Culture Hero: Taylor Alison Swift

A culture hero is a mythological hero precise to some ethnic, cultural, or religious group. The cultural hero mainly changes the world through discovery or intervention. Even though several cultural heroes aid in creating the world, most of them are essential because they influence the universe long after creation (Frisk, 2019). A major characteristic of a cultural hero may be attributed to discoveries of agriculture, fire, tradition, songs, law, or tradition. Essentially, the culture hero is the most influential mythological figure, at times, the founder of its ruling dynasty.

In our context, the cultural hero in discussion is musician Taylor Alison Swift, born 1989. Swift is an American-song writer whose discography spans several genres. Her songwriting skills are inspired by her personal life and have received widespread critical praise and media coverage.Taylor Swift sold more than 200 million records globally and is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. She has received an Emmy award, eleven Grammy Awards, 34 American awards, 25 Billboard Music Awards, and 56 Guinness world records, among other awards (Théberge, 2021). Taylor Swift is also known for her philanthropy and prominent career, including advocating women’s empowerment and artists’ rights, especially in the music industry.

From the precedent, a hero is a person who has heroic talents or has done a heroic act and is regarded as an idol or model. Taylor Swift possesses hard work and generosity qualities that make her one of the most celebrated heroes of our century. Taylor was named the most charitable artists in 2013, having donated approximately $100,000 to raise money for a homeless youth organization known as Centerpoint. She has been named one of the most charitable artists two times in a row, not only because of her massive monetary contributions but also because she spent the funds helping people most in need.