Illegal Immigration in the US: Advantages and Disadvantages

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has posed a lot of threats to the United States of America for quite some time. It is not a new issue, and hence, there have been cases of many illegal immigrants into the States of America via many routes. Some of these routes are the Border of Mexico and through the Pacific Ocean. However, there is another way through which the immigrants get their way into the United States of America that has not been brought to book up to now. There are both advantages and disadvantages of illegal immigration, and this will be considered in this paper. The paper will look at the relevant evidence to support either side of this issue.

Conversely, the United States of America has experienced other cases of legal immigrants who enter the country with the aid of a visa. It is surprising that these type of immigrants stay in the US for a long time that is stipulated in the visit visa. Additionally, they get to work in various places within the country. That is also a significant threat to the US. The illegal immigrants evade tax payment, and even their employers seldom pay government tax. The illegal immigrants do not get high pay, and this is the cost benefit associated with illegal immigration, regardless of being more productive. Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages of illegal immigration that will be explored in this paper, as confined to the United States of America.

According to the US INS, the approximate number of illicit persons living in the United States of America is increasing by 275,000 every year. The United States of America is already packed with a population of seven million people who have managed their way through illegal means. Most of these have come from Mexico, or they belong to the Hispanic origin (Hayes 12). They then get help from the guests who invited them to the US to obtain employment. In addition to that, the get access to education of America and also they get compensated where necessary.

The population of the United States of America is growing because of the births that are imminent among the minor groups located within the towns and settlement regions of the US. Most often, we fail to consider it since it a problem associated with political correction. However, stratification of labor arises out of this (Howell 45). It majorly impacts the lines of education, in which the hard jobs in agriculture and other service provider firms. In case the jobs with low pay do not demand the ability in the language, they become the best option for these illegals to earn a living that drove them into this region. The unemployed people, of American origin, do not consider these jobs to start their careers and make a living. Therefore, illegal immigrants have an advantage in this respect.

Prohibited entry is an unscrupulous thing for the nation, and therefore, it ought to be done away with. Much American support this proposition. IRCA, Immigration Reform and Control Act, is concerned with rules and regulations that govern employment in the United States of America. It was implemented in the year 1986, whereby it helped to take into account the issue of illegitimate arrival in the United States of America. It had the following requirements. First, to recruit only those people who had permission to reside in the US, and with work permits. Secondly, to reduce discrimination which was common regarding the status of citizenship and also their respective origins nationally.

Eligibility to work in the US is based on completing a form, I-9, followed by proof of authorization to work there. Additionally, employers ought to accept all the people who qualify for employment. I support this reform in immigration because it will bring sanity to the United States of America. Illegal immigration contributes to unlawful jobs that drain US economy in greater detail. Moreover, there are about 10 million workers who are not documented in the US system. Many of these people are located in Texas and California, but their influence is felt throughout the nation (Carney 37). The employers hire these people at a low cost, to work in the construction industries, agricultural farms, and also in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, employers get an opportunity to coax the government and hence, evade tax. The illegal workers are hired without any documents demanded by their employers. I, therefore, oppose illegal immigration of people into the US.

Another reason to oppose the immigration of people into the US is that the costs that are associated with this issue will be reduced to zero. For instance, the spread of diseases emerges in the US because the immigrants enter the country without the scrutiny of their health status. Indeed, there is no record that indicates the origin of these people. Some of these immigrants may be infected with contagious diseases at their home countries and hence spread them to the Americans one they interact with them. The disorders lead to many problems among the US citizens.

Contrary to the above argumentation, immigrants should not be discouraged in America. Even though they have come to this nation illegally, there are merits associated with this trend. The immigrants have skills that are crucial in the development of the government. Consequently, they can contribute to progress in the country (Fullinwider 56).  The businesses in which these people are employed pay them lower wages than what the legal citizens would demand from the employers. In addition to that, proponents of immigration argue that the immigrants earn their money in the United States of America and send it back to their countries. It has contributed to the improvement of the value of this currency in foreign countries. In this scenario, the US dollar gains strength, and hence the economy of this country grows.

