1, Write a letter with your statement of motivation in English, containing the following: why you are interested in this programme and what makes you a suitable candidate for this programme (max. 500 words). If you have applied to other institutes or to other programmes at the University of Amsterdam, please list them on your application. Program link:

, It is not proofreading. You should use the student information and rewrite a 500 words essay style personal statement in your own words. The writing should be high quality. The language should be sharp and precise. You should help the student to tell her story and express things she might want to say but did not know how.

3, Need it before 2017/11/26 5pm Beijing time.



There are many reasons for me to choose this program Public relations and advertising in my college life. The story tracks back to my high school life, the original source of the dream that being a communication practitioner is I attend to a drama club and been a director. I shot some movies but I found I could not tell a story in an attracting and meaningful way, which made my ‘film’ suck, but I still made poster and asks my friends helps to spread on Internet. I felt sad and thought maybe I was not suitable for this field. However, William, my English teacher, gave me inspire. He is not a typical English teacher, because he taught us how to learn English outside of the textbook and make friends with us. I told him about my confuse, he gave me a video of Oscar Award Ceremony and said “no one in the world could found what the talent they own in an easy way, even the people in this video, but whatever editor or director, dresser or lighting engineer, host or the people who hold Oscar event, they all work for one direction, and made the things happen. Sometimes it is not one person’s effort, but every one who works for their interests and had one direction, could makes things better. Maybe you are not suitable as a director, but I still see your talents in publicity, although no one teaches you”. Therefore, in the selection of program in university, I chose communication track first, and selected Public Relations and Advertising from 3 communication programs.


Actually my father prefer me to learn some business track programs, like Finance or Accounting, because they thought I would not make some detours when I learn communication or media program, like low salaries, not useful, while I held a opposite opinion and did not want to follow the direction they told me, but to walk on my own way, although there are maybe some thistles and thorns, it is one of my experience and I enjoying the process.


It is hard to explain whether it attracts me or I belong to “communication” at very start, but in the learning process it is a program that I deserve spending lifespan to investigate.


The first time I was touched by advertising is when I saw a campaign of Benetton called Unhated. It shows different kinds of people kiss without any religion or sex barriers, no matter where or who they are. I was shocked, because it is not like normal advertising aims at increasing sales, but delivering touching value. From then on, I start to think whether I could be a person affects others like it affects me. It really sparks my interests.


The courses I am interested at my university:


First, the experience on Digital media also strengthens my thought. As a social media addict, and Internet addict, I also want to be a participant in social media. Therefore, when my friend invited me to build up a blog on the Chinese heatest new media platform-WeChat, I definitely said yes. It is a fresh experience that I firstly participated in brand building process by combining the academic knowledge and practice in different media form, as well as I took the designer and editor as responsibility to help to convey our value towards the youth. It is not easy because I need to analyze the data from readers about their preference and interests, and deliver it to writers, so that they could write the articles that suitable for the value. I was indulged in the process, meanwhile, I understand it is important for us to learn about media preference.

Second, I am the editor and designer for the platform. My friends and I want to deliver that reading is significant in the fast-pacing digital world, but we can read in different way, like electronic articles, photos and graphic design, therefore, I positioned our brand as warmth reading at night and targeted at the university youth aged 18-25. I combined the moon with the concept “read at night” and create the logo. I also be a layout designer, to adjust the articles easy and comfortable to read. This is the establish step of building a new brand, while in the operation part, I also gave the writer a direction of creation, so I started to learn how to analyze the data.

I learned we need to analyze their preference based on the readership data, including how long they would spend on reading WeChat articles, what kind of articles they are interested in, and how many words they would not feel annoyed and give up reading, as well as what kind of layout design they feel comfortable. And in the process I found the duration, category preference, words counts, and design are all connected to the efficiency and effectiveness of conveying the messages to audiences. And I also learned some technique to operating a new media account, like following the hot spots of society, more visual instead of text, and how to analyze the data. I applied all of it in my internship in Weber Shandwick.

The biggiest challenge, the executive was not followed the strategy. Because the platform is for free, and the writers also write for interests with no payment, and sometimes do not follows the rules, we still have no idea to dealing with it.

Third, I won a competition at university. The competition is called 9th National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students. The competition also related to one of my favorite course called Integrated Marketing Communication. The final project of IMC would be submitted to attend the competition. IMC requires the company coordinate their different strategies, resources and messages in order that they enable meaningful engagement with audiences. And as a group, we need to use all kinds of communication tools to do a complete communication project. It required analytical, comprehensive and strategic, creative mind to do that.


The client I served is “VIVO”, a new Chinese smartphone brand and my team need to promote one of their products. As a team leader, I am in charge of leading them to the right direction, construct our plan structure and interlink every section logically. I also think interlink all of the section is the biggest challenge I met in the plan. From research to objective setting, reached the insight and creativity executive, ring spike a ring, they are connected tightly. For example, at the research, we found the young women, they like taking sefies. I remembered clearly that I participated in a campaign competition with my classmates. Honestly, it is so hard for us, because we do not know how to combine the emotion between brand and customer and expressed our brand insight to them. It is also difficult to convey messages directly, clear, precise and creative. It is so important that we need to analysis our target audience and know what they like, and I found there is little amount of expertise on entertainment communication and new media communication in China,


Fourth, I like design class. All of women loves beauty, so do I. When I have Design Class, I fell in love with it, because I think visual is a basic aesthetic sense of human. I also participated in Photographic and Graphic Arts Club in our school and helped to hold many photography exhibitions. Arts and design are indispensable in my life, not only I do design for School’s publicity materials, I participated in arts and photography exhibition, but also I seen arts and design as relaxation in fast-paced life. I remembered, when I go to visit National Gallery in Britain, I even forgot the gathering time and was immersed in the painting. From my perspective, the meaning and story could be transmit through the visual design instead of textual verbal mean. Holland is a country filled with atmosphere of humanism, give birth to famous artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, I have seen an exhibition of paintings of Rembrandt and his disciples in Beijing, and it is gorgeous. Although it has few painting from Rembrandt, I went there for 3 times!


