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Health and Wellness Tourism: “Walk-In Melbourne” Case Study

Health and Wellness Tourism: “Walk-In Melbourne” Case Study


Research Report

Executive Summary

In recent times, the consciousness of Tourists regarding health and wellness has increased. As a result, the need for health and wellness tourism has been increased. In the present report, Walk-In Melbourne had been selected to analyze the Scopes, Aims, and Objectives of the organizations to understand the future trends of the tourism of that organization. For this purpose, the Updated approach to the value proposition of the organisation had also been analyzed along with the analysis of the future trend. Even, the present report had also identified the impact of the health wellness trends on the financial management of the organizations. Based on this analysis, the ideal way of improvement has been suggested.

1. Summary of my current Business

In tourism and travelling food items are one of the important aspects and it is related to the habit of an individual. Walk Melbourne Travel Company has been established to understand the diversities of the food items of Melbourne. As a part of Walk Melbourne Company, the services have been from the morning time. The Melbourne walk has differentiated its tour and travelling into different services ( 2021). The Food discovery Tour is considered to represent the world-class food of Melbourne to the visitors. Where the Dumpling food tour has been designed for Outstanding Dumpling experiences along with the Coffee lovers tour has been designed to tell the story of different flavours of coffee that can be availed within the city.

Mission and vision

The Mission of the organisation is to explore each lane, stress of the city, and understand the vibe of the different areas of the city. As per the understanding of the situation, the company has an approach to assist the tourists in finding the exclusive flavour of Melbourne through local expert’s guide and expertise.

The Mission of the company is to

  1. Explore the hidden spots of Melbourne to get the taste of those hidden spots from Melbourne ( 2021).
  2. Understand the story of the food and the associated culture of Melbourne While Enjoying the food items.

The vision of the organisation is to promote the Sustainable approach of tourism through the authentic approach of becoming the leader of storytelling while travelling in Melbourne.

Value proposition

The Uniqueness in the Value proposition of the organisation has been observed through their approach to discover the different food items and the hidden treasure of the different streets and lanes to understand the food history of Melbourne City ( 2021).

Staffs Currently Employed

Figure 1 Staffs of Walk in Melbourne

(Source: 2021)

The current strength of staff at the company is very experienced. The staffs of the firm have experience in different fields and knowledge about the different streets of Melbourne and their food culture. The team of the Walk Melbourne has been established by Monique and SUE has led the team ( 2021). Tom is an experienced member of the Walk Melbourne who has experience in different parts of the world. Melinda has experience in Food discovery and walks with the tourists for their satisfaction.

2. Identification of business opportunities to develop leading up to 2030

The current expectations of the tourists have been changed as the lifestyle of the common population has also been changed (Yeoman, 2021). Corporate commitment has increased in life. Along with it, the environmental issues and ethical hardships have affected the demands and needs of the customers. In the future trends, the needs of the customer and the tourists’ expectations will be changed.

  • In the coming days, two types of tourists can be beneficial for this business to sustain and progress in the future. The affluent tourists and the educated tourists. Affluent tourists have all sorts of amenities with them, and they have a large amount of their income to spend on the holidays. But the affluent tourists have an intention to have healthy activities in the tourism plan (Yeoman, 2021).
  • The affluent customers or the tourists prefer the luxury, but the luxury with the health optimization and the improvement of the health care services. As a part of the affluent tourists, they have focused on environmental stability.
  • Where educational tourists have an approach to explore the tourists’ places with the understanding about the significance of the place (Sopha et al., 2019). The Educated tourist trends have also influenced the business that supports environmental stability and healthy tourism.

3. Health and Wellness Trends

Potential to Impact Business

The psychological trends of the customers and the behavioural aspects of the customer have widely been changed with time and they prefer to stay safe and healthy while travelling. The focus of the customers or the tourists on the health variables has improved the health performance of an individual. The tourists would not prefer to have that tourism, where the health and wellness would get affected.

·         Value proposition

The change in the trends and customer behaviour has improved the market consideration of the travelling and the tourism industry. Green travelling has been getting widely popular among travellers (Stará and Peterson, 2017). Travellers have also preferred to have a sustainable process of tourism. Hence, the value proposition of the tourism process has been changed, and it should consider the green tourism approach with minimum environmental impact and less health impact. The major value propositions of travelling and tourism will be the

  • Green tourism
  • Tourism with no environmental issues
  • Care for healthier food and healthier tours.

As the demographic trend of tourism and travelling have been observed to have customers with middle age or aged population, where the health and wellness have been considered with the utmost importance.

