Hull Smart City: the Best Smart OS Program Evaluation

 Executive summary

The process of developing, executing, planning, and managing a project is basically managed through project managers, and project management is the implementation of all the aspects in this regard. The study is based on the “Project management essentials’ ‘ that is going to evaluate the best smart OS program for managing Hull smart city in an adequate way. The estimated expenditure in this regard is approximately 87.85 million GBP, and this IT project is included with Cisco, Connexin, and several representatives in that regard. Apart from that, the city has a total population of 260000 and different IT sectors that are numbered as 12separate stages to implement the smart OS program for Hull city sustainability. Living standards, level of services, better economy, education, and managing a more fluent lifestyle are major priorities for Hull city. Thus, all the stakeholders, as well as the monitoring process of project managers’ are helpful to meet project objectives and meet success.

1. Introduction of the study

Managing smart cities is really influential to meet innovation and solution of particular problems in different cities, and that is a major trend in the current world to maintain the smart lifestyles for the citizens. Besides, developing a standard of life and managing an easier lifestyle are spending on regional transportation within different cities and countries. In addition, project management and its appropriate team can maintain better execution, solution and manage the overall project with their abilities and well-experienced performances. Smart city management in OS programmable cities is a new culture of the recent world, and various regions are trying to manage this activity for a better life span and control over the different aspects like social, economic, and environmental growth.

The study is fully dependent on a case study of Hull city implementation for better smart urban sustainability, and different probabilities and obstacles are observed in this study to meet OS programmable cities. After that, IoT (Internet of Things) is a better technological term that evaluates modern features and forms on the basis of developing smart urban cities. According to the case study, there are 12 different IT sectors, and 260,000 people are living in this Hull city. All the sectors of information technology and communication services are trying to adopt IoT for their sustainable growth and smart city development. After that, this study is helpful to represent project plans, managerial roles, calculative activities for measuring the development of the urban city and smart lifestyle to every person in this city. Therefore, project management essentials in the regard of Hull city sustainable development of OS program are going to be discussed appropriately as urban sustainability such as London.

2. Task 1: Roles and responsibilities of managing project by the project manager in the regard of Hull city

Managing different skills by the project manager and its analysis

Skills of project management and its practices can influence project planning and help to manage and complete this project efficiently from beginning to end. After that, we have a variety of experienced project management staff, and experts needed to succeed and achieve the project objectives. As depicted by Meng and Boyd (2017), project managers or administrators also need to ensure their skills and knowledge for managing several tasks and activities related to this project. There are some difficulties and issues within a project that must be identified by an efficient project manager in order to manage the success of the project and develop its activities. With effective staff, an efficient coaching process, and contributions to the work process, project managers can run the entire project and are able to address risks. As per this management, cost, execution, planning, and budget are the principles that can be implemented in a project that guarantees accurate project management progress and experience. Added to this, as per the opinion of Aragonés-Beltrán et al. (2017), management and leadership skills are very much required for better project management and execution of the project entirely. Efficient project managers require special skills such as attitude, communication, behaviour, creativity and innovation.

The development process and skills of project manager that is critically discussed

Project managers have different attributes to manage a project like Hull city sustainable development with proper OS programs along with IoT technology. In this regard, project managers have different roles in different cases and are going to be developed in the table below.

