputs in Amazon includes material, information as well as customers.

In this particular process, the transformation includes the changes of the consumers’ physical characteristics and the materials. After that, the changes in location and ownership of information and materials are also taken into consideration. The changes in purpose and psychological or social logical state of customers are also seen in this particular model in Amazon. The transformation process focuses on supply, service, and manufacture and the nature of outputs, which are transportability and tangibility (Cho, 2019). This specific viewpoint can be considered the main models in Amazon since this model spotlights the association that created labour and products by changing over various sorts of contributions to yields.

This specific model likewise centres on various sorts of cycles through which the information is moved into yields, and this is known as the change interaction. There are various kinds of information sources and yields that are contemplated for their specific case situation, and Amazon, as an association, centres on various sorts of information sources and yields since it is serving the clients worldwide (Nguyen Jr, 2019). Yet, a kind of contributions to Amazon incorporates material in development just as the clients. In this specific interaction, the change incorporates the progressions of actual qualities of the purchasers just as the materials. After that, the progressions in the area and responsibility for and materials are additionally mulled over. The progressions in reason and mental or social coherent condition of clients are additionally found in this specific model in Amazon. The change interaction centres around supply, the administration just as production and the idea of yields are mutability and substantial-quality also.

Figure 1: The Transformation Process

(Source: Vallejo et al., 2019)

4V’s model

The 4V’s model is such a model in the project management aspect that it can be considered as one of the greatest factors for business development. This particular model focuses on the description of an organisation, and in this case scenario, the service and operations will be completed in looking forward to an organisation for Amazon (Vallejo et al., 2019). Amazon as an organisation focuses on different types of operational processes into material knowledge as well as equipment and transportation. The 4V’s model is such a model from the board’s perspective that it can be considered perhaps the best factor for business improvement. This specific model spotlights the portrayal of an association, and in this case situation, the assistance and tasks will be finished in anticipating an association for Amazon. Amazon as an association centre on various sorts of operational cycles into material information just as hardware and transportation.

The volume dimensions

The volume dimension in Amazon as an organisation focuses on looking forward to high volume factors and production. The operations are managed in the business and organised as well. In contrast, there are several types of combination through which the organisation is produced systematically (Choi et al., 2018). The volume measurement in Amazon as an association centre on anticipating high volume components and creation through which the tasks are overseen in the business and coordinated. Conversely, there are a few sorts of mix through which the association is delivered methodically.

Figure 2: 4V’s model

(Source: Benjaafar and Hu, 2020)

The variety dimensions

The variety dimension focuses on the contrast between transportation services which are extremely important for Amazon. As Amazon is an online business operation, it is important for the company to focus on transportation (Benjaafar and Hu, 2020). The assortment measurement centres around the difference between transportation administrations that are critical for Amazon because as Amazon is an online business activity, it is significant for the organisation to zero in on the transportation.

The variation dimensions

The variation dimension of operation management focuses on customising several aspects according to the pricing in a standard manner and customer choices. The variety measurement of activity the board centres on altering to a few kinds of viewpoints as per the estimating in a standard way just as client decisions.

The visibility dimensions

The visibility dimension focuses on customers’ ability to seek and track their experience in several processes of operation. The deceivability measurement centres on the client’s capacity to look for just as track their involvement with a few cycles of activity (Kumar et al., 2018).

Inventory management

Inventory management of Amazon as an organisation focuses on the systematic approach of storing, selling and sourcing several types of raw materials and finished goods in the inventory. Amazon is an organisation that is operating throughout the world. There are several types of strokes that should be present at the right levels and the right place for which inventory management is seen in business terms.

This particular organisation also focuses on the right cost and the stock management through which the stock mix of the company is seen (Gölzer and Fritzsche, 2017). Stock administration of Amazon as an association centre on the efficient methodology of putting away selling just as sourcing a few kinds of crude materials and completed products in the stock. Amazon is an association that is working all through the world, and there are a few sorts of strokes that ought to be available in the right levels and it ideal spot for which the stock administration is found in business terms. This specific association additionally centres on the correct expense and the stock administration through which the stock blend of the organisation is seen.

Quality management process

The quality management process of this particular organisation is considered the set of procedures through which the deliverable products are given to fit the customers’ purposes. The quality management process involves targeting the quality as well as agreeing on several factors related to the customers so that better business operations can be considered with proper quality requirements.

Amazon is an organisation that focuses highly on the customer’s feedback as well as the quality because, throughout the development process, the quality standards should remain similar (Lee and Tang, 2018). The quality administration interaction of this specific association is viewed as the arrangement of techniques through which the deliverable items are given to be good for the reasons to the clients. The quality administration measure includes focusing on the quality just as conceding to a few variables related to the clients so better business activities can be considered with legitimate quality prerequisites. Amazon is an association centre exceptionally around the client’s criticism just as the quality on the grounds that all through the improvement interaction, the quality principles ought to stay comparative.

