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Dentistry Degree Motivation Letter

Dentistry Degree Motivation Letter

 My name is XXX and I am a person of high integrity, organized, and motivated, and with the ability to remain calm and perform tasks even in a pressurizing environment. I am also a team player, and goal oriented individual who is keen to meeting deadlines, and also focused on self-improvement through learning, and changing as per the demand of a situation. I was born in XXX and my interest since childhood has been to become a dentist.

I am intrigued to study dentistry because I find It appealing and in alignment with my desire to work in the medical profession, a space where I can establish long-term relationships with my patients. This is also a field that will enable me to work with people closely and on a face to face basis hence improving my interpersonal skills. Besides, since most patients are known to stick to one dentist for a long period, then studying dentistry will guarantee me the joy and satisfaction of attending to my patients almost entirely by myself, contrary to other medical professions where patients are attended to by a team of medical professionals. I am passionate about the impact I will have on people’s lives within this field all on my own.

A second reason why I want to study dentistry is the freedom that comes with it. A person in this profession has the full control of their lives. For instance, if after studying I choose to be a self-employed dentist, it would mean that I can choose the hours I want to be working, and this flexibility is quite appealing to me. Thirdly, I am thrilled by the technical side of the profession; the medical skills involved, the science behind it, and the bit of engineering involved in the process of treating the patient. It seems to me like a profession where each day presents itself with a new challenge meaning it is never a dull day in dentistry. Lastly, I would be dishonest to not mention that I meant dentistry appealing from the prospective of securing a stable job in the future, and having a long-term financially rewarding career.

As an individual, I would say I have the skills that are essential for dentistry. I am a kind of perfectionist which triggers me to be very keen on detail, and always stay focused on finding new ways to improve myself. I also thrive on feedback and I am always very grateful when people commend and appreciate me for a good-work done. I also possess practical skills fit for the dentistry profession like the ability to work with my hands, long time spans of good concentration, good eyesight, and good communication skills to interact with patients.

The dentistry program in your University stood out for me from the rest of the similar programs in other institutions. The University of Porto has a good reputation in the dental field summed up with its dedication to endorse a student’s employability to the corporate world. Besides, my research showed me that the school has a welcoming, strong, and supportive system that offers all sorts of assistance to students. Besides, I have chosen your institution over the other dental schools because I want to become part of the experience and environment that advocates for practical skills from the initial stages of the course.

I am fully committed to becoming a dentist. I am lucky to have this opportunity to study for my future career, and I am willing to strive to go the extra mile to achieve my ambition. I believe my commitment, and interest coupled with my desire to promote efficient healthcare all make me a fit candidate to pursue a dentistry degree at the University of Porto.

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