Project managers’ skills Different attributes in this regard
Skills related to communication The project manager faces different issues in managing communication with the team members and their staff. A barrier and language problem is a common issue within a team for developing a project service like Hull city. In this respect, project managers must notice their skills and ability to manage better communication to meet objectives and project succession.
Skills of managers and leadership qualities A productive leader can ensure skills and decision-making ability that help to maintain better performance by the staff and team. As per the opinion of Sanchez and Terlizzi (2017), the efficiency and productive output of a project can be managed through leadership quality and its application to the project like hull city.
Skills relevant to organisational management and project succession Innovation and cultural management are major principles to chase a better organisational skill in managing project objectives and succession. It can be varied from individuals to group members in a particular task or project activity.
Management of time Time is considered one of the best factors in a project. The success of a project depends on time management as well as its better attribution of developing project quality and meeting a deadline (Kerzner, 2017). As a result, project managers must focus on the time delay as well as prepare for better time scheduling to chase the project management essentials in the case of Hull city OS programmable city.
Management of risks and issues Risk is always present in a project, and these can be financial, cost, time, labour, and many servicing problems within a project. The team of Hull city sustainable management must ensure the risk management procedures to mitigate large amounts of costs in this respect.
Skills related to negotiation These kinds of skills are involved with stakeholders, shareholders, and individual interest about the project like Hull city OS programmable sustainability. This can be helpful to identify issues and difficulties in conversation within the project.
Management in financial activities Calculation of cost and budget are major criteria for managing It project with proper attributions of Hull city programmable management and its OS development smart city activities. Thus, the financial manager or team management of Hull city must focus on financial management and its application to this project.
Growth in technology and its proper application to the OS programmable Hull city sustainability Technology is a major activity to include within an OS programmable city and its smart development like Hull city in London. In this regard, IoT technology will include meeting all objectives in this project and managing several roles in this concern.
Methodologies relevant to  project management In order to manage project management methodologies, SCRUM, PMBOK and Agile can be applied to manage all the tasks and executions of the project, and for hull city management, project management methodologies will be useful to lead against all difficulties and hazards.
Managing of policy and its knowledge management For managing successful programs and attractive knowledge, experienced technicians and experts are required to manage specific attributes (Heldman, 2018). After that, environmental, health, and production growth, as well as security, are required to achieve big deals in this project.
Project management activities and different attributes Project managers need to manage skills and performance about the technological services as well as managing objectives for creating better results in output. After that, in order to implement the best quality project like Hull city smart OS development, the best qualities and performances and contributions are required to Hull city project management.
Managing of conflict Conflict management is also an important factor in managing an entire project from starting to end, and besides, the efficiency of employees and operational strategies of the project is crucial to involve with this process (Aragonés-Beltrán et al. 2017). Managing different explicit, disruption of process, and negotiation skills, as well as implicit failures, are efficient for better project management services. Thus, for managing this OS programmable city, project managers’ must look at the technological growth and better application of IoT technology in this case.

Table 1: Roles of project managers in several activities to manage as well as develop skills and services in the regard of OS smart city management

(Source: As influenced by Aragonés-Beltrán et al. 2017)

Apart from that, knowledge, skills, and ideas are essential to managing a smart OS programmable city on the basis of a better lifestyle for the citizens and effective management of living style. The main attributes of the project manager are supervision, start, preparation, execution, design, and project start, which represent the role of the program manager. For analysing the OS programmable city management and its sustainable development, Hull city needs to look for It tools and different technological aspects like IoT. Additionally, the team must maintain teamwork with efficient services along with budget calculation and cost estimation, as well as guide stakeholders, reach goals, empower teammates, and communicate project results (Sanchez and Terlizzi, 2017). As a result, they try to create a good work plan and strategy and track the cost of the project.

3. Task 2: Discussion about several problems and their solutions by managing appropriate decision-making

Development and identification of influence map towards stakeholders and its influence on smart OS project management

In the regard of identifying stakeholder influence map and its development, project managers understand the best achievement of sustainability and smart OS program in Hull city, and it is necessary to secure a unit of problem-solving and decision making. As opined by Schwartz et al. (2018), perceptual perspectives, universal perspectives, problem recognition, business project planning, cognitive psychology, tools, various related details, and individual technologies are connected within the project of professional development and sustainability of the organisation. As per the suggestion of Yuan et al. (2019), an influence map is better to meet performance and team management for the IT project that is more effective to manage OS programmable hull city in an adequate manner with different aspects like IT managers, government, and different shareholder activities.

