How Brand Experience Relates to Consumer Loyalty of ADIDAS in Dubai

Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction

Brand experience involves feelings, impressions, perceptions and response styles that arise from the brand’s implemented attributes which consist of the design, personality, packaging, customer relationships and market (Brakus et. al 2009). Brand experience plays a pivotal role in shaping customer satisfaction, brand personality and consumer loyalty through brand associations. The four dimensions of brand experience include sensory, affective, intellectual and behavioral. The concept of brand experience has captured the core of branding, with consumers prospecting on the attractive experiences provided by the brand. Consumers expect more distinct features that entice their hearts and engrosses their senses, from a brand experience as compared to product features and value (Bernd, 2009). With brand experience customers seek for authentic experience other than advertisements that aim to draw profits and promote the brand.

Brand experiences possess dynamic attributes some are resilient and more powerful than others, some are embraced with joy from the customers while others get shunned away, some have a short life span in the fashion industry while others last longer (Brakus et. al, 2009).Therefore customer satisfaction, consumer loyalty and brand personality are resultantly from brand experience. Adidas is a sport brand that seeks to inspire individuals to embrace sport. The company has understood the importance of brand experience to its customers, and marketers have in cooperated strategic ideas that lure clientele relationships. Adidas seeks to gain a competitive advantage against top tire companies such as Nike, Rebook and Puma among the list. The marketing department therefore seeks to structure a brand experience that pull together all components of a brand store which are brand personality, consumer satisfaction and consumer loyalty by supporting global digital enterprises such as in-store product pick up, adidas app, 360 digital tours, digital first-merchandising opportunities to elevate retail environment (Efrimidi, 2015). Through this brand experience strategy adidas has come to understand the consumer centric market and the customer requirements. The Emirate of Dubai is also a hub for adidas shops, which have managed to lure customers through its utilitarian adidas product features, used globally. These include brand colors, logos, background design, slogans and packaging. Thus brand experience is evokes customer responses and customer reactions.

1.2 Adidas Operational Strategies

For the past years adidas has continuously strived to be a sustainable company that engages in measures that helps the company achieve ambition (Adidas official website, 2018). The mission of the company is to be the best sports brand around the globe, and for a company to be the best in a particular field of business it should be attributed to the availability of a number of products, incomparable facilities and enticing consumers through various experiences (Keng et, al 2013). Customers should feel content when they purchase products and feel satisfied, this experience creates serenity and enables the company to understand the needs of their potential customers (Reimann et, al 2010). The world has become a global village and the marketing industry is not an exception, companies are expanding globally and the competition has become tough. Companies are now in competition for customers and it has become crucial that there be a strong creation of brand experience to attract customers. (Brakus et al 2009) states that brand experience revolves around “sensations, feelings, thoughts and behavioral responses”.

Consumers are of sentimental value to Adidas, the company consistently develops products and experiences through in a bid to build loyalty, confidence and a good reputation to its various customers (Adidas Annual Report, 2016). Adidas is facing tough competitors in the sport industry such as NIKE and PUMA which are also reputable brands and for them to be sustainable in the future Adidas should create brand experience that is not only attached to the past surveys but should also focus on the future attaining consumer loyalty. (Keng et, al 2013) states that exceptional brand experience place the company at a competitive edge, generates referrals, customer satisfaction, stay focused, provides business value and loyal customers. With a brand personality of Competence, Sincerity, Sophistication and Excitement, Adidas has managed continuously transform the way they create and manufacture.  Global innovations have been driving new innovations and Adidas seeks to engage in new manufacturing ways that deliver customer value and enable a competitive benefit (Adidas Annual Report, 2016).

1.3 Research questions

1.4 Adidas and Economic Development

Global trade has risen and the business economy is becoming flooded with competition of both the local and international brands competing for customers through brand experience through brand personality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. However the economy has faced some depression such as lower investments in business, political uncertainty, stiff global trade, and change in market prices (Adidas Annual Report, 2016). Adidas has created a strategic business plan that will last up to the year 2020. The strategy has been termed “creating the new” and has three sub branches which are “Speed” availability of products when required, “Cities” increase in growth throughout various geographical markets, and “Open Source” acquire new knowledge and skills from consumers (adidas Group, 2015). Through these strategies Adidas has managed to create a brand experience that has managed to sustain the business in the sport industry. 

Strategic pillars for Adidas group (Marco, 2017)

    Adidas Group      
Markets Determining the potential clients and channel investments and focus towards  those clients   United Team Creating a working environment that is grounded in the positive values found in sports. Supply Chain Implementing strong  supply chain relationships to improve the trust and coordination among suppliers and adidas, hence improving visibility and competence in business Sustainability The company seeks to always be responsible towards its employees, the environment and the manufactures. Brand Portfolio Develop a brand portfolio with diverse  brands from sport performance to sport lifestyle Innovation Continue to implement innovation by improving the products being sold and the services offered.

1.4.1 UAE government and sports

The EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa have been ranked as coming second in the world sport market and a high revenue growth is expected annually. With Qatar hosting the football world cup in 2022 the Middle East has taken the world of sport seriously in the GCC and Dubai has played host to various sporting activities which have been termed to be prestigious events. Adidas is making deals with various governments such as China and those in the Middle East to support football activities in the countries. UAE has participated in various sporting activities and it has interest in various fields of sport hence the rise in the market of sports placing adidas at an advantage and gaining many customers in Dubai. Various sponsors from different business in Dubai and individuals who have interests in sports have continuously invested in global sporting activities, sports fields such as stadiums, and also sponsorship for tournaments that are held in Dubai, donated huge amounts of money to the participants in sports, and continue to promote sport activities (Harwood, 2018).

With Dubai being part of the UAE government, the Emirate seeks to be transparent and follow governing structures that abide by transnational standards of best practices in sports, The UAE Football Association (“UAE FA”) which operates under Ministerial Resolution No. 17 of 1972, The body issued the Statute of the UAE Football Association which is the legislation regulating football sport and adhering to international legislation and regulations. There is yet to be a legislation for safety in clothing for sports and the sport venues.

1.5 History of Adidas in Dubai

Adidas opened its first shop in Dubai in 2001 in Deira City Centre (Gulf news, 2001) the opening ceremony was marked with the use of the barrage of balls. The adidas store has opened in Dubai and it is the only store in Middle East, (Then Middle East marketing manager, Walter Brruppacher). Among the reasons why Adidas first opened a store in Dubai is that the Emirate is a viable location and a tourist destination that attracts that has potential for business, leisure and sports.