●       Staffing

The process of hiring eligible candidates can improve the sustainability of the business in the changing environment. As per the changed situation, the importance of digital technology has been increased. The reliance on digital media and digital technology has modified the business performance (Pongwat, 2017). In this context, staffing for improvement of the health and wellness of the organisation can be improved with the organizational focus on the technology. The Major capacities and the capabilities to be considered for the staffing is-

Generation Y is the active and independent thinker in nature. Hence, for their satisfaction and to assist them with the quality of tourism services, the attitude of employees and staff should have intendent thinking capacity.

●       Operations

The future operation of travelling and tourism has a focus on the Optimization of the savings of the natural resources and fuels, with managing the less usage of fossil fuels. The operational process of the organisation has been related to the different aspects as outlined below. Starting from the marketing to the management and execution, each of the sections has a demand of the specific operational strategy.

The travel trend of Generation Y has also been observed to have a greater desire to have international tourism that too managing the safety of health and wellness. Even the desire of the Generation Y to achieve health sustainability and stability of mental as well as the physiological health can affect the operation of the tourism to consider the safety and wellness guidelines for the tourism processes (Stará and Peterson, 2017).

●       The guest experiences

The climate of a region or the facilities available for refreshment has been considered as USP of a tourist place. The USP of a travelling company is to assure the spa and other health facilities under the tourism package.

  1. The experience can be improved with the development of the Spa, and other healthcare facilities can be improved for better performance (De la Hoz-Correa et al., 2018).
  2. The improvement of the guest experience can be ensured with the mineral water offering to the customers.
  3. Grand Lounge bars under the tourism package full of minerals can be effective to build customer satisfaction and performance.
  4. The attraction of the wealthy people can be snatched with a mental wellness club and the physical rejuvenation hub. These elements have been treated by the Visitors as the USP of the firm. Hence, the consideration of these elements has been required (Peeters et al., 2019).
  5. For the quality improvement and the enhancement of the customer experience, it is required to have happiness in life approach in service management (Stará and Peterson, 2017). The feature of the service should be focussed on the safety assurance for the tourists and the customers.

Recent changes in the demographic trends have considered the higher number of the old-aged population have a desire for the tourism and travelling. For them, the consideration of the health and wellness sensitively needed to offer them outstanding experience.

●       Financial management

The financial management of the firm has been related to the strategic management and maintenance of the workforce (Erfurt-Cooper and Cooper, 2009). With the controlling power of the financial undertakings and applying the Working capital management approach as well as the Capital budgeting management approach, the organizational performance can be improved and managed in a better way.

The Effect of the trends will reflect in the cost of management of the activities and the marketing management process. The marketing channel will be changed, and the eruption of digital technology will optimize the cost of marketing (Erfurt-Cooper and Cooper, 2009). Cost of operation will be maximized as adherence to the different guidelines and norms has imposed a risk on the business performance of the organization.

4. Methods of Response on the basis of two scenarios

Under such a scenario, the Walk Melbourne has two options to proceed with.

  1. Along with the Food tour, the health and well development training approach can be considered under the service facility of the Walk Melbourne Tourism. The health and Wellness management Organizations and the places for the health and wellness treatment can be covered under the tourism of the Walk Melbourne. Along with offering different food options to the tourists, a feel of the different types of Spa, wellness centres and Gymnasium can be offered to enjoy. The storytelling approach, along with offering the facility to enjoy those services will improve the customer experience (da Mota and Pickering, 2020).
  2. Another Option or Scenario available for Walk Melbourne to implement is that option to offer the nature-friendly ride to the sea beaches of Melbourne and staying at the beach using the facilities of the green technologies (da Mota and Pickering, 2020). In this process, the Tourists will get an authentic vibe and touch of nature. An extraordinary feeling can be offered to the Tourists or visitors through the Service of the Walk Melbourne.

5. Finalisation of one scenario

Among the discussed two scenarios, the Walk Melbourne can adopt the second option to offer the tour to the sea beaches; there the tourism company will get enough opportunity to offer the healthcare improvement and the wellbeing promotion activities for the customers. Hence, the consideration of the second aspect has been important to consider. Utilisation of the different opportunities, the tourism company will be able to focus on the tourism development options.

6.      Justification for Selection

In recent times, the trends of travelling and tourism have been changed. Multi-purpose tourism has become the trend of tourism among tourists and guests (Tuzunkan, 2018). Most of the times, the tourists prefer to choose the tourism plan where the overall enjoyment can be gathered. Starting from the natural beauty to the architectural wonder along with the exclusive service quality and the health quality can be maintained (Sopha et al., 2019). For this purpose, the selection of the tourism places has also been changed. In the modern-day, the guests have preferred the services, where they can get the opportunity for overall enjoyment and development. Travelling to the Sea Beaches of Melbourne would be a great choice for the tourists as it offers to visit the beauty of Melbourne Beach (Australia, 2021). At the same time, the weather of Beach and the facilities at the Beachside staying will be effective to explore the health and well tourism. Considering the market trend, the second choice is justified.

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