College Application Essay for Medical Science in University of Miami

College Application Essay for University of Miami

My passion and enthusiasm for becoming a nephrologist specialized in transplants was not caused by ordinary circumstances. Indeed, my most important experience sought me out from an early age.

All my life I have had to deal with medical conditions. I have had to deal with diagnoses of diabetes type 1, retinopathy, nephropathy and other related complications from a very tender age forcing me to grow up in hospitals.

During my younger years I was envious of other kids; I wished to play football, or go on family vacations or camping. However, as I became an adult I made a decision to repel all the negative thoughts that were not aiding in helping me achieve my goals. I decided to focus on the silver lining in my cloud of medical conditions.

Having grown up in hospitals, and around doctors and other medical personnel; helped me get accustomed to the hospital environment which gives me a sense of belonging and purpose. I believe that we are placed on this world to achieve a specific purpose. The biggest dilemma we all face is the identification of our individual purpose. Once identified, achieving our purpose in life gives us a reason to live and peace of mind

Having identified my purpose in life to be a nephrologist specialized in transplants; I cannot think of any other institution that offers a guaranteed path to achieving my purpose except the University of Miami.

My decision to single out and apply to your renowned institution was significantly influenced by previous interactions with medical staff in hospitals and clinics I have attended. Majority of the doctors in the hospitals and clinics are graduates of the University of Miami. Through this interaction I was able to appreciate the professionalism and highest quality of care standards exhibited by doctors from your institution. It is because of their efforts and insistence on providing the best care that I am alive today and I would not wish to abide by any lesser standard. Also, I have recently had a kidney transplant and met the parents of my donor who informed me that their daughter also wanted to attend the University of Michigan.

Most importantly, I adore the nephrology team at the University of Miami Health systems. Their commitment to specialize in early diagnosis and the latest treatment for kidney diseases is second to none; and so is their compassion towards children, adolescents and adult patients. Having spent all my life in hospitals I appreciate the role that the compassion exhibited by University of Miami graduates in getting me through my roughest days and I am intent on providing the same level of compassion to my patients once I graduate.

The University of Miami is credited for its emphasis on diversity and tolerance. The institutions growing cultural and ethnic diversity offers a platform that instills the virtues of tolerance towards cultural diversity. This platform is extremely important in teaching life skills and human interaction that today’s society lacks.

All my life’s work in school and off school, all of the sacrifices I have made in life, all the pain I have endured reading while sleeping on a hospital bed have led to this application. All my hard work was informed by my resolution to be part of something bigger than myself, something that gives me the chance to create a legacy for myself and other children who are currently going through the same struggles. Accepting my application to study nephrology at UM means everything to me, because it would set me on a path of self-discovery and indiscriminate service to my future patients.

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