Today Adidas has expanded in many parts of Dubai and the market has grown. However the market in Dubai is seasonal as it is affected by the weather in the summer that has high temperatures and it holds people from having outdoor sporting activities. The sales drop down and they go higher after the summer season for some products. Also when adidas opened in Dubai the market for women was low as most of them did not engage in sporting activities and neither could they be seen in sport wear due to various religion and cultural beliefs. However the population of both men and women has risen in Dubai and more women migrating to Dubai hence the increase in sporting activities and the demand for sportswear (Gulf news, 2018). Uae market has now developed and Adidas has become one of the three sport companies that has taken lead in UAE sportswear and equipments.

1.6 Chapter Outline


As a result of the rise in health issues and also the need to stay healthy, individuals are engaging in sporting activities to maintain their health. Sporting companies such as adidas have taken this opportunity to be a novel and reliable brand that provides a brand experience that is unmatched and provides superior services to its customers. The sports industry has increased in completion and Adidas seeks to be a consumer driven company that provides a brand experience that exceeds customer expectations and in turn yields customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. There is need to build a society motivated by an active lifestyle of a healthy mind and healthy body by becoming an eminent supplier of high quality sporting wear and sports equipment. As a remarkable company that offers affordable sportswear and sports equipment  Adidas seeks to contribute to a decrease in health issues and also the need to have a healthy body.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

Adidas group is amongst the sportswear business giants in the global industry, designing sporting goods and sporting clothing that has gained prominence around the globe. Being the 2nd largest brand in the sports wear industry (Menezes, 2015), Adidas has managed to enormously grow in the past years. Global trade continues to increases annually and the markets have increased in competition, developing a competitive landscape which either becomes an advantage or a disadvantage for some businesses (Cooke, 2010). The social comparison gap is increasing, and it is crucial for a company to develop brand experience that will lure the consumers to their business. With the increase of health issues around the world, the need to exercise and stay healthy has risen, the population of people participating in sports activities for professional reasons is also on the increase. The above has caused tremendous growth in the sport wear industry over the past years, with the (Global Retail Sporting Good industry Analysis 2012-2017) reporting that the industry experienced 4% GAGR since the year 2012. It has been predicted that the sports industry in 2017 reached the amount of 266$bn an analysis recorded by (Lucintel) and 312$bn an analysis recorded by the (Societe Generale’s report).  Business should have detailed information on what their clients require most and how to keep the customers satisfied. Lack of detailed information concerning how to manage business actions and fundamentals has a great impact on business (Zhang, 2010).

Despite the completions from other sportswear brands such as NIKE and PUMA, adidas has managed to set contemporary standards of excellence through participating in health awareness around the world, and sporting activities such as the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 2016 UEFA EURO held in France and the 2016 Olympic games that were held in Brazil. Adidas has experienced growth in the last few years despite the financial crisis that hit the world, the sales have been increasing (Menezes, 2015). With Adidas increasing in markets in the Middle East and opening new branches in Dubai, where the market is growing faster and there is continuous process of growth business is expected to grow. (Global Retail Sporting Goods Industry Analysis 2012-2017: Industry Trends, Profit and Forecast Analysis, released by Reuters) states that the demand for sporting equipment and sportswear is on the rise and therefore it will drive further industry growth.

Though brand experience has attracted a lot of attention in marketing, there is no scale to measure brand experience (Brakus et, al 2014). Brand experience has an effect on consumer satisfaction and loyalty which might be direct or indirect through brand personality (Brakus et, al 2014). Brand experiences differ in the market industry, some maybe attractive than the others while some are more viable than others making others more optimistic than the others. Adidas has a strong brand experience which has lasted much longer and has made an impact to customer loyalty and customer satisfaction over the past years. (Adidas Annual report 2016) states that the use of e digital market as its brand experience has played an important role in the growth of its revenue as the consumers have managed to experience the wide variety of the commercial products offered by Adidas through the use of the internet. Composed of major brands such as Rebook, Taylor Made and Adidas, the business has managed to keep things “Simple, lean, and fast”. (Santos, 2017).

2.2 Adidas and Marketing Management

For a company to be able to operate in the business market there are strategies which should be placed into effect that will enable customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Adidas Group should make use of current mechanisms in their brand experience, implementing tools and techniques that will make the business efficient in accomplishing its brand personality. Brand experience can cause and increase in product promotion and potential customers. A plan was created in the year 2015 by Adidas which was termed “Creating the New” which aimed at stimulating a rise in the returns that the company received which should be higher than the share price performance and dividends. (Santoz, 2017) states that the plan experienced great success as the Adidas CEO acknowledged that “Adidas had established new approaches that have caused a significant rise in the 2020 expected targets”. When a business derives a plan and acts upon it, make a reviews of the prices at both local and international levels, lure clients through advertisements and incentives, deliver products and goods on time and meeting their goals that good marketing management (Abiodun, 2011).

(Hammet, 2018) reported on the headline “Adidas on failing fast and creating a ‘kick-ass’ customer experience” Adidas has adopted a new brand experience strategy where the major aim of the group is to add most value in brand experience to their valuable customers both in personal shopping experience and their e-commercial business activities.

Fig 1: Adidas Brand Store

Brand experience comprises all types of consumer experiences, including emotional, contextual, symbolic and non-utilitarian aspects (Brakus et, al 2009). Experiences can affect the customer’s emotions, which in turn affects customer loyalty and satisfaction. When a company delivers a good brand experience it influences potential clients, which is lasting. Total customer experience involves the enrolment of the customer’s feelings, thoughts, actions towards the brand, effective brand experience influenced brand trust and commitment. With Adidas having 3 areas of operation which are footwear, apparel and hardware its biggest revenue is extracted from the footwear which generates more than 50% of the total revenue (Adidas Annual Report 2016).  A comparison of the brand revenues has been put forward from 2012 to 2017

The use of social media is on the rise and using online as brand experience has become influential.  Adidas has taken the use of technology as a marketing strategy that will play a crucial role in the future of the company, as most of the customers have shifted to purchasing products online it is crucial that Adidas has to catch the attention of its customers through on line shopping making sure the technological experience is meaningful, eye catching and engaging. Adidas has adopted the consumer centric point of view rather than the brand purpose point of view (Hamment, 2018), offering latest trends, developments in new material, production process and sport technologies also making use of modern technology. 

Swave Szymczyk, The global director of digital and retail marketing at Adidas stated that Adidas is taking a new twist in its marketing strategies to enhance its brand experience:

“Instead of increase in manufacturing and also increasing products in the stores around the world, Adidas seeks to connect with its consumers through interaction, product experience, shopping experience and service experience should be accompanied by creativity and interaction so as to achieve customer satisfaction which in turn results to customer loyalty”.

