Do you take a class in any discipline or area of life in your town or city and you have the firm conviction to let the global world have a feel of your unique skill or knowledge? Have you been nursing a great idea about how you can reach out to a bigger audience around the world through the powerful tool of the internet? Then you are on the right platform to help you realize your dreams.

The unavoidable reality of today’s world is that we live in a time where information reign is supreme. The ability to have smooth and fast access to this vital information is what gives you that significant edge. Truth be told! There is little the physical world or community can do in this regard.

The only and most formidable way to get this done is through the virtual community. Don’t be shocked that people now practically live their lives on the internet. What do I mean? They connect with friends, discuss politics, social happenings, watch films, buy clothes, shoes, bags and seek assistance online. Even the business, religious and international organizations are not left behind.

Millions of people daily seek new, creative and viable means of leveraging the powerful tool of the online platform to connect with a wider world.

Are you a fitness expert, a seasoned writer, an artist, an instrumentalist, a photographer, an experienced chef, a designer or you are the master of your craft? Then, you need a broader audience that can give you fulfillment, good financial reward and a pathway to boundless possibility. This can be achieved through the set up of an online platform. This is why the online platform is the biggest game changer of the 21st century.

Teaching is fast changing and it is no longer confined to the four corners of the classrooms but can be done anywhere and at any time. Learners don’t need to go to the teachers anymore or a fixed place. Teaching and learning can now be fixed at the learners and teachers’ time and place.

You ask people why they are opting for online courses to boost their businesses, for students to get a degree or for experts in a field to build their brand, they are quick to tell you the following:


Online courses avail everyone the opportunity to learn at their own pace while traditional learning doesn’t accommodate that. Take, for instance, you don’t understand a particular concept, and you need more time to digest what you have learned, with online learning you won’t be quickly rushed into the next chapter before you have had the chance to comprehend what you have just read.



They will also tell you that online courses help them improve their skills significantly. How? With online learning, you can’t be forced to study just the topic of interest. Broad knowledge is good, but if you want to grow your expertise you need to focus on a specific aspect of your craft or skills, and that is precisely what online course helps you achieve.


Others will tell you it is the flexibility it offers. With online studying, you are not forced to sit in a place but you can be taught at the comfort of your home or the place you so desire.


To the teacher who loves or dares to share his skills or passion to a broader audience, he is naturally compelled to research more, dig deeper and become more inquisitive. This is because thousands of people that come to seek knowledge from you will always have different questions or problem. The result of this is that it enhances or sharpens your skills, widens your horizon, and helps you significantly gain more resourcefulness.


By setting up an online course, you are helping people to, not only solve problems but to also, help them realize their dreams. When you set up an online course, little do you know that you have created a viable and feasible platform to help people you may not have the opportunity to meet on a one-on-one basis. With this, you make the world a better place to live. Gone are the days when people, who are faced with a daunting challenge or pressing problem are filled with hopelessness because they have nowhere to turn. Your online course may be the apt solution to the problem. What do you think?


I have seen, and I know people who are masters of their craft but still struggle financially. I mean they are damn broke! Setting up an online course in the area you specialize in can effortlessly help you overcome your financial problems. I have seen people who set up online courses and have made millions with it. The more you help people solve problems, the more the news about your expertise grows wide like the fire in the harmattan, the more your patronage increase, and the more you gain profitability.

In fact, the golden opportunities and the satisfying rewards you will derive from setting up an online course are limitless. All you need to do is to dare to share your skills or knowledge, and you will never regret it.




While setting up an online course is possible, it is essential to note that doing this requires an expert who should put you through the right process. You must master the most effective and suitable ways of quickly and seamlessly getting across to your audience via the online platform. The virtual world is where people are looking for solutions to fix a problem, and if they are not satisfied with your content or how you present it to them, this may dwindle their interest, and they may seek help elsewhere. Don’t forget, you are not the only one offering that solution. There are hundreds or thousands of others offering the same thing. Hence, you must be unique and strive to raise the bar high and set an outstanding standard that will make people crave for more of what you offer.

Are you confused about how to set up your online course? Keep calm! We are here to help you fix that.

We have some freebies that can help you get started. This will also put you in the right mood and position to quickly get started. This is what we to do best, and we are elated and privileged to help you get started.



Everybody is a winner!

I don’t know the angle you are looking at it, but I must categorically state here that, with the setting up of an online course everybody is a winner and nobody is a loser! All you need to do is to dare and share your skills or specialized knowledge. When people chicken out due to ignorance, misinformation or lack of guts, little do they that they have indirectly limited their potentials, dashed hopes, ruined careers, killed someone else’s dream, placed a cog in the wheel of their productivity and stiffened profitability. I guess you won’t want this to happen to you? Setting up an online course is possible, but the possibility lies in you taking two important steps: DARE AND SHARE!

