Green Supply Chain Management Practices (GSCMP) has been becoming increasingly having crucial significance across all the stages of the supply chain, through the upstream raw stuff, suppliers to downstream retailers. Conversely, the appropriate role of an organizational in supply chain management position (SCP) has not been empirically investigated regarding the implementation of green supply chain management (GSCM) practices and their effect on performance. However, the main purpose of the research is to measure the impact of GSCM Practices on their Organizational Performance. Furthermore, the resulting hypotheses are tested by industry data of 71 organizations (FMCG sector of Pakistan), and utilizing as primary and secondary data. We decomposed Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) into five useful practices which assist an invigorative analysis of the GSCM Practices and their effect on Organizational Performance. Moreover, our finding reveals that Green Practices playing perpetuate role as a strategically tools for the development towards progressive business. Finally, this study recognizes valuable cumbersome attainment from Green practices. For instance,
customer satisfaction, recovery of assets, innovation, energy reduction, profitability, annual sales and cost optimization have been major achievement accomplished from GSCMP in FMCG sector of Pakistan. Equally, our result also depicts that Eco-Design (ED) Practices are not properly practically implementing in FMCG Sector of Pakistan. Additionally, our study indicated some barriers/challenges, likewise; Lack of awareness, lack of thrill and proper understanding. These barriers have needed to be an extraordinary concentration for the development of paramount benefits from Green Practices. Ultimately, our results are capitulating insight on supply chain management executives for optimizing their GSCM practice portfolios.
Keywords: Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM); Sustainability; Green Supply Chain Management Practices (GSCMP); survey methods; performance; FMCG sector of Pakistan

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