The world has become digitalized and a wide range of customers first search for the products they require online before they make a physical appearance at the store in a bid to make a comparison for the products and prices being offered by the sportswear and equipment industry.

Szymczyk further went on to state that “ Adidas will make use of technology, however the main purpose of using technology is not about following the trend or using technology for the technology’s sake, we seek to be of aid to our various customers and that they experience the range of our products at instant search.

The global market is becoming tough and for other businesses the only way to remain in the industry is to offer cheaper prices in the market to attract a number of customers. Adidas speaking through its global director of digital and retail marketing stated that it will not reduce its product prices, all prices will remain the same for their products around the world and they will not be intimidated by companies who are reducing their prices in the sportswear and equipment industry. The company would rather place much forces on its brand and customer experience to win the market.  However the strategy has also been criticized by some customers as they state that the competition is now tough and there is a wide variety of options to choose from, if Adidas does not offer affordable prices it will lose customers, the world is recovering from a global financial crisis and prices should be affordable. Toni et. al (2017) states that among the most important decisions in marketing management is price policy. It has a great impact on the profits gained by the company and the market competitiveness. . Baroto et. al (2012) acknowledges that for a business to outperform its competitors, it has to adopt a cost strategy. This is when the company opts to “process the value chain in the most efficient way, in order to produce products or services with the lowest price without jeopardizing the quality, and differentiation strategy, to produce unique products or services compared to its competitors, such as better quality, simpler way to operate, better looking, in other words, the company should have the ability to innovate”

2.2.1 Branding Process, Brand awareness and Customer satisfaction

Brand process has been stated as having six stages by (Wildfeurer, 20180) as

The branding process has an effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customers have a variety of requirements that they choose when selecting a brand so as to satisfy their needs. Brand experience is a characteristic that consumers look at when purchasing products from a company such as Adidas. A good brand experience drives the customers to act and (Wildfeurer , 2018) states that customers  there are two theories that drive the customers to purchase a product and these are 1) Abraham Maslow Theory- Human needs are categorized from the most important to the least pressing, there is need for an organization to identify the needs of the customer and provide it to them, as people will first purchase what they need before they move on to the next stage.

2) Freud’s theory- Other consumers are motivated by their desire for a product

Customers develop needs be it personal needs or those that have been influenced by the people that surround them, customers then search for the products through the internet, social media pages, advertisements and also shopping around various shops for the product. When customers are satisfied they then purchase the product (Kotler et, al 2016). For a brand to be successful there has to be customer satisfaction. Customers make use of advertisements, information by word of mouth, and the internet to have knowledge on the brand experience of the company. If the customer is not satisfied, and the experience received is different for the experience expected it affects the loyalty of the client. Brand performances such as inconvenience, inappropriate facilities, lack of competitive advantage and ethical glitches can leave the customer dissatisfied, brands such as Adidas should have incentives to lure their customers, exceed their expectations and also build long term relationships with their clients (Wheeler, 2018). Customer satisfaction derives from the experience that the brand creates through its brand experience and through its products and services. When customers have direct contact with the brand they can either chose to remain loyal to the brand or chose to try another brand. The globe is full of brand choices and there is need for Adidas to be creative in their brand experience to extend customer loyalty.  The five stages of brand experience are:

2.3 Relationship between branding and customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are key features to the success of a business and its prominence in the industry. There is however there exists a relationship between customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and branding experience. Brand experience is communication with the clients through product experience, shopping experience and behavioral responses from the customers. Adidas communicates to its customers through brand experience, there is a connection between the experience and the expectation of the client. (Kotler et, al 2016) acknowledges that if a customer is in an unpleasant manner that is way below the expectations of the client they can be dissatisfied, and in turn there will be disloyal to the product. If the experience is positive the customer will be satisfied and become loyal to the brand. Brand experience is meant to deliver the expectations of the customer and gain the satisfaction and loyalty of the client, through experiences that perceive quality, and a clear identity help to enhance customer loyalty, as well. Consequently, a brand can only be successful with loyal customers because they generate predictable profit and increase their expenditure over time because they will become less price-sensitive. (Kotler et. al 2016). When searching for products in a store, consumers look for certain attributes and those can be identified through characteristics such as (brand logo, brand color, environment and communication to the clients, advertisements by the company, company websites, events hosted by the company as promotions,). The responses of the consumers after having made impact with the above features, the internal consumer responses evoked by dealing with a particular brand is then defined as brand experience (Sahin et, al 2011)

Fig 2 Relationship between Brand Experience, Satisfaction, Loyalty and Trust (Source Self)

The commitment, loyalty, choosing the brand as a preference made by the consumers to a particular brand derives from the experiences the customers has come across with the brand. Brand experience leads to brand loyalty among the customers and also increasing the profits of a company (Sahin et, al 2011). Loyalty is encouraged through brand experience as it produces client and agent connections when they are providing services to each other. Consumers in this current era look at the experiences that are attached to the brand before they purchase a product.

2.3.1 Competitor Benchmarking for Adidas

Table 2 Competitor Benchmarking

  Adidas Nike Puma Under Amour
Total number of Employees in the world 56,888 74,400 11,787 15,800
Total Net revenues € 21,218 Mio $ 34,350 Mio € 4,135 Mio $ 4,976 Mio
Working Capital ratio 1,374 2,934 1,779 2,204
Mission To be the best sports brand in the world. To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world To be the fastest sport brand in the world. Under Amour makes you better
Vision Through sport, we have the power to Change lives.” “We create products, services and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation.” “We contribute to a better world for the generation to come. A better world in our vision would be safer, more peaceful, and more creative than the world we know today. “We inspire you with the performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without!

Adidas Group Annual Report 2017, Nike Inc. Annual Report 2017, Puma Annual Report 2016, Under Armour Annual Report 2017

SWOT has been used as an instrument to analyze the interior and exterior opportunities of the organization Saari (2015). The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Adidas are:


Adidas has strengths that makes the brand known around the world. These include

  • International Labor organization, International Finance Corporation. This placed the company at an added advantage as it has gained recognition internationally and has been awarded prestigious awards which has placed the company at a competitive edge.
  • portfolio- The Company has a wide range of sportswear, and sports equipment.

This has helped in making the brand recognized and creating trust between the customer and the business. If a product has been damaged along the way it can be returned and refunded hence earning the organization credibility from its customers. Their products are of quality material, giving them a competitive advantage over their customers.


