Are there any alternative pathways to enter into the labor market?


According to most of the researches about two thirds of the workers in the market doesn’t nor have a college at the time when the wages of high school graduates is decreasing , all the workers are in tough position. However, the graduation versus job situation has worsened so much that now a debate has begun that is it worthy to get a college degree. According to investment bank Goldman, it was observed that the average return on the college degrees is falling significantly in comparison with the increasing cost of higher level education (Ostoj, 2009).  It is now believed that the investment involved in getting is degree is very high and the economic research claims that the earning of college graduates are falling in comparison to those who are working without any degree. Susan Martindill, the director demand generation, believes that Jobs of those who get college degree can get high paid jobs, but the individual should look for the cost degree and the income it is going to generate. The decision must be taken after weighing the value of degree.  Furthermore, it can be identified that many jobs pay list of non-degree but skillful individuals is much higher than those who gets graduation degrees. The skillful people however also have to put in hard work in learning that skill after going through training to get some certification.

According to the report by CPID, there are many jobs where it is described the skill with experience is required rather than a degree. The report further identifies and proves that there many alternative pathways to enter into the labor market. Therefore, the people now prefers more to find some alternative way rather than first doing degree and then doing job. Most of the analysts believes that the cost-effort and return effect is quite uncertain and mostly negative for the people who goes for the degree and does not look for some alternate. There are various vocational institutes, skill development centers and various training facilities that offers an effective and short term learning ways of doing some work with good skills.

According to Martindill,” My advice to people is to start a job in a retail store, and start it as a food server, and then prove your worth. You should continue your hard work and go up to the rank of manager and save some money. One of most important skill is to learn how to save money”. However, if it possible and a person can afford, a person must prefers to through conventional ways rather than alternative ways of getting and doing job.


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