Conversely, immigration reforms are a good move, because the country needs to end the social ills that are associated with illegal immigration (Lempres 32).  Most of the immigrants from countries such as Mexico, especially women, feel that they have suffered a lot of discrimination in the context of sexual assaults. The revised order of the year 1972 lead to the change in the view that women were among the class people in the society was underutilized due to the protection that they were subjected to. An illegitimate immigrant is not an employee under the clauses of IRCA. It, therefore, takes into account the problem of discrimination.

Immigration transformations are virtuous for illegal migrants and also for the United States of America. However, it is a problematic task to realize total security. It, therefore, calls for the steps that will curb this issue be implemented to decrease the influx of immigrants into the US. Also, when these people send the earning back to their country, the United States of America economy is deprived of the tax. When they dwell and work in the US, they are merely engaging in an unlawful act, as well as their presence in the borders constitutes an offense.

Immigrants pose a burden to the administration of the United States of America. The social costs associated with immigration are numerous. For instance, the load on education and health centers will be borne by the state (Lempres 32). The immigrants deluge in the educational institutions of the United States of America, causing unnecessary competition to the Native Americans. In situations where the programs on education are underfunded, the immigrants give the service providers a heavy burden to bear. Because of this stress on the local social amenities, the Republicans chose to counter illegal immigration. However, due to delaying tactics of some members of the government, the move to approach this was uncertain.

Discouraging immigration will lead to a lack of skills in the United States of America, which are common among those illegal immigrants. America is actually, in need of some mathematical and science skills. The education system of the United States of America is overburdened by the children of those illegal immigrants (Howell 35). Essential mathematical and science capabilities have not been replicated within the same order of education, for over 20 years now. This has forced the United States government to source the experts in those fields from other countries.

Interdiction can help to counter this illegal immigration. This can be achieved by placing lights, fences and also other barriers to automobile entry. This will be effective in curbing the illicit crossing of people across the borders, especially from Mexico. At this border, the landscape funnels generate stream of traffic into many passage points around the place.

There have been many cases about the prosecution of the illegal immigrants for the few years gone. The government has not prosecuted them because of minor immigration crimes. However, it is trying to reinforce its efforts to make America a corporate society. Many people usually think that illegal immigration cannot be eradicated in the country (Howell 38). This is wrong. The government can take appropriate measures to repeal this menace. However, some of the techniques to achieve this requires a lot of money to undertake them. Other means need input in the form of a political will of the people of the United States of America.

To start with, one of those methods is the clarification of the existing laws and regulations that govern immigration of people into the country. When the employers carry out the exercise of hiring the non-citizens in the US, they find themselves in a situation that is characterized by competing legal authorities. Some of the government officials who are concerned with the immigration of persons tend to be reluctant about the issue of the hiring of illegals in the United States of America. In other situations, the officials may detect those crimes, but they decide to withhold it from the INS. Therefore, Congress should strive to make the legal requirements simpler for the citizens and aliens. By doing this, all the people can be conscious of what the rules state (Lempres 30).

The employers should make sure that hire the people who have valid documents. They need guidance on the bigger picture about the illegal immigrants, instead of the common perception that illegals are cheap to hire. The employers should be aware that unlawful immigrants deprive the locals the opportunity of getting employment within their country.

The government is targeting corporate America in the fight against illegal immigration, apart from the battle against illegal immigrants (Fullinwider 27). For instance, a company will face federal prosecution in case it is confirmed that the company has contravened the employment regulations. In the current situation, it is an offense for a corporate to recruit and retain an illegal person knowingly. However, there are exemptions in case the employer does not know the status of the potential employee.

It is important for the employers to take appropriate precautions so that they do not hire an illegal immigrant and by doing this, they will avoid the hefty penalties that would otherwise be imposed on them (Lempres 32). In the long run, it will be dearly for the employer who hires an illegal immigrant, with the hope of incurring minimal costs in wage bills. Hiring a legal person is the better option which needs to be observed at all times by the corporates.

Assuming the high stakes for the companies, it vital that they spread out such incomes to take the control actions that are highlighted in this essay. Doing little will expose them to a risk that is unnecessary and costly to bear.

From this argumentative essay on illegal immigration, it has been shown that this issue is not unique to the US only, but it is also a significant threat to most of the nations across Europe. There is a massive demand for the proper techniques that will put this challenge of illegal immigration to an end. The war against illegal immigration needs the government, the citizens and also the corporates to join hands so that it will be a success.

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