Adidas has a high price range of products and most consumers seek affordability when purchasing a product. Most profits can be seen in developed countries as the prices are too high for those in developing countries hence there are they have lesser customers in developing countries.  In its creativity Adidas should also seek products that are unique and different from those being offered by the competitors. Having the same products as your competitors without adding anything new and different will cause huge comparison from the customer who at the end prefer the well established brands. Most of the Adidas products are from Asian countries which in turn can cause mistrust of the brand


Adidas make much use of the Internet and running a business in the era of the millennial generation requires use of modern advanced technology. Individuals search for products on line and they can trust and organization by just looking through its website. It is crucial for the company to have an updated website that will speak to their clients before they even meet them personally. Products on Adidas websites are always updated and presented in a format that catches the attention of the potential customers. Adidas has moved into new markets sections that offer enriched profits for the company and help also expand in various other places. Adidas has seen an increase in demand as individuals have tended to exercise more due to health issues and also variety of gym centres are opening to encourage a healthy living in the society increasing the number of customers for Adidas. Adidas is also expanding in various markets around the world hence the growth in the demand of their products, increasing business opportunities for the company and also increasing the markets for the developing countries which also helps in the employment industry.


Adidas faces major international sportswear companies such as UNDER ARMOUR, NIKE and PUMA which have long established their brands internationally and also have a history of manufacturing quality products. Customers around the world can purchase products from Adidas without considering the price or even taking a close look at the quality as the company has already established a brand name for itself however on the other side there is need for affordability. Adidas therefore faces great competition as it has to prove to the customers that their products are also the best in sports and they are durable. Prices for Adidas products should be lower than those of the established brands so as to attract potential customers through affordability. Sportswear and sport equipment is the same if boxing the individual ill require gloves and boxing shorts etc. For Adidas to be different and attract customers there is need for creativity in their products be it through design, the colors used and the material. Threats will always exist in business and they are inevitable hence there is need to expand the business in a dynamic angle.

Adidas is one of the companies that has many stores around the world and also manufactures the largest sportswear and sports equipment. Having been founded in 1924 the company has since implemented strategies to maintain their mission which is to provide the best possible equipment and sportswear in the industry. Adidas aims to develop the product that will suit the need of the customer, presenting the product to the customer, affordability of the product to the clients, and also distribution of the product to the customer at the right time and place. Adidas makes use of the four Ps in its marketing mix and this involves Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People, Process and physical environment it is also known as the extended marketing mix. Isoraite (2016) states that marketing mix interconnected actions and resolutions that a business engages in to meet the needs of the customers and also achieve the set goals of the company. Marketing mix solution variables such as the 4Ps are executed in the corporation when they aim to sell more goods and provide improved services. Isoraite (2016) further goes on to state that Marketing mix strategies can be used for long term and short term goals in a company, it is not a philosophy but a framework that is applied by the organization with the aim to suit customer demands. Having acquired Reebok in 2006, the company has continued to grow in diversity catering for customers for all ages.

Prices– Al Badi (2015) states that pricing methods can be based on cost, demand, and competition in the market. Adidas is set to maintain its prices and will not lower them due to the competition in the market, for the customers that will purchase the brand. Over the past years the brand has continuously improved its products to meet the needs of the customers and the prices have remained standardized hence the customers are now quality conscious of the Adidas products. The strategy of using a premium price gives customers the impression of the product quality regardless of the competitors that the company has.

Product– Adidas has also strived to ensure quality and durability of its products over the years, among the advantages that Adidas has over its competitors is having a diverse products form sportswear, sports bags, shoes, bottle drinks and various sporting equipment for various sporting activities. Adidas also manufactures products such as watches, sunglasses and socks. There are also deodorants produced by the company hence there are a variety of products that are made.  It is crucial to provide the best product that will draw the attention of customers to the business and also have a regular review of the feedback from the customers about the product. Adidas shops have a variety of products that are arranged in a manner that the customers are able to locate what they need without difficult, posts and signs also guide the customers to the section where they can allocate a particular product. Al Badi (2015) asserts that Product is what the company presents to its customers, which maybe inform of services, properties and utilities.

Place- With the growing use of the internet in the world adidas has managed to penetrate the online market to its advantage using its websites and using the internet to advertise it products to customers around the world. Through the use of the internet clients are able to access information and purchase adidas products even in places where there are no stores. It also makes use of various distribution channels such as stores, franchises and merchandising, therefore being available on both personal distribution and online distribution. Local customers are able to directly visit the shops in their various locations whereas people across the world can shop online and have their products delivered at their doorsteps, the company does not only deliver to retailers but also to the final customer.


Through constant advertisements adidas has managed to promote its brand. The use of media such as online advertisements, billboards, TV advertisements are marketing campaigns that have brought visibility for the brand. The advertisements also include sport celebrities such as Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham who have massive support from people around the world hence they also draw the customers to the brand. Adidas is always in people s minds as it has targeted the market in various areas including in video games. Constant updates are made on the website informing people on the new stock that has arrived also on the reduction of prices on other products. Adidas continues to produce adverts on the internet and on local television and radio stations promoting their brand. The advertisements also inform the customers on the incentives that are on offer when a client purchases a variety of products. Employees at Greenhill sports have undergone training workshops equipping them with detailed knowledge on sportswear and sport equipments. A sales person that has in depth knowledge on what he/she is selling satisfies the customer more than a sales person who has little or no knowledge of the products in the shop.

Weaknesses in the 4Ps

Adidas products have recently attracted criticism as they are being produced in Asian countries due to availability of cheap labor. This has aroused some mistrust of the product from various customers. Also maintaining the same price for every country is a disadvantage as people in developing countries are not able to afford the product which results in people purchasing the fake copy of adidas or getting other products which are affordable. Adidas has justified its products and states that being manufactured in an Asian country has not reduced the quality of material being used hence the prices will remain the same.


Adidas has managed to provide rapid response of services be it in the shop, on line or making use of the telephone giving the company a competitive edge over its competitors. Customers require attention and detail when purchasing a product hence there is need to provide brand experience that will enable customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Working with high profile clients and also receiving positive feedback from the clients has managed to attract potential clients. Adidas seeks to continuously attract customers around the world of all ages to build and healthy and energetic society.



Empirical research is a sort of research that is done either through one’s experience, direct perception, or test. Without these basic standards, research may not be named experimental. If the research is done along these lines, one ought to effortlessly have the option to answer his/her inquiries by comparing proof. The proof engaged with exact research might be quantitative or qualitative. This implies the information that came about because of perception or tests may either be deciphered with quantitative esteem or qualitative property. 

Observational sort of research is likewise the fundamental rule in doing any logical research. Any consistent research should also be finished by the essential standards of experience, observation, and doing experimentations. Through speculation or hypothesis, a specific concern might be tried or tested to think of an outcome that is supported by reliable information or proof. Be that as it may, all together for relevant research to be acknowledged as valid or exact, the exercises included must not depend on essential perception and rather center around testing theory through experimentations.

