If you have been paying attention, alongside blockchain, Virtual Reality, Artificial intelligence, cryptocurriences, a brewing topic that has been making the rounds around the world especially in tech hubs like Silicon Valley and sorts is NOT Internet of things. As we look towards a future where we going to more connected in a global network of computer codes and data and ever in the history and evolution of humans, it is important we take time to prepare and brace of the impact on our lives and culture. With the staggering increase in the number of digital devices being produced around the world and the apparent digitalization of the globe, there is now more than ever enormous data being collected and produced in a second. These data can be collected, connected in other to exchange data and propagate certain actions hence bringing about the Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of Things?

IOT is also known as the internet of everything, involves an increasing network of physical devices and objects such as fridges, doors, television, cars, home appliances and other web-enabled devices that have or possess an IP address for connection to the internet. These devices and objects are able to communicate, transfer, receive and act on data between each other. This communication would take place through devices and hardware’s that would be installed the all the objects.

How would IOT influence our world?

The advantages our progressive integration of elements in our daily lives into a gigantic network and ecosystem of internet-based data would range from reduced involvement on the part of humans in doing a lot of things. A lot of avenues where we would normally exert effort would be taken care of by sensors and processors. It would also lead to efficiency and optimization of the whole economy. Automation is the hallmark of the Internet of things, and automation and that sort of liquidity of data online, cybersecurity and all sort of cyber irregularities can fast become emerging issues. With platforms like blockchain though, there is hope that these two circles can be integrated to provide a safe online landscape. It is projected that by 2020 the amount of IOT devices that would be available would estimate a whopping $7.1 trillion.

Imagine a world where your refrigerator in the house stores the number of food items that are stored in it and uses these inputs to generate data that is able to send you alerts when you are low on particular food items, or when a deck is empty or when you utterly need to restock. This data can then be sent to culinary markets or retails markets online who deliver to your doorstep. Now, how fascinating is that? It’s truly awesome the possibilities and application that are imaginable and abound with IOT. Entrepreneurs are already playing in this landscape, trying to develop suitