Thesis Statement

This Essay highlights the use of Cigarette around the Globe, its adverse effects on health and the probability of its use in causing Cancer.


The tobacco has significant negative effects on Human Health and the concerns about the health are hazardous and has a long history. The research has proved that the most dangerous of all is the tobacco used in Cigarette Smoking. Richard Donald, in 1950, made a research and published it in British Medical Journal depicting a close linkage between Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking. Furthermore, in the year 1954, a study conducted by the British Doctors claimed and confirmed their suggestions on which the Government issued the advice that Longer Cancer rates and Number of Smokers are interrelated Anderson, J. (2005).

Case Report

Hazards of Smoking around World

Cancer and Smoking

How Smoking Causes Cancer

Chain Smoking



Effects of Smoking

Cancer and its effects


The smoking is the most dangerous cause of Lung Cancer and has increased the likelihood of Death. Apart from this fact, the Smoking is an extra burden on the pocket of every smoker. Smoking has an adverse effect on smoker’s physical and mental health which effects his routine work as well. The nicotine take 8 secs to reach the brain which has a continuous effect on the state of mind of a smoker.  Smoking creates frustration and make the future of smoker bleaker. The more the addiction the harder is quitting. It’s a high time that we must quit smoking if we are addicted and stop all other around us to keep ourselves safe and Healthy.

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