The strategies for experimental research commonly include five phases in particular observation, deduction, induction, testing, and evaluation. The initial segment of the procedure consists of observation, and this is the place one will gather subtleties for the theory. The induction stage is the place the last speculation is defined. The thought will, at that point, experience a progression of conclusion and testing stages to concoct the outcomes. The consequence of this experimentation will, at that point, be assessed to formulate a conclusion.

In reality, for instance, one might need to know whether specific plant-animal types will become quicker and higher as indicated by the measure of daylight it is presented to. This inquiry may then shape some portion of the speculation that daylight introduction expands the development rate of the plant species required. This speculation will at that point be tried to think of results. The consequences of this example examination will at that point be broke down to concoct the last answer, end or speculation.

The author may incorporate with four dimension and would made a scale of brand experience. The four dimensions are intellectual, practical, sensory and behavioral. The brand experiences may also create influence on consumer loyalty and consumer satisfaction through affiliation of brand personality. The brand experience must be a good indicator of brand personality and consumer loyalty and this may have a good indicator of satisfaction of customer.

Figure 1: The validity and discriminant of scale of brand experience

It may clarify the BMW brand experience and it was found that the brand personality and brand experience may create a good impact on consumer satisfaction and on loyalty of customer. During the factor of investigation, they may also find several deviations of behavioral measurement.  taking a gander at a particular brand, specifically Adidas, this research may also test that whether the brand experience of Adidas would create an impact on brand personality, loyalty of consumer and consumer satisfaction.

With exceptional customer experience, the Adidas is a perfect brand for this research. Having the option to analyze these connections, similar speculations Brakus et al. (2009) utilized should be tried.  There are four hypotheses which may considered the brand experience impact on consumer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

If those theories show factually critical outcomes, it will exhibit the connection between consumer loyalty, consumer satisfaction, brand personality and brand experience.

Another goal of research is to make the size of brand experience increasingly engaging and expressive since it right now is by all accounts very dynamic and general. More individual explanations and customized would be done for the particular brand of Adidas as expected to expand transparency and to maintain a strategic distance from uncertainty. Thinking about the destinations of this examination, in a manner with the model of Brakus et al. (2009), the technique utilized in this exploration needs to be reliable by referring to the four most important brand experience element. The single articulations need a revamping which will easily make them expressive and customized.

Data Collection and Dimensions:

An online survey had been utilized for information gathering. The link of the questionnaire had been conveyed using email to individual contacts of the creators and had been put on an informal community (accommodation sampling). With a wide age range, the particular objective was to achieve respondents from all around Dubai. Utilizing an online review appeared to be perfect to accomplish this objective, as it is the most effective and most advantageous approach to achieve worldwide respondents.

The questionnaire has been dispersed in English. An aggregate of 114 respondents finished the study inside a time span of 11 days. It had been pre-tried by three individuals as before the dissemination of the online survey.

The research has several sections that is in the first section the general data is questioned. The secondary section may include articulations which may only refer to brand experience. The third section may include every explanation that may refer to personality of brand.

It may also provide descriptions concerning the customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.

In the fourth section, every individual has to tick on one to the following options that is

To not compel respondents to an answer and in this manner potentially mutilating the outcomes, another alternative is given to the respondents: I don’t have the foggiest idea about/no remark.

The first segment may comprise of three inquiries: the sexual orientation, the age and the nationality which may get some information about general data of the respondents. This gives the analysts the likelihood to examine the consequences of the overview differentially (for example, Dubai(born) versus non-Dubai (non born)). The second segment is about the brand experience attention. with Adidas sports items, the brand experience individuals are associated with four factor-model that is intellectual, behavioral, affective and sensory. the 12 articulations were revamped which will make scale of brand experience more expressive and clearer. These are also viewed as the significant ones for Adidas sports items. Considering the measurement sensory, the announcements center around the material (fit and contact) detects and visual (elegant). Towards the Adidas sports items itself, the measurement affective is spoken to by positive inclination the climate inside the Adidas shops. Inside the measurement behavioral, it is tried if wearing Adidas sports items or potentially the environment inside Adidas shops make individuals need to work out.

Moreover, every customer response is check if any individual may visit the items of Adidas sports.  The measurement intellect tests if Adidas commercials (and their essential message) Furthermore, the advertisement and the brand name of Adidas must be every one mind and thoughts. The last part centers around consumer loyalty and consumer satisfaction.

The information gathered for approx. 110 individuals. From a 5-point Likert scale, the respondents had the choice to pick which incorporated a 6th choice of “I don’t know/No Comment,” the analysis included constraining this 6th alternative to be considered as missing esteem as not to slant the outcomes. We, at that point, break down the information by supplanting missing qualities with the mean. At last, we performed our underlying exploratory factor investigation utilizing the Principle Component extraction strategy on the 12 inquiries of brand experience. For increasingly exact outcomes, we used the Varimax Rotated Segment Matrix. Steady with Walter et al. (2013), we yielded a similar sort of dissipated issues. Of the four dimensions of brand experience, the sensory and useful measurement gave stable outcomes, cumulating into one factor. There are also several factors which may create impact on brand experience that is intellectual, sensory and behavioral which may give good result in several factors. 

Figure 2: Rotated Component Matrix

We stacked the first two dimensions, sensory and effective, into one factor, and stacked behavioral and intellectual aspects which would give a clearer perspective on the 4 dimensions of brand involvement. In every situation giving a one-factor answer for each of the three, we may also have gathered the dimensions into these components came about. The dimensions behavioral and intellectual inborn difference is where the common measurement should have been freely stacked into its Principal Component Analysis which is like the issue spoken to in Walter model (2013) (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: The figure shows the factor analysis with sensory affective as a single factor, behavioral being the second one and third is associated with property of intellectual.

The results just stacked onto one factor, a different finding from 2 factor results from Walter model (2013). It may be similar to several factor when we looked at the brand experience relationship as personality of brand where only single brand personality factor is used as relapse model.

Our investigation likewise used just a single ward variable; however, in connection with brand personality with loyal furthermore, satisfaction, we will utilize one free factor of brand character (see Figure 4). Relapse examination was then directed to decide the legitimacy of the exploration speculations. Against the single ward factors of brand personality, consumer loyalty and customer satisfaction, there are three brand experience elements were utilized as free factors.

