The discrimination based on gender is basically a very common civil right violation which can take numerous forms such as pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, and also the unequal pay for the female who perform the same tasks as male (Heilman & Caleo, 2018). The main cause of gender discrimination at workplaces is that females are underrepresented in various industries, especially the ones which are male-dominated like the auto industry. The laws for gender discrimination normally also protect the rights of the individuals who are transgender. Gender discrimination may look like a small problem in some workplaces, however, the truth is that it normally increases tension and conflicts among the team members in the workplace (Verniers & Vala, 2018).

When its open that the culture of the workplace devalues the contribution of the female workers, the main concentration normally shifts from conducting the day to day tasks to the conflicts developed by the women who decide to take the right action against the practices which are discriminative (Heilman & Caleo, 2018). The other impact of gender discrimination at workplaces is that women employees will feel less motivated to perform their jobs, due to the fact that they will not feel svalued by their work supervisors. With this, it will hinder productivity at the workplace. Gender discrimination is actually illegal under the Civil Rights Act of the year 1964, so this may make a person to face legal repercussions, when a female worker in a company files a claim with the US Equal Opportunity Commission (Heilman & Caleo, 2018).

There are few solutions which can be implemented which can help to improve the gender discrimination situation. People should ensure that they try to increase the diversity of their workplaces by eliminating or reducing experience requirements for some work positions. With such a strategy, it will help to fight gender discrimination, due to the fact that women who wish to re-enter the workforce after taking maternity leave or taking some time off to raise a family, may actually fail to qualify for the job which need prior experience (Heilman& Caleo, 2018). Again, another solution which can be implemented is to hold sessions and seminars for the male employees, in order for them to understand the consequences and signs of gender discrimination. With this, it will help the men in the organization to become allies of the other female workers, hence establishing a more positive and collaborative work environment.


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