My working experience:


  • Managed the social media profile of OSI, an international B2B food processing enterprise. Analyzed the target audiences and readership and developed content suitable for brand characteristics.
  • Conducted the Clipping Report including 400 clippings of China’s Visit to the Michigan State Governor.
  • Provided on-site support for the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Juilliard School in China.
  • Helped develop the crisis manual for Clariant, an international chemical enterprise, utilizing the research on the theory of Crisis management.
  • Oversaw the translation of the pitch for PR activities of Olympic Beijing 2022.


Because it is my first internship, so I felt challenge I got the first big job: I need to give on-site support of the Ground Breaking ceremony of Tianjin Juilliard School. For preparation, I assist my leaders for translate fact sheet and bio of relevant people, and I need to go to Tianjin one day advanced with my leader, checked the on-site setting. On the event day, I need to welcome media from Beijing. When event happened, I brief the photographer about the detailed of shooting, and finally, after event finished, I need to take media back to Beijing and write the summary report. I experienced the flow of how an event held in the period, and I learned a lot from my leader, who taught me being a professional PR practitioner needs a sense of urgency and calmness to control the situation.

At the process of holding event, my leader is too busy, so she arranged me to be the main operator of operating the WeChat platform for a food processing B2B company OSI (Link: The biggest challenge for me is how to manage a B2B platform, because in school I learned how to do campaign with B2C company instead of B2B, so I need to figure out who are target audience and what the key messages OSI need to transmit. I utilized the approaches of B2C to analyze B2B Company. I found most of the followers of OSI are employees, while government also pay attention to the platform, and we also want to attract potential retailers, as well as we need to close the relationship between OSI and its consumers. After analyzing, I used the previous experience on the social media platform I mentioned before, combined with the hot topic Father’s Day, as well as considered our employees are aged around 30 and has a baby. I create a series of pictures with father’s Icon and common personality, connecting our products by using homophonic in Chinese Pinyin to arouse their sympathy. The post of the series of pictures makes effect, and the readership reaches 4 times than before. I learned a lot in the process, like I need to do enough research before I create a campaign, and in the learning process, I learned how to draw inferences about other cases from one instance.



The bid for Olympic Beijing 2022 is a challenging work for me, and I am honor to participate in the process. Although we failed for the bid, I learned a lot about how to do the government PR campaign, as well as I met many skillful and experienced predecessors. I was in charge of translating the bio and the successful cases that Weber Shandwick did before. As an intern, my work loan is not too heavy, but we need to be careful and check again and again and avoid error. I admire my leader and the Weber office in France, who did a great job in previous Olympics games with rich experience. They could figure out a campaign in a short time based on their experience, as well as they could multitask step by step without mess. After coming into contact with them, I am still an immature person in PR work and I still need to learn more in further study.


As for my future goal:When I was a kid, I am fully indulged in watching movies. I followed the stories of protagonists, feeling their pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, and undergone what they experience. Movies are the best friends in my childhood and taught me a lot, as well as I am a typical millennial, using social media and Internet video platform. Therefore, I want to do the job related to movies and Internet, like youtube, and I want to establish a new setup brand of short video and helping them building their brand.

I plan to work in 4A/PR agency in the early age of my career. Within these 3 years, I am going to be a senior account manger, and improving my professional practice skills, emergency capacity and being maturity. And then, I may change to be work for Internet Company or Entertainment industry and be a brand manger, transfer the value through different media.I think it is hard to estimate my whole life after 10 years, but at present, to prepare for this difficult career pathway, I believe that MSc Communication Science (Corporate Communciation) at University of Amsterdam (UvA), the crème de la crème of academic platforms in Holland, could equip me with professional communication knowledge on entertainment.

The courses I want to take at UvA:

Strategy Communication: I think what I did now, like design, translation, writing and editing, is all about executive, instead of in a higher level like strategy, so I think I need to had more study on strategy communication.

Brand Communication (elective): as I said before, I want to be a brand manager, so I must learn more on here.

Sustainability Marketing and Communication (elective): Marketing is a course that I want to learn for a long time. My major in University is called Public Relations and Advertising, which is specific in Marketing. I wonder what difference between these two, so I want to learn about more marketing knowledge.

I am also particularly interested in Dr. Sandra Jacobs seminars on strategic communication.

Central themes in this course are organisational culture and climate, leadership and (inter)personal communication styles. Using these themes as a framework, the seminar further addresses a range of topics that are relevant to the field of communication professionals, such as new ways of working, intercultural communication, diversity, organisational change and knowledge sharing.

My volunteer experiences:

I did two volunteering jobs related to children, one is for Ocean Protection, the other is for English and Chinese. I taught year 3 students in their science course, let them know how to protect the ocean and white dolphin which only survived in Zhuhai. The second school I taught is in Chaing Mai, Tailand, was located in a underdeveloped area, which included the students from Grade 1 to Grade 9 (One grade one class from primary school to middle school). I had taught Grade 1, Grade 7 and 9. Most of the students did not understand English, but I have a class to do the tutorial for their English homework. I also taught Chinese for them, by using some games to arouse their attention and let them know more about the outside world.

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