The project manager then needs to focus on these individual areas to determine the specific growth and success process of the project related to Hull City’s smart city development and its sustainability. In the past, policymaking, technological growth, heterogeneous expertise development, and technological awareness were not fixed (Richardson and Jackson, 2018). After that, the Stakeholder Development Map provides the right solution and creates a checklist within the project to ensure the sustainability of the city of Hull, along with the budget, cost, and effective technology tools for the project. It can affect a particular perspective. Therefore, knowledge of alternatives and stakeholder impact maps allow you to manage project goals, objectives, and specifications.

Developing the influence map in regard to stakeholder activities

In order to achieve smart OS programmable development within Hull city in London, the managing project team must look for different plans and strategies to implement the process as well as meet systematic roads in this respect. The below table indicates the best possible way to manage the map and development process for the stakeholder attributes and their development. Apart from that, as per the argument of Kabeyi (2019), all the necessities and requirements reading the Hull city sustainable development are more reliable to meet project objectives and particular process of execution of this OS programmable city. This will help implement OS smart city development in Hull City. Stakeholders validate goals to enable better urban sustainability decisions in Hull’s urban development.

Keeping satisfaction

●       Government

●       Iot technology via Cisco

●       Policymakers and several residents

●       Shareholders

Close management and maintaining of the project team

●       Team leaders

●       Project managers

●       Team or group of marketing

●       IT developers

●       Legal advisors

Monitoring process

●       IT controllers

●       Sub-assignments for the outsourcing

●       Testers

●       Staff and employees

Managing information about the project

●       Government

●       Training managers

●       Shareholders

●       Legal advisors

●       Customers

Table 2: Influence map for the stakeholders in case of developing Hull city OS programmable management

(Source: Self-developed)

According to case studies, several characteristics, such as institutions, architects, heads of government, news media, and national structures, are effective at the core of the various stakeholders in a city. This influence map will help to meet project success and all objectives related to IT software and OS programmable management. The focus of the investigation is on the implementation of questions and issues within the project (Puri et al. 2017). Smart OS programmable development in hull city is properly maintained through various policies and stakeholder management along with different factors. These are citizens, media, professionals, and scientists, NGOs, political institutions and various organisations, financial services providers. Government, policymakers, and different sectors are also available to meet project execution and financial support for managing the project tasks. After that, as argued by Raum (2018), project management always relies on start, plan, implementation, development, and end. Therefore, this requires financial support and budget, and stakeholder-influenced development can easily control these effective factors. Added to this, smart OS programmable development is categorised in different perspectives through the results and the project management is managed through several ideas and knowledge about different publications in these services (Lyon et al. 2017). Thus, an influence map of stakeholder involvement can help Hull city to achieve the best OS programmable smart city in this aspect.

4. Task 3: Discussion about the Hull city project triangle

Effectiveness of several parameters in the relevance of project triangle

In order to identify project triangles in the case of Hull city OS program to manage smart, sustainable development, cost, time, and scope are the three major factors to implement the entire project from execution to end.

Figure 1: Project triangle

(Source: As influenced by Kerzner, 2017)

After that, these particular factors are helpful to manage the importance and quality of the project like Hull city and manage all the management regarding technological growth and services to meet sustainable development of Hull city. As opined by Kerzner (2017), different limitations, as well as restrictions, are present to guide stakeholders and shareholders in managing the commitment in this OS programmable city. As a result, time, cost, and scope are three major factors that are used to implement the quality and success of project objectives to determine the best possible way of managing the OS programmable Hull city in London, known as the world best smart city development project. The responsibility of a project manager is to manage better accountability and establish effective attributes that can guarantee the project objectives and success (Rahimian et al. 2019). Additionally, the triangle of this project is beneficial to analyse the OS programmable project such as hull city management and its smart development.

