Obtain the job description for your current or most recent job (prepare one yourself if one does not exist). Redo this description by using the job characteristics framework presented in. Design a job that would be more interesting, challenging, and enjoyable for you.

The job relating to the human resource executive could be made more interesting and challenging by increasing the level of communication and networking. This would help to expand thelevel of interaction with various employees that function in the organizationalcontext. It would basically expand the level of rapport among various employees that function with the organizational setting (Cleverism, 2018).

This change in the job context would definitely make the job more interesting and enjoyable asthe rapport could be strengthened in the organizational setting. The expansion in the degree of roles and responsibilities would help to have a robust learning experience by operating in the real-life situation. The change has been highlighted by taking into consideration the job skills, the psychological traits and the ultimate outcome that could be arrived in the organizational setting (Cleverism, 2018).


What are the critical factors to consider in the design of work systems? What particular role does technology play in the design of work systems?

The work system can be defined as the system where human resources and machine work together to produce products and services (Pdfs.semanticscholar.org, 2018, p 3). While making the design of the work systems, the critical factors that need to be taken intoconsiderationinclude the exact activities that are performed by the workers, the Information Technology-based tools used in the organizational setting, the work practices that are followed, the needs of the customers, the features of the products or services that can create value for the organization, and the human and information infrastructure(Pdfs.semanticscholar.org, 2018, p 8).

The role of technology is extremely vital while designing the work system as it helps the human participants to work in an efficient manner and strengthening the level of autonomy. In fact, technological tools can even be tailored to meet specific organizational situations (Pdfs.semanticscholar.org, 2018, p 15).


Compare and contrast job enlargement, rotation, and enrichment. How are they similar to and different from each other?

Job enlargement refers to the job design technique that intends to expand the tasks as activities associated with a specific job. In simple language, it is the process of increasing the scope of a job. Job rotation is the process where the personnel are shifted or moved between various jobs in a planned way so that they can gain experience in various work settings and possess a wider set of skills and expertise. Job enrichment takes place when activities or jobs are expanded vertically. In other words, more jobs are formed by increasing work at different levels (Bennett, 2015).

The concepts relating to job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment are similar to each other as they intend to empower the employees and help them make the most of the opportunity. The difference that exists is that job enlargement focuses on the quantity of work, job enrichment emphasizes on the job quality. In the job rotation process, there is a complete change in the job profile of the employees.

What barriers to change exist in most organizations, and how can they be overcome?

The major barriers to change that arise in the organizational setting are the limited involvement of the employees in the change management process, a poor communication model, an uninspiring cultural shift planning and the high level of complexity that exists in the organizational environment (Bennett, 2015). These elements act as major bottlenecks that adversely affect the organization to adapt to the new environment.

The identified barriers to change that arise in most of the organizations can be overcomeby getting the internal stakeholders i.e. the employees involved in the process by listening to their views and opinions. There needs to be a robust communication model so that the employees can understand how the change will affect them. The culture of the firm must be flexible so that the employees along with the concern can adapt to the new work setting. Ultimately, the organizational complexity can be managed by adopting a skillful and keen approach so that the concern can grow at a rapid pace.

Describe a successful and unsuccessful attempt at job redesign that you have experienced or observed. What factors contributed to the success or failure of the change initiative? How could the unsuccessful attempt have been managed better?

A successful attempt at job redesigning took place in a private nursing facility. Originally most of the processes were conducted manually which increased the burden on the employees. But with the advent of technology, the jobs were redesigned and innovative work systems were introduced that focused on automated diagnosis and treatment process(Pdfs.semanticscholar.org, 2018). An unsuccessful attempt at job redesign was observed in a retail entity. The job redesigning was being introduced by incorporating technology in the business setting. But the management failed to upgrade the skills and expertise of the employees due to which they could not adjust to the new job setting.

Debate how offshoring might impact the U.S. economy. Do you feel that it will cause domestic organizations to become more competitive in the global marketplace through increased efficiency and reduced costs or will it simply result in higher unemployment and an erosion of the consumer segment of our economy?

The offshoring process involves the exporting of different jobs to other nations where the labor costs are significantly less than comparative costs in the United States. This process might adversely affect the U.S. economy by reducing the employment opportunities. This trend diminishes the scope for the economy to enhance as it unintentionally increases the unemployment rate in the Western nation and leads to an erosion of the consumer segment of the U.S. economy.


How might the HR function be affected by outsourcing decisions in small- and medium-sized organizations? What roles can and should HR play in such decisions?

The outsourcing decisions in small- and medium-sized organizations can have a major impact on the HR function. The outsourcing of some of the organizationalactivities means that the external participants would be sharing some of the HR responsibilities(Pdfs.semanticscholar.org, 2018). Thecontrol of the HRM function would be restricted due to the involvement of an external participant. Similarly, the HR team would have to reevaluate the skills of the employees to understand how they need to grow and develop in the dynamic business setting.

The HRM should adopt a careful approach so that it can retain the majority of the control of the business activities and decisions. The jobs that need to be outsourced must be carefully determined by taking into consideration the skills and capabilities of the organizational employees.


As an employee, how would you feel about having your employer monitor your e-mail? As an employer, why would you choose to monitor employee e-mail? How can employee morale be maintained when an employer monitors employee e-mail?

As an employee, I would not like my employer monitoring my e-mail. Even though it would be professional mail, I think such a monitoring approach would adversely affect my privacy in the professional context and thus impact my morale. It could give rise to trust issues between me and my employer as such a behavior would indicate that he has doubts in his mind regarding my work or professional approach.

As an employer, one could choose to monitor employee e-mailto make sure that a professional communication tone is used by the employee to interact with the internal and external stakeholders of the organization. The employee morale can be maintained during the monitoringprocess by adopting a transparent communication model about the purpose and intention.



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