An Ideal Presentation about Office Ergonomics

An Ideal Presentation about Office Ergonomics


When making a formal presentation, it is imperative to make it as interesting as possible to catch the attention of the audience (Hynes, 2011). In light of this, a presenter should apply ideal presentation skills throughout the staging. Principally, a presentation should start with a positive introduction, followed by the delivery session where the information is backed by evidence, then a question and answer session and finally a closure statement (Hynes, 2011). The presenter can also use visual aids such as projectors to enhance the reception of the information by the audience (Leech, 2004). In this paper, a case study is unveiled for an ideal presentation on the office ergonomics for an in-depth understanding of the presentation skills.

How to Introduce the Subject

To start my presentation, I shall begin with a hypothetical statement and a sense of humor. In this case, the statement can be “Assuming that in your office you are sitting on a broken chair and the office table is dangling…… Will you be comfortable? Will you be able to deliver?….”. This will help the audience get a glimpse of what office ergonomics is all about. In addition, I will make a personal anecdote of my fictitious experience.

The Supporting Information to Impress Audience

I shall use statistics from reliable sources on the number of injuries that are annually reported due to poor workplace organization. In addition, the use of literature from the previous research done by other people about office ergonomics is paramount. From this literature, one is able to get charts, figures, and other facts (Holland, 2011 ). The opinion of managers (expert opinion), who are part of the audience is also important since they demonstrate real evidence to the other audiences (Hynes, 2011). Finally, the audience shall also contribute in presenting their personal opinion, which becomes part of the evidence.

The Closing Session

In the closing session, I shall provide a summary of the concepts in office ergonomics by providing an implied definition, the importance of workplace organization, and a summary of the statistics, hence, offer possible ways of maintaining ideal office ergonomics. I shall also repeat the important information such as the relationship between office ergonomics and staff performance. I shall also create a good final impression by stating where the audience can find me for consultation and mentorship. In this case, it is not good to introduce new information or elicit more questions from the audience during closure (Hynes, 2011).

How to encourage questions

During the question session, the audiences often shy from asking questions and failure to encourage them can even lead to no questions availed (Hynes, 2011). Cognizance of this fact, I shall select a member before starting the presentation, which shall be ready with a question and be the first to ask the question. This will help to stimulate the audience to ask questions, making the session lively.

The visual Aids to Mainatain

In a presentation, visual aids assist the users to have an understanding of the information from a glance (Leech, 2004). Concerning my presentation, I shall use PowerPoint slides, which shall be projected on a white board. It is important that the slides contain bullet on the information with images that relate to office ergonomics. In addition, the content should be clear, simple, and be visible for the audience to see (Leech, 2004). This will be achieved by the good choice of font color and font type.


An ideal presentation is one that ensures that the audience is maintained and it is able to decipher information from the whole presentation. This is evident by the kind of questions they ask. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the presenter to adhere to the ideal principles of a presentation (Hynes, 2011).

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