We are here to help you turn your sweet fantasy into reality. The course we offer will definitely and comfortably help you fix this. All you need to do to make it possible is to dare and share. You are a yoga instructor, a photographer, a professional chef, health expert, a stylist, music instructor and you will like to take your skills online. Search no more because our uniquely actionable and remarkably well-resourced course will take care of that.

Through this course, we provide people that dare and share their skills in different fields with the right ideas and strategies that will put their online course on a solid and formidable footing. Our modules are a simple step-by-step approach that will make you build an online course which the audience can seamlessly interact with and get a good return on their time and money spent. Our experience, having worked with many people in the past, has afforded us the opportunity to adapt and creatively put together different models that can make your online course stand out.

Dare to share will help you increase the number of learners that visit your site, make a profit, understand human psychology, enhance your resourcefulness, create ground-breaking ideas that will generate a new thinking in your field. Once you are finished with our course, you will have a clear understanding and detailed plan. You will walk out with an air of confidence, possibility, and clarity of how to craft a comprehensive plan about your online course.

Dare and share is out here because we understand how vital it is to attain relevance and gain profitability. We have heard many stories of online course failing, and this is demoralizing. Dare and share is here to change that. There are myriads of untapped potentials in setting up an online course of your own, and it is vital to tap these opportunities to meet and exceed expectations.

Setting up an online course comes in many forms including possessing the right knowledge and skills to set the right and unique standard to become a significant player or an authority in your field. Dare and share will adequately equip you with the necessary skills to achieve great feats in your online teaching course. Here is a summary of the modules that will make it possible for you to share your skills online course to a wider audience.

Defining your audience is critical to the effectiveness of your online course. So what do I mean? It is important to note that what you crave to offer to a larger audience is not meant for everyone. There is a specific set of people who are actually in need of your skill and experience, and this is the type of people you should define. They are the audience you should target. Hence, how do you go about this? Using social media can easily provide you with the necessary information about your audience. It can help you clearly identify the following: information about the audience, age, what they often spend their time doing online, the website and blogs they often visit. All of this can effectively help you define your audience.

How to communicate with your audience is key. To develop a highly resourceful and outstanding content is vital but more importantly, one needs to devise a uniquely feasible and actionable way to get one’s content easily across to the audience. What is the significance of a good content if it doesn’t prompt the audience to take specific steps? In essence, one must master how one can easily get across to his audience.

Tell them how you have been able to successfully do this on your own. Using the social media to get across to the audience is fundamentally paramount if one wants to start and sustain relevance of one’s online course. Doing this effortlessly widen the scope of your visibility and creates a viable platform to present or showcase your skills to your audience.

Building a list is an essential key to the steady and consistent progress of online course. The list is a database of people you can make contact with your marketing messages and

communications. Using the Email, for instance, you will be given permission to add people to your email marketing list and permission to add people to your email marketing list and permission to send them information. With this, you can seamlessly update them on new development about the course, and this will be done directly to their email.

Building your course structure is also important. The course must have clear-cut components which are systematically linked to form a structure which your audience can relate to. The structure can start with the problem you want to help people solve, then create a context for it because one person or the other had experienced this before. You can also delve into common mistakes people make while trying to solve the problem, provide solutions and alternatives to the solution because every person’s condition, most times, is not the same, finally, give them resources to work with so that they can give what to pursue when they have completed the work.

Setting up your own course content is a critical part of your online course. It avails the audience the golden chance to seamlessly relate to what you have to offer. One must put into consideration that setting up your course content in such a way that generates a constant and consistent visit to the site as well as prompt them to take an actionable step in vital. The setting up of course content must also include a step-by-step method in which the audience can progressively follow through from the beginning to the end.

Presentation of the course is what should not be treated with kid’s glove. This is because the way you present your course content essentially determines the people that visit your site and will want to always come back for more. Present it to them in a way that is unique, effective, simple and realistic. This is where your creativity and special skills come in. Your content must be presented in such a way that it gets your audience consistently hooked on your site. Effective presentation of course content deepens and facilitates the belief that they are getting good returns on time and money invested in the course.

Putting everything together will give it a comprehensive outlook. You must find a pragmatic way to seamlessly put all of what I have discussed about together in such a way that the audience can relate to your course content. Defining your audience, creating a list for them, leveraging on social media platforms to connect with more audience must be executed in such a way that they perfectly fit into the building of content, setting it up and presenting it.

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