What does Innovatis offer?

Asset Management, Consulting and Equity & Real Estate are three main preoccupations of the Innovatis team and they are also the names of the three strong areas of expertise, here at Innovatis. Innovatis has developed over time an international presence by means of different separate legal entities which are focused on the main business areas.

Erwin Lasshofer is the managing director and the sole beneficial owner of Innovatis GmbH Austria and a board member of different legal Innovatis entities. Innovatis is a unique consulting company which offers investors and clients top quality financial products, ensuring a high level of security for investments and projects.

Equity & Real Estate – Projects

As part of the Equity and Real Estate part of the business, the company focuses on the evaluation, realisation and funding of particular projects around the world.

1.The name Innovatis is heard when speaking about the funding and management of an abattoir and meat processing factory. The company’s dream was to become a market leader in South Africa for quality and efficiency. This aim was achieved by implementing the high German slaughtering standards and methods to secure the competiveness and profitability of the company. With the help of Innovatis the company grew and attained the high standards and profitability. The capacity of the slaughterhouse increased from fifty to two hundred cattle.In September 2009, Kessler Meat was awarded third place in Red Meat Abattoir Award in the whole of the North West Province 2008/2009, from Department of Agriculture, Consevation, and Rural Development. In the end the factory was sold with high profit.

  1. The Innovatis company is also involved in the project of building and selling individualized villas on the coastline of the famous “Costa Smeralda” in Sardinia. The Villas are designed by the famous architect Jean-Claude LeSuisse and they mirror the unique fabulous style of Sardinian houses which focus on the importance of space and beauty. They all have swimming-pools and they are surrounded by unique gardens. Moreover the inhabitants are surrounded by extremely beautiful landscapes in an entirely natural place. The hillside positionprovides panoramic views over the main areas of Costa Smeralda. The villas are suggestively named using gems: Sapphire Villa, Diamond Villa. For more details please see the projects website: SCEATTA – Villas Porto Cervo
  2. Everybody must have heard about the concept “Do-it-yourself”. Innovatis took advantage of this concept and made a profit from constructing and selling easy and quick to make homes. Of course, Innovatis utilizes innovative materials and the target market is not hard to guess: Africa.Innovative Strategies of INNOVATIS have made it possible through the manufacturing methods and the unique design, enabling those who want such a house to have it fully assembled and occupied in 6 to 10 days. HIAC, House in a Can, is the name of this project which offers all the aspiring homeowners in South-Africa affordable but high quality places of residence.

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