Additionally, two major factors, cost and time, are relevant to each other, and most of the expenditure, as well as confined, are involved with proper improvement and strategic plans related to budgetary services. Apart from that, as influenced by Kivilä et al. (2017), different applications and scopes of the project in OS programmable development can be measured through cost and time management for better identification of the entire project structure. The perspectives of traditional ideas and knowledge are really observed in the case of Bristol previously, and different parties like Connexin and Cisco are viable to meet future growth and success of Hull city smart development. Several software tools, technological perspectives as well as management of IoT technology can be included for managing the project effectively as well as reliably (Dahooie et al. 2018). After that, previous ventures assist in predicting and evaluating different malfunctions to provide influence to the team members on a competitive basis. Added to this, HCC and the project managers are able to implement the process of managing urban planning and better strategic growth in technological aspects adequately. In this regard, the attributes of the problem can be a major indicator that involves negotiation, and besides, the project manager needs to ensure the negotiation skills (Kivilä et al. 2017). Apart from that, bargaining skills can fluctuate within all components, which is the basis for efficient project management. In this respect, the process is activated from start to finish. As a result, this indicates that the project management needs to run IT, project managers and developers, in this regard of OS programmable smart city in London. [Refer to appendix 1]

5. Task: 4- Explanation and discussion of financial management to maintain the OS project of smart hull sustainability with effective procedures

Cost of the Hull project with proper debate and rationale critically

Estimation costs of this particular project
Different attributes of investments Amount of investments in £ million
For providing high-speed connectivity of the network in Hull city, the IT team and management can use a fibre optics network. Approximately £85 million that is invested by local ISP, KOCM
Managing different electronics devices and installing cameras, sensors, and other systems over Hull city along with 12 kinds of systems About to £2 million
Managing workplace environment and HRM activities Approximately £85,000
Total estimated costs Approximately £87.85 million for this OS programmable smart city in Hull

Table 3: Cost estimation for Hull city of managing OS programmable management

(Source: From case study analysis)

For managing the best smart city construction in the regard of the OS program of Hull city sustainability, effective information and large amounts of data are collected for synchronising the best possible technologies and their application to this (Stobierski, 2019). Intelligent technology is helpful to utilise an automatic system of street lights, “sophisticated sensor systems”, GPS systems, and people’s movements, as well as statistics of air quality along with effective purposes for understanding better optimisation of weather, floods, updated traffic management, management of infrastructure, proper and intelligent street lighting as well as purification of air. From the case study analysis, it is seen that “KCOM” has a medium investment of £85 million for managing bandwidth and communication purposes (Stobierski, 2019). This will be expected to have an approximately low budget, like £5 million to manage high-quality detectors and transmitters to manage these tasks. As a result, the similar costs are also expected to be £2 million in case of staff and vendors.

An effective position of program manager in OS smart city management, Hull city uses Connexin’s OS in Cisco software to design the ultimate structure of this project. This is really useful to provide feedback from 12 modules, and it includes IoT and sensors that are assembled in this city (Stobierski, 2019). As per the case study, the total cost to cover all services can be £ 87.85 million, and forecasted costs are very important to predict as well as estimate the cost of a company over a specific area along with a crucial time period. Apart from that, effective public transport systems, public transport, smart education and health care, relatively sophisticated facilities, and hydraulic monitoring platforms are the main sources of information for the Hull Smart City Initiative. Thus, explicit and implicit cost calculations for the project also guide the project and eventually complete it successfully.