Figure 4: Component Matrix of Brand Personality

On account of the first inquire about theory (the positive connection between consumer loyalty and brand experience may confirms the speculation of a factually significant with a p-esteem for the model at p<0.05 about our information examination. The R2 balance is calculated to be 0.375. We have noted that the intellectual measurement of p-estimation is calculated to be 0.255 and the coefficient of p-estimation is calculated to be p=0.075. These values higher than the value of p = .04. This may imply the consumer loyalty and intellectual measurement connection. These connections and behavioral analysis couldn’t verify. The sensory and affective dimensions assume a considerable job in foreseeing reliability in Adidas purchasers as the model represents significance in all dimensions. The coefficients additionally support this end B. The coefficients B for intellectual and behavioral are just 0.089 and 0.159 as compared to the affective and factor sensory that may have B coefficient of approx. 0.537. The general model finding is equivalent to model of Walter (2013). It may also provide a factual significance show of R = 0.35.

The second research theory will give a different result than the first. We use the Brakus (2009) findings to verify that the brand experience may affect the satisfaction of consumer of not. The author Walter (2013) have provided the less evidence for the brand experience of consumer satisfaction as the p-esteem was calculated to be = 0.385. with a balanced R2 of R2=0.24l, this research may give a p-esteem under p=0.05. We have also investigated several issues with behavioral and intellectual dimensions. The coefficients of intellectual and behavioral is calculated to be p=0.610 and p=0.431. We can suppose that the positive outcome between consumer satisfaction and brand experience may originate from first factor that is effective and sensory.

We should presume that the positive connection between brand experience furthermore, satisfaction is originating from the first factor, effective and sensory. by taking a gander at the coefficients B, this can be demonstrated again with the affective and sensory factor. We have analyzed the behavior of coefficient B which is calculated to be -0.059.

As the significance is too low, we along these lines rejected these dimensions. Therefore, a relapse examination was directed expelling the elements separately with just the factors neural affective and behavioral factor. Be that as it may, this leads the outcomes to yield only a slight increment of the balanced R2.

The third hypothesis about brand experience may emphatically influences brand character for Adidas, yielded a decent R2 of R2=0.501 and p-regard under p=0.05. In this manner, it exhibits that brand experience does determinedly influence brand character and there is adequate quantifiable essentialness for the model. Eventually, the social estimation has a p-regard above p=0.05 as found in the backslide examination for brand involvement in shopper fulfillment and customer awareness.

 The equivalent applies to scholarly estimation. An examination of the B coefficients prompts the end that – similarly for this circumstance – the constructive association between brand understanding and brand character is starting from the factor tactile and full of feeling. Hypotheses 4 state about how brand character influences buyer fulfillment and satisfaction of consumer.

 Brand character has an equivalent relationship as a brand involvement on both buyer dependability and consumer loyalty. For the two models (p-regard underneath p=0.05 in the two models), the Brand character has enough quantifiable verification to affirm that there is a valuable friendship between client dependability (adjusted R2=0.390) and brand character having an affection for customer fulfillment (adjusted R2=0.166) to expel the invalid theory of brand character.

The sixth hypothesis is the manner in which purchaser fulfillment emphatically influences shopper dedication. In like manner, with all the past examination, there is an association between purchaser awareness and shopper fulfillment as there was adequate verifiable verification of p-esteem < 0.05). There is a high connection between brand involvement and fulfillment and high association.  The result may also show the low connection between brand understanding or brand character and customer fulfillment. Toward the end, from the six hypotheses inspected, we can see a summary of the results in Figure 5 gave beneath.

Figure 5: Adidas Scale of Brand Personality

A couple of intriguing examination emerged from the information gathered. When looking at changed situations of relapse runs, the study of Dubai public reactions, what’s more, Non-Dubai national reactions gave a different survey on the outcomes, in any event, contrasted with brand satisfaction and experience. For customer satisfaction, the brand experience has a higher relationship for the individuals who think about themselves Dubai citizen compared with the individuals who don’t. The medium size of the general relationship is calculated to be R²=0.242) which was a lot higher as compared to R²=0.363 for the connection for the Dubai customers. The relationship for consumer of Non-Dubai citizen is R²=0.130). Among Dubai citizen and different nations, this would also propose a principal difference in the customer base of Adidas. When contrasting the outcomes from the two informational collections (Dubai citizen versus Non-Dubai citizen), the brand experience and consumer loyalty connection were practically indistinguishable. As both have a relapse with a p-esteem under p=0.05, the balanced R2 for Dubai citizen was observed to be R2=0.458 versus the change R2 of Non-Dubai citizen was found to be R2=0.447. Therefore, there is a higher relationship for Dubai citizen. However, the difference is practically nothing. This likewise steady with a general link for everybody at a balanced R²=0.472.



The Adidas brand experience has pulled to an excellent consideration in the practice of marketing. Most of the buyers always looking for a benefit from any brand as well as enthusiastic encounters, brand experience hypothesis endeavors on how brand experience may impact purchaser conduct and can be estimated. This article looks at the connection between brand experience dimensions that is behavioral, intellectual, sensory, effective, and consumer loyalty for the brand of Adidas. Through an online questionnaire, the creators directed observational research.

The discoveries demonstrate that the brand experience things which may include some inadequacies that profit partial results. Extreme deviations were found in the factor examination, particularly for the scholarly element and conduct of scale of brand experience. In any case, the experimental outcomes support the fact that the brand experience of Adidas has a robust constructive connection with the brand character, purchaser fulfillment, and buyer reliability. Moreover, a unique link between image character with shopper loyalty and customer fulfillment could have additionally been approved.

We have analyzed the survey by inserting the mean values in the missing attributes.  At long last, we performed our underlying exploratory factor examination on the 12 inquiries of brand experience utilizing the Principle Component extraction technique. For increasingly exact outcomes, we used the Matrix of Varimax Rotated Component. The four dimensions of brand involvement, the tangible and full of feeling measurement gave stable outcomes, cumulating into one factor of sensory and affective. The rest of the two elements that is conduct and scholarly, had part results in numerous components. 

Through the study and examinations, a few significant discoveries of this exploration are found that is Uncertainty Avoidance, Long-Term Orientation, Perceived Quality, Masculinity, Collectivism, Brand Association, Brand Identification, Brand Awareness and Brand Trust. Contrasted with past research, the incorporation of social qualities and the other brand value dimensions in this examination empowers a progressively careful examination of the idea of universal brand value. Additionally, the improved dimensions help in precisely estimating the shoppers’ view of a worldwide brand. The consequences of this examination mostly affirm the connections between the components of social qualities and Consumer-Based Global Brand Equity. Besides, the outcomes demonstrate that Consumer-Based Global Brand Equity mostly positively affects brand notoriety and brand reliability.

These outcomes not just add to the improvement of another exploration model on Consumer-Based Global Brand Equity yet also have down to earth and administrative ramifications for the café supervisors. The examination likewise makes a critical commitment to the estimation of Global Brand Equity of Consumer-Based in sports business and investigates the connection between the predecessors (social qualities) and the outcomes (brand notoriety and brand awareness) of Consumer-Based Global Brand Equity. The correlation of culturally diverse information offers bits of knowledge into proficient techniques that can be utilized to authorize brand notoriety and secure brand loyalty in the worldwide café industry. Future examinations can expand on this model through application to various social populations.


