1. What is the mission of the organization? Every modern organization has a mission statement that outlines the goal of the organization.


“The mission of the Human Rights Watch is to defend all the rights of people all around the globe irrespective to ethnical, social, political, territorial or linguistic discrimination. We conscientiously investigate the abuses, we expose the facts openly and use pressure as power in order to ensure rights and secure the justice at any cost. The Human Rights Watch operates independently and is an international organization that functions being part of energetic movement to ensure human dignity with an endeavor to expand equal rights for all without discretion.”


  1. What is the vision of the organization? Where does the organization want to be at some specified point in the future?


The vision of Human Rights Watch is “To become a voice of Justice for all without any discrimination and discretion”

The principal and concept on which the watch is working to defend the rights of all human beings on the globe. The organization has an active focus on its impact and practical influence by bringing in change and improvement in life of masses. The organization considers its success only their actions and projects undertaken bring a positive and persistent change. The organization claims that it is never complacent by its efforts and always look for new opportunities and ways to improve living standard of human being. The vision is to create an environment on the globe so that there is harmony and peace everywhere, poverty finishes, no one sleeps without food and oppressed people to be helped when they are in trouble and catastrophic condition. Always consistent in putting efforts to complete the task for getting the desired impact irrespective of the effort required to do so. The organization always proved to be supportive and active on international level aims to work for mutual benefits of partners. The mechanism of operation is to use the locally available and international activates and civil society members to maximize its impact in order to achieve desired goals. One of main aims of the organization is to defend the political factions and speaks out on all forums against the attacks on local population and civil society.


  1. Does the organization have a strategic plan for how to get there? Does the public have access to it through the website?  Provide the date and an electronic link to the plan if it is available.


Yes, the Human Rights Watch has a properly planned strategy to achieve their goals that have divided into short term, midterm and long term goals. The organization has decided and established a global challenge campaign with the mission to protect as many people on the planet earth as many they can. Independently organized and full established spends millions of dollars throughout the world with the sole purpose to protect and ensure the human rights for all people living on earth.

However, despite of achieving many milestones in a very small period of time there is still much more to be done. Moving on further, the next challenge is to establish and develop information and development centers in Bangkok, India, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Beirut and Cairo. Moreover, the next step is to deepen the research areas where the organization is in shortage and has not be able to exactly the most problematic areas on the globe.  The main goal is to expand the overall activates of the organization by increasing the team members to a minimum of two third of present strength. In order to achieve these goals, the Human Rights Watch needs an annual grant and budget of about $50 million to $75 million. There, the strategic missions are quite clear and all efforts have been put up to ensure all short , medium and long term goals are achieved to best level possible.  The respect and honor of human rights watch obligates many other social responsibilities and priorities including environmental development, public health, global security and economic development.


The strategic plan Human Rights Watch is comprehensive, clear, precise and based on honest efforts. It is easily accessible for everyone who wants to visit and get a satisfaction about the performance and working of the organization. The following link of the site can be used to access its strategic plan (Watch, 2015).



Watch, H. R. (2015, March 23). Rise to the global challenge! Help us implement our strategic plan to make human rights a global priority. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://www.hrw.org/video-photos/interactive/2010/09/07/rise-global-challenge-help-us-implement-our-strategic-plan-make






  1. Who is the head of the organization and what is her or his title?


The head of the Humans Right Watch is Kenneth Roth. The head has been designated as Executive Director of Humans Right Watch. The organization working in more than 90 countries is one of the most widely known Non-Governmental Organization which has put in many efforts in order to protect human right all around the world. Kenneth Roth prior to joining Human Rights Watch in 1987, served as a federal prosecutor in New York.






  1. Does the website have an organizational chart of the organization? Provide the date and an electronic copy of the organizational chart.


The Organization has provided the general distribution of its working members along with a chain of command in the order and sequence of seniority. However, a proper organogram has not be made as a part of website. The Human Rights Watch put an endeavor to strike a balance in all workers working all around the globe, the organization is chaired by the executive director Kenneth Roth who responsible overall for all functions of the organization. The following link can be used to access the board of directors of Humans Right Watch

Watch, H. R. (2016). Board of directors. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://www.hrw.org/about/people/board-directors



  1. Describe the process you would follow to get a job from the agency.

The Human Rights Watch offers an open opportunity to join it and has based its selection on merit (Watch, 2016). One can follow the go on the below mentioned link and apply for any vacancy who wants to.

Watch, H. R. (2016). Human rights watch. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://careers.hrw.org/opportunities/





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