Different comparable programs on the basis of comparative analysis

Figure 2: Analogous cost estimation program along with managing top-down approaches

(Source: As influenced by Schoper et al. 2018)

The approach of “Top-down” can be more effective for managing better planning and execution of Hull OS programmable city, and that is more reliable to manage capital, scope, as well as expenses. This specific approach is highly involved with the technology of analogous cost prediction, and that can provide better forecasts of each and every expense (Schoper et al. 2018). Moreover, the main benefit of this approach is to evaluate project strategy and collect different information regarding cost estimation to Hull project of smart OS management. The analogue method generally consists of three calculations, and that includes full, spectrum, and fraction with the individual tasks (Lock, 2017). This is shown in the table of cost estimation, and all the ideas and knowledge has been Managed from previous financial forecasts of specific cost estimation. Added to this, the approach of analogue cost estimation seems easy and time-sensitive and contains large information about Hull OS programmable city. After that, as depicted by Kerzner (2017), the management team and program manager must look on to the operational strategies and proper management as well as its services with urban development in the regard of Hull OS program. [Refer to appendix 2]

6. Task: 5- Risk management

Risk management helps to identify the major, minor and moderate risks within the project that is totally based on the OS program for Hull city management and its sustainable development.

Red indicates high risk (8-10)

Yellow indicates moderate (5-7)

Green indicates lower risks (1-4)


Number Types of risks Identification of profitability (P) Major Impacts (I) Rating of the risks An entity in case of accountability Measurement and risks mitigation
1. Problems within stakeholders (Strategic management) Management of the Hull OS program Identification of project issues and hazards along with interested stakeholders and monitors in this regard
2. Problems in commitment (Strategic management) Controller of this Hull project Managing promotional activities as well as community consultations
3. Problems in managing personal details (Operational management) Software experts and IT team as well as technicians It can be useful to meet digital tools and their uses for better sustainability in Hull city along with the OS program
4. Issues in program installation and software tools management along with fibre optics channelling (Operational management) IT experts relevant to Connexin and Cisco Managing high-quality cyber readiness, smart technology, and better OS program can be maintained
5. Complications within Cyber management (Operational management) IT professional along with Connexin, Cisco, and program managers Security of IT team can protect OS and different threat in this case of cyber-attacks
6. Functionality problems in standardisation (Operational management) IT professional along with Connexin, Cisco, and program managers Operation for the data protection and skills development to improve interconnectivity
7. Issues in cost calculation and budget (Financial management) Management of the project Applying for effective funding and efficient time schedule to implement the compliance
8. Issues in air quality (Environmental management) An expert from the quality control team Investigation of “air quality Mesh”  (Economic Times, 2018)
9. People’s apprehension in Hull city (Compliance management) Managers of the project Distribution of reliable data and talent acquisition along with effective customer relationships
10. Politics and different legislations (Compliance management) Managers of the project By managing “Section-120” in accordance with the “OMB Circular A-11 Administrative Policy” (Deloitte Insights, 2017)
11. Managing of experts and skilful staff (Reputational management) The management team of “Connexin” Testing and proper training can create specialists and experts

Table 4: Risks identification for the Hull city OS program

(Source: Influenced by case study)

Discussion of the types of risks that could be encountered by Hull

Strategic risk

Due to a lack of personality and administration of stakeholders, Hull city can face major difficulties to chase its objectives. Added to this, as per the opinion of Taherdoost (2018), initiatives and programs can provide better collaboration and project goals, and that is fully based on the geopolitical risks throughout the public view, potential patterns, as well as involving different action plans.

Operational risk

Strong indicators and proper capacity to implication are really tough, and due to this, authentication problems and cyber-attacks can happen in this OS program and smart city management (Widianti et al. 2018). Digital networks have both positive and negative sides, and in this regard, Hull must focus on the particular process to manage the city’s environment.

Risk in financial activities

For analysing smart city development and urban planning, financial problems are a major attribute to evaluate with proper activities. Managing 12 different data and its cost estimations can be maintained through a viable approach like the top-down approach of Analogous cost estimation (Borkovskaya, 2018). As a result, the city’s economic problems can be mitigated through cost reduction, viable technological applications and managing funding as well as financial activities.

Risk in environmental aspects

Degradation of broadband connectivity and waste disposal and Low (AQ) has been difficult to manage residents, and this can mitigate risks to measure air quality such as AQMesh (Economic Times, 2018).

