BA in Human Resource; Statement of Purpose

Human resource discipline is becoming more popular in the recent times. It is a vital machinery in any organization. I realized my potential to work as a human resource profession when I worked as administrative assistant in an interior design company. The exposure was the preface to my enthusiasm to develop natural liking towards human resource as a course. I felt encouraged when solving disputes among the employees. Although I was trained in the science field, I was able to handle the tasks competently. I realized my other side since for long I have not known I could handle employees. Every day presented itself with the challenges and gave me motivation to work.

Withal, I hold a Bachelors in science from Al Balqa University.  The campus life exposed me to a myriad of opportunities to expand my knowledge capacity. The professors emphasized on group work which developed my teamwork skills. Through the process, I was able to handle group members in a professional manner.

Consequently, I am taking a refresher course in human resource management in Umass Boston, to get an idea of what the discipline entails. It is a real eye opener since I was introduced to ethical standards regarding human resource. In my previous working environment in Istatieh-Decoration and Midview Training, I was pleased to be involved in various projects and design my own understanding of human resource. There were times during the placement when immediate staffing policies were implemented. I found the nature of pressure associated with the job, but I liked the entire process.

I am very ambitious and motivated to join North Eastern University for a graduate degree in human resource. I feel this is an exciting area to settle on. I want to further my skills in human resource since I have the ability and aptitude to succeed.

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