Figure 3: Quality management

(Source: Magon et al., 2018)

Strengths and weaknesses of operations


There are different types of strength of the operations taken forward by Amazon as an organisation. One of the most important strengths that are seen in Amazon is also a reason why it is extremely successful. Amazon is an organisation that focuses on technological productions and also on the online service market, which improves this operation in online retail. One of the greatest and the strongest retail brands throughout the world focuses on expanding business diversification which comes from operation management because through proper operation and proper strategy. The intensive growth can be understood.

Another student of Amazon as an organisation is that it can follow the trends in a technological manner. It also enables organisations to have proper business development to fulfil the diversified complementary services (Magon et al., 2018). This particular organisation also focuses on the rapid technological innovation in online services because it mostly operates in an online manner. There are various kinds of solidarity of the tasks taken forward by Amazon as an association. Quite possibly, the main qualities that are found in Amazon is likewise a motivation behind why it is amazingly fruitful. Amazon is an association centre on innovative creations and furthermore on the online help market, which improves this activity in online retail.

One of the best and the most grounded retail marks all through the world spotlights on extending the business broadening, which comes from the activity of the board in light of the fact that through legitimate activity and through appropriate methodology, the escalated development can be perceived (Cachon et al., 2020). Another understudy of Amazon as an association is that it has the capacity to follow the patterns in an innovative way, and it likewise empowers associations to have appropriate business improvement to satisfy the differentiated correlative administrations. This specific association also centres around the quick mechanical development in online administrations since it generally works online.


There are real types of weaknesses of Amazon as well, which presents to limit the business growth and expansion of the organisation. This particular organisation also focuses on difficulties and the growing improvement factors of the business through which the imitable business model can be understood. The organisation uses several types of business strategies and models. Still, those are extremely irritable, and computers throughout the world can understand the operational processes, which are considered to be one of the great weaknesses of this organisation (Cachon et al., 2020). This particular organisation also does not penetrate with certain operations in the developing market, giving them an opportunity and a drawback for the already existing strategies and operations.

Amazon as an organisation does not operate in a non-online manner, which is also challenging in certain aspects, looking forward to the acquisition and growth factors. It could be understood that Amazon is an organisation that does not properly adjust to the operations of strategic planning and management in corresponding factors throughout the world (Cachon et al., 2020). There are genuine sorts of shortcomings of Amazon, which presents to restrict the business development and extension of the association. This specific association likewise centres on challenges and the developing improvement variables of the business through which the imitable plan of action can be perceived.

The association utilises a few sorts of business methodologies and models. Yet, those are incredibly bad-tempered, and the PCs all through the world can comprehend the operational cycles, which is viewed as one of the extraordinary shortcomings of this association. This specific association additionally doesn’t infiltrate with specific tasks in the creating market, which offers them a chance yet additionally a downside for the existing all-around methodologies and activities (Magon et al., 2018). Amazon as an association doesn’t work in the non-online way, which is also difficult in specific kinds of perspectives anticipating the securing and developing components. It very well may be perceived that Amazon is an association that doesn’t, as expected, conform to the tasks of key arranging and the board in comparing factors all through the world.


By looking forward to the comparison, it could be understood that the strengths of Amazon are great, but the weaknesses are also there, but these trends are taking a positive side in the company. There is a real term of weaknesses of this organisation focusing on the limitation of operations in factors throughout the world. Still, there are also several types of focus through which it could be understood that the strengths of Amazon are blooming as well. By anticipating the examination, it very well may be perceived that the qualities of Amazon are incredible, yet the shortcomings are additionally there; however, these patterns are taking a positive side in the organisation. There are genuine terms of shortcomings of this association zeroing in on the limit of activities in factors all through the world. Yet, there are likewise a few sorts of the centre through which it very well may be perceived that the qualities of Amazon are also blossoming.


Tasks the executives can be considered as a space of the board, which is, for the most part, worried in planning and controlling various sorts of cycles related to creation and upgrading. This specific exploration paper centres around planning and presenting a unique Business Report tending to various sorts of assignments, perhaps the main elements identified with the association chosen for this situation situations Amazon. This exploration paper will present the association and incorporate an outline through which Amazon will be broken down and talked about. After that, the angles will zero in on a few examinations of the chosen association’s activities where various sorts of models in activity execution destinations will be discussed. After that, the qualities and shortcomings of the association through which the exhibition is accomplished with required execution variables will be recognised. The data which is assembled in this examination paper has been taken from a few articles and diaries just as true records.

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