Reputational risks

Educated and experienced people who are involved with ICT and IT sectors are more concerned about Hull city management as well as meeting all the activities of the OS program for smart city development (Deloitte Insights, 2019).


A good regulation like “Section 120, OMB circular A-11” can be used for better contribution for understanding and managing customers’ value and their satisfaction (Deloitte Insights, 2019).

7. Task: 6- Conflict and negotiation

Attribution and the possible emergence of disputes

Two incidents are determined in this case, and that indicates consequences or substantive output in this regard and is fully based on international agreements. Besides, as argued by Lee et al. (2017), if one is cancelled, another one can be helpful to fulfil the further conflict. Effective reconciliation is really appropriate to meet critical action of the operation and its management activities. The unsolved incident can be laid for the last campaign as groundwork and these initiatives occurring new conflict management, fas and specific.

Formulation of measures to resolve disputes found

Lack of contribution in performance, complex interactions, rapid ambiguity are dependent on a basic repository of references, and disagreements to contribution and cooperation that are based on unique circumstances. The project management must look forward to identifying the issues and difficulties within the sources, and a big dispute can be observed between two parties. As per the illustration of Meredith et al. (2017), smart development and its intelligence can be designed by Connexin and Cisco. This will be helpful to mitigate risks against all the ventures in the case of the OS program in Hull city management. After that, tensions of interpersonal and less preparation, technological problems, gaps in contribution, as well as inefficient structures of the organisation can be major difficulties in the regard of ventures. Added to this, less confidence, breakdown in communication, discord in expenditure, and reverence are considered the most effective workforce to intelligence cities like Hull in London.

Comparative analysis of other comparable programs

The campaign leadership team also has better skills and helps minimise company tensions. Besides, Bristol is one of the UK’s innovative smart cities that effectively leverage technological advances. Through Hull’s smart city initiative, these intelligent systems have been effective in preventing data retention and confidentiality issues that could lead to conflicts (Lu and Wang, 2017). After that, managing hybrid cars and interactive business along with smart devices are helpful to implement better sustainable management for Hull city with effective technologies and its application to OS programmes. These particular techniques can be used in the case of Bristol to manage and resolve conflicts. Apart from that, managing big data and analysis of prediction can be effective for addressing other difficulties that must be minimised in regard to campaign tensions (Wu et al. 2018). As a result, relationship quality, credibility, and supporting integrity, credibility, as well as successful customer experience are major factors that must be ensured by the project management team. [Refer to appendix 3]

8. Task: 7- Teamwork

Critical discussion on creating a very multicultural and active team

Program managers play an important role in building a strong, qualified, effective and successful team. The project will also be constructively influenced in terms of skill, knowledge, experience-based mission cooperation and team selection of group members. As depicted by Soboleva and Karavaev (2020), the responsibility for implementing IT technology detectors can then ensure that Hull’s sustainable urban development rate is improved. In addition, good team building team leaders are supported by facilitating collaboration, collaboration and relationships between brands. For example, the human resources department is managed with off-the-shelf raw materials, and financial experts review accounting transactions. Apart from that, the Hull city initiative also needs to work together to jointly solve a variety of issues that help to create a complex and culturally competitive community (Yu et al. 2017). Added to this, focusing on effective coordination between teams, missions, multicultural groups, important involvement and encouragement, organisation, understanding and enjoyment throughout practice is a hallmark of a good team.

Working with a dynamic team and its challenges

Figure 3: Various challenges within dynamic teamwork

(Source: Self-developed)

The foundation of good teamwork is sustainability and integration to manage better OS programs in managing Hull city development in London. Besides, as per the opinion of Tripathy (2018), a consistent team is made up of participants from different cultures that share perspectives, train them, and have an accurate understanding of how to form contracts and collaborate. In addition, cross-cultural experiences and nonverbal communication can improve team coordination. Moreover, working in interdisciplinary groups often resulted in a variety of tasks and problems. In addition, inefficient information, contact gaps, and trust issues are the main issues for working in complex groups. In order to build smart cities by applying for the OS program, Hull city must ensure its technological aspects and IoT technology for better services and its management in identifying connectivity issues (Plotnikova and Strukov, 2019). However, it can affect the entire initiative and cause problems for your organisation. In this regard, trust issues can arise with interdisciplinary actors who influence the outcome of the study. Inadequate knowledge of group members and the distribution of unreliable products can lead to reputational issues.

