As time changes so do your phone, and with the announcement and launching of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, tons of new accessories come with them to allow you to personalize your cell phone and give it that touch of “you” that makes it feel such an important part of your daily life.

In this article we will review 10 accessories you definitely need to have your iPhone 7 and 7 plus this year, let’s take a look:


If you like keeping your cellphone as original as possible and letting the elegance of the iPhone design stand out by itself, then this is the perfect case for yours.

BUDDIBOX ICE Series case is transparent, allowing your cellphone to be noticed for everyone to see, currently is compatible for iPhone 7 plus, is designed with smallfront bumpers to protect your screen when facing a surface, has anti-slip properties in its materials, is scratch and drop resistant, and allows access to all your cell phone ports easily.

It’s without a doubt a “must-have” if you want to protect your phone while showing off your new acquisition, comes with a price of $12.95 a can be bought here.


Now for those with a more rough taste and lifestyle, the OtterBox brand offers the STRADA SERIES case, which has a wallet-case design in leather, it’spocket-friendly and slim, will not be hard to use, is comfortable and the most important, protective.

This case is easy to install, lets you choose from a variety of colors and comes with a 1-year warranty, being a perfect fit for man has a price of $41.72 with free shipping if you want to acquire one just click here.

J&D Sports iPhone Armband

Presented by J&D tech sports we have an armband accessory for those who enjoy sports, it’s proved so it never falls or slides from your arm, and has an adjustable strap to fit your arm no matter the size. The design is delightful and cool, would fit for both man and woman alike. So if you are thinking about going hiking, or jogging with your new iPhone 7 plus, buy one here for $6.95.

Nakeey 7 plus case

Nakeey cases offer a wallet from thecase with a special design and a full degree of protection, the decorative aspects of these products is their main attraction and you can get them for $7.49 each here.

Ivapo Poker series

If you don’t like having to walk around with too many things, the Ivapo poker series is a perfect fit for you, presented with a small pocket in every case, this design allows you to keep your cell phone, credit cards and personal documents in the same place.

Is compatible with both iPhonemodels is slim and good looking. You can get yours here.

Ivapo Armor series

Another input from Ivapo to our list is the armor series, it has an awesome metal-likedesign, and offers full protection, is awesome looking and durable, perfect for young men, you can buy one here and enjoy its minimalist design by yourself.

Encased Clip Holster

Having a clip holster is a must if you don’t like having your cell phone in your pocket, with an adjustable clip for a 180° rotation, and a life-proof hang, Encased Clip holster is the first option you should think about. Want one? Get it here.

Rhidon Clip Holster

A more fashion-oriented option is Rhidon, comes as a case and has less rotation, but a much better-looking design than Encased’s, it’s a better fit for the ladies and keeps the elegance that your iPhone represents. If you want to have one, you can buy it here.

PK-Star Screen protector

Now the most important part of our list, because safety is first, PK-Star screen protector offers an ultra-precise 5,5” tempered glass accessory to keep your screen safe, without diminishing its sensitivity, and best of all, it only costs 3,98$. Get one here now.

AILUM Screen protector

Another option to protect your screen is the Ailum’s protector, for the price of 5.99$ you can get one here.

Keeping your cell phone safe while personalizing it is the best way to enjoy it, we hope this article helped you in your search for the perfect accessories. If you want to share your experience with us, or can recommend any accessory that should be on this list, please let us know in the comment below.

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