While conducting the survey, there are also meetings and interviews which were directed with ten members who may have a high level of experience of worldwide brands in the café business. The reason for these meetings was to explore face legitimacy of the recommended research model, the connections among the factors just as recognize any missing variable from the examination model.

The meetings or interview were completed at advantageous areas, for example, coffeehouses, eateries, parks, according to members ‘inclinations. The meetings were completed in April 2010. Before beginning the meetings, a support data sheet was accommodated/finished by the members. The meeting rules, survey, assent structure and investment data sheet for the meetings is provided in English and Korean. The meetings, which along these lines interpreted, coded and assessed. The meetings gave a more profound comprehension of inspirations of human practices and frames of mind; and furthermore, offered an inclination for the essential ideas before the study. Along these lines, the relationship between the factors of the recommended research model was affirmed. Besides, the meeting examination uncovered that brand notoriety is the outcome of Consumer-Based Global Brand Equity.


 For the survey, the qualitative data was collected by the survey of person-to-person. Comfort sampling was utilized in two urban communities in the South Korea and UK (London and Oxford) in which buyers had simple contact with worldwide sports brands. Different areas were picked with points on spot and time, and instances of sub-areas included parks, cafés, and shopping centers. An aggregate of 668 studies was gathered. Of these, 35 were rejected because they didn’t finish the questionnaire or missed many parts of the survey. Consequently, all out information for 633 local speakers (313 in the UK and 320 in South Korea) was utilized for factual investigation. Reactions comprised of a 7-point Likert-type scale going from firmly consent to oppose this idea unequivocally.

Figure 1 The above graph show the ratio of male and female for the survey.

Figure 2 The above graph shows the age ratio for the total population of male and female. 

Figure 3 The above graph shows the income of male and female. 


It might intend to clarify that the experience of the brand to measure it and create a model. The brand experience of Adidas may only influence shopper fulfillment and dependability. It may also make an experimentally approved scale of brand experience which is only dependent on the dimensions tactile, scholarly, full of feeling, and social. The academic research size is significant, however much progressively significant to improve and comprehend the brand image experience which accommodates their clients, they can utilize the scale for following purposes, arranging and appraisal. ” It may also abandon the inquiry whether further investigations can approve their model and whether the model can, in any case, be improved.

Even though experience-based showcasing has gotten ceaseless consideration, there is no regular definition or utilization of an overwhelming term. A few terms have been proposed, for example, “experiential utilization,” experience promoting,” “experiential showcasing,” or “brand involvement.” Different investigations have attempted to measure their results and may broke down the experience advertising impact of Adidas. It was precisely inspected the effects of experience advertising specialized devices on customer reactions and recognized a positive effect on the brand frame of mind and brand connection. 

It may also affirm that “brand experience influences purchaser fulfillment and reliability legitimately and by implication through brand character affiliations”. The model of Sands (2008) state that in-store experiential occasions decidedly impact apparent shopping worth and shopping conduct expectation.  To breaking down the effect of experience showcasing and to create operational typologies to encounters different endeavors have been made. “These dimensions give an edge work by which organizations and brands can experientially connect with shoppers.” 

The model of Brakus (2009) reasoned that the brand experience of Adidas is connected by reputation of brand in conceptualizing brand experience which may comprise “abstract, inward purchaser reactions, for example, sensations, emotions, and perceptions, just as social reactions. They started with five dimensions chose through writing audit, to be specific, tactile, full of feeling, scholarly, conduct, and social. Through information accumulation and investigation, the creators diminished their discoveries to four dimensions – physical, emotional, social, and academic. Every one of the four aspects are tried by three things, to check the power of the buyers’ image experience.


There is a connection between clients ‟ fulfillment and brand awareness. A firm must give high consideration on client inclination to make a steadfast client base after some time. Every brand may to focused more on advertising mix so that it may create a good impact on client’s satisfaction in a similar industry. This research would also uncover about the devotion of brand may create an impact on client in the industry of games wear. The customer inclinations and customer request are adaptable in the sports industry. This inclination may also rely on income, sexual orientation, social foundation and age. A scientist needs to fundamentally concentrate and investigate to comprehend the brand awareness on diverse issues of client. To elaborate these issues, a person can disentangle the brand dependability create an impact on Adidas customer to various partner of organization. This researched will also determine the brand reliability effect on Adidas sports customers.

This researched will focused on brand dedication among the Adidas sports customers and how ongoing systems on promoting are utilized in the business of press organizations. The promoting experts and advertising may think utilization of broad communications and marking for expanding the permeability of brands which may categorized as an extraordinary route construct dedication among the buyers regarding the Adidas brand. The brand is a recognizable item in a way that a buyer or customer may select the value of remarkable which pertinently compare with the planned need to generally unequivocally as these types of qualities would help the firm as per guideline of Ross and Harradine (2007).

Adidas is one of the biggest and prominent games marks everywhere throughout the world. Adidas positions second in the game’s items after the Nike Company. The brand of Adidas is providing different sports and games items which engage every customer to visit and buy the material. 

Adidas is a German global organization which is located in the country of Germany, Herzogenaurach and Bavaria. Adidas needs to enable everybody to play better from acclaimed competitors to class kids. Over 170 nations straightforwardly, the Adidas brand may sell all the products.

The Adidas gathering utilized 46,306 individuals; consistently in the year of 2018. These people may generate a revenue of approx. 6B euros. From this information, we can without much of a stretch comprehend that it is one of the greatest, trustworthy, and most selective organizations on the planet. The Adidas company‟s history is exceptionally uncommon and capricious. There are several items that Adidas produce which may also considered as the best in this world.

The brand of Adidas has its trademark which is-“Incomprehensible is conceivable”. With its triumphant way, the Adidas has changed the fortune of numerous individuals and have made potential loads of incomprehensible occasions. Due to client ability to pay more expensive rates, the chance of carrying new clients to the firm and less expense of serving.  As an excellent resource for firms, many firms would consider this sort of dedication.

Two fundamental methodologies can portray brand loyalty that first one is frame of mind that may have a vital state of reliability of brand. The second point of view is social which may tell to repurchase a brand after some time when the customer satisfaction is fulfilled. However, it isn’t sufficient to demonstrate authentic brand awareness. It ought to be supported by a high mentality towards the brand that guarantees that the further continuation of this conduct.