Comparative analysis of other comparable programs

In order to discuss other comparable programs in this regard, Venture is considered a smart city in the UK that has faced many tuning issues and is trying to manage innovation and develop amenities and sensors within this city. In addition, as per the influence of Noguera et al. (2018), working together or unity in the workplace can help to build understanding and be able to manage trust along with alleviating trust. However, by developing a continuous communication strategy that will lead to the completion of this project, team members have successfully overcome communication barriers. Apart from that, less management of logical explanations will lead to misunderstandings and various technological difficulties. As a result, operational tactics support advances in the development of Hull smart cities to meet the challenges of complex teams.

9. Conclusion

From the discussion of the entire study, it can be concluded that Hull city’s smart OS program is to manage intelligent circumstances, urban visitors and citizens. In this case, the report highlights the ability of the team and several responsibilities and needs along with effective decision making. However, it does not affect the financial impact data of the smart city program. A powerful innovation has been established that is easier for the inhabitants of Hull. In addition, it is analysed that the project triangle and lost revenue while balancing the cost, times, and size of this particular project. Apart from that, financial risk and its management include several project-related issues and difficulties as well as proper cost estimation. In addition, quality of service is recorded even if the pilot phase fails and is selected. Therefore, the ideas of the Hull city project are to effectively handle the functions of 12 different stages that are really viable to the OS program and its improvement for managing the living standard of Hull city and its smart sustainability.




Explain why you feel you
Assignment have met the task to the
Mark Distinction Merit Pass Fail level you indicate (not
part of maximum word
The Project 12 Key skills are critical discussion Effective key discussion Key of basic discussion Not managed critical discussion
Manager needed by the project manager for skills needed by the project skills needed by the project No leverage on the I’ve added an important point where the project manager needs to be efficient during the project. The skills needed to become a suitable project manager were mentioned.
running the project and how to manager for running the manager for running the concepts presented in the
develop these skills. project and how to develop project and how to develop module.
Student is leveraging the concepts these skills. these skills. No application of the
presented in the module and is Student is leveraging the Student is leveraging the module concepts to the
applying them to the case study. concepts presented in the concepts presented in the case study.
Discussion is supported by solid module and is applying module and is applying
evidence from academic literature them to the case study. them to the case study.
and by the comparison with at least Discussion is supported by Discussion is supported by
one other similar real project. solid evidences from some basic evidences from
academic literature. academic literature.
Problem Solving 12 Detailed stakeholders influence Good stakeholders Basic stakeholders No critical discussion. I have mentioned the problems and the issues that could arise during a project management and further discussed the problems that could arise and their mitigation techniques have also been incorporated in the study.
and Decision map, critical discussion of the influence map, good influence map, basic No leverage on the
Making projects’ key stakeholders and of discussion of the projects’ discussion of the projects’ concepts presented in the
the stakeholder engagement key stakeholders and of the key stakeholders and of the Module.
techniques that can be adopted by stakeholder engagement stakeholder engagement No application of the
the project manager. techniques that can be techniques that can be module concepts to the
Student is leveraging the concepts adopted by the project adopted by the project case study.
presented in the module and is manager. manager.
applying them to the case study. Student is leveraging the Student is leveraging the
Discussion is supported by strong concepts presented in the concepts presented in the
evidences from academic literature





Appendix 1: Project triangle

Appendix 2: Orchestrating ecosystem for smart city project

Appendix 3: Smart city OS

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