The brand reliability is an element of frame of mind just as conduct. Inside accessible elective item class which is characterized as brand reliability and a client inclination would buy a specific brand. When the brand proposes the value exact dimension and the client which may comprehend the correct value.

Brand Loyalty Factors

The brand loyalty of the customer is influence by several factors that is quality of service, price, quality of the product, promotional activities, and name of the brand.

Brand Name

There are most popular brand names which would give publicized advantages and spread higher review and may provide additional benefit than less popular brand names (Keller, 2003). The decision is accessible and diverse as new name of brand introduces in the market. Most of the customer trust major renowned brand names. Customer will always trust on most popular brand name and pictures that lead them to buy many items (Foster and Cadogan, 2000). The connections to the brand’s self-speaking are given by brand character. In a social setting, this is significant for every popular brand where a brand image is made by the customer itself. If you want to acknowledge and encourage the customer, make an enhanced marketing strategy which would depict the brand name and image to a customer mind and thoughts (Colborne, 1996). 

For the most part, clients can assess every item of brand. The data is required to promote the directors for every product of Adidas brand which would be considered as a data-based decision about differential focal points. A brand personality advancement and the making of a picture and is called brand name which is a time taking procedure and is quite expensive. An essential piece of the system is brand name advancement. An image of brand’s may depend on its name. The brand name is significant for the firm to acquire propensity and support clients about obtaining the item. A general point of view tends clients to see the item identified when all the fulfillment and traits experienced by the purchasing and utilizing the product with the brand name.

The Quality product

The quality product would incorporate every highlight of an item or services to fulfill the customer need. The customer can also switch between many brands as it

The sports item quality may comprise of size estimation, product quality, color and material. The fitting of clothes is an essential element of selection of garment as most of the customer appurtenance is dependent on fitted garments, for example swimsuit and aerobic wear. The product performance factor is also important in product quality as the material may also affect the texture. The color of product may reflect the customer personality. Most of the customer got rejected by selection of wrong color. Every fashion would be rejected if the particular color doesn’t attract their personality.



To help a portion of the outcomes, the brand involvement of Adidas in this exploration paper can be utilized in Walter (2013) and Brakus (2009). This model would mark a character as expressed in Walter (2013) and Brakus (2009) and may also support the case that brand experience may have a decently high constructive relationship.

 Additionally, the Walter (2013) model may categorized with cases between image involvement and shopper loyalty just with regards to the level of connection and the relationship between image character and buyer awareness – being near r=0.45 in the two cases for the two links.  There was a lower relationship between customer dedication, brand experience and devotion of buyer.

In spite of the fact that the model of Walter et al. (2013) couldn’t discover factual proof to not dismiss the invalid speculation of brand involvement on buyer fulfillment, the invalid theory of purchaser fulfillment on shopper awareness, and the invalid speculation of brand character on customer fulfillment, our model had enough measurable proof. We had the option to confirm each of the three thoughts. It was found out that the relationship between image involvement and shopper fulfillment is calculated to be r<0.25. Our discoveries about the measure of the relationship between image character and shopper fulfillment and between customer fulfillment and buyer dependability.

From specific dimensions, there were several likelihoods in this model of Walter et al. (2013). We have analyzed a similar issue from the conducted measurement with both social and scholarly measurement. The model of Brakus (2009) wasn’t expressed as whether this issue is emerged yet in future examinations, this issue ought to be tended to and tried to see whether the four-measurement model of brand experience remains constant. Finally, it is fascinating to analyze the outcomes when utilizing the reaction non-German and German while purchasing the sports item. The connection between shopper loyalty and image involvement didn’t give the outcomes of intriguing certainties, the relationship between image experience and purchaser fulfillment may give the outcome of uncommon outcome. The relationship is calculated to be 13% and 36% for German and non-German. There would be a good connection of brand experience on shopper fulfillment than contended if another measurement like item information or brand involvement recurrence which may have been presented. The company of Adidas is an organization of German may target every shopper than in other countries.


The greatest restriction to the legitimacy of this examination report is the connected sampling technique and the little example measure. On account of accommodation examining, the overview was aimed at a restricted pool. The review was given for the most part using email and online networking, which suggests that the respondents were familiar with the surveyors somewhat. This could conceivably have given predisposition results. Every individual must feel committed to address these inquiries, not the same as whenever controlled by a free gathering. This ought to have assumed a good job as the direction is given to buy the products. 

With the dimensions conduct and scholarly, the secondary constraint found in this researched was issued. The constraints once in a while did not speak to enough significance. These issues may have originated from the translation of the inquiries were replied. Accordingly, further research could be led to approve the kinds of questions that speak to the elements of social and scholarly. Also, a few respondents have given criticism about the investigations, including the encounters of store and it didn’t exist on the web for Adidas as they were primarily shopping.

Additionally, the commercials aren’t notable as they couldn’t precisely speak to their assessments on the separate inquiries. The alternative for “I don’t have a clue about/no remark” was accessible, and utilized more as often as possible for the remainder of the investigation for these inquiries of brand experience. This could clarify a portion of the issues in brand experience of Adidas we saw, including these dimensions of brand.


In this research, many customers are inspected who may spend a lot of cash to purchase Adidas items and it was found that the most faithful clients are less touchy and less steadfast clients are highly delicate.

Whenever the customer gets loyal to buy the particular product the cost doesn’t matter and he immediately buys the product rather than waiting for a discount or going to search for a next brand to buy the product.

With respect to the value point of view, the individual’s measurement is displayed in four segments of brand experience. Approx. 71% of customers feel that their income doesn’t deter them to buy the products. Approx. 23% of the customer believe that their salary is high and they can easily buy the product from Adidas.

The quality product of Adidas may empower every customer to buy the expensive product as they could be forced by other quality of products. Most of the buyer may have several ways to buy a product on the basis of vertical expansions of Adidas brand. The Adidas brand should position themselves in the market by offering high product quality style and best fitting swimsuits to the customer.

The Adidas would create a good image in the world popular brand Nike. The brand of Adidas could also give more concentration on quality of product and offer different discounts to their customers and may need to investigate more detailed research on several item development. By using this strategy, Adidas can easily gain audience in Dubai. The firm may create the strong brand relationship by offering the excellent experience to their customers. The company should include innovation-based product offering in the business of sportswear to turn into a market head.

In advertise of UK there are 173 sportswear mark as well as the market is focused where supplier of sportswear has capability to switch customer as they have various alternatives and can manage multiple of organizations to provide same item at same cost getting overall revenue high. Adidas should get ready for joint endeavor of in reverse connection business with nations such as Bangladesh, India where work cost is down at heel. Along these lines Adidas may lessen cost of creation and strength of provider may offer progressively competitive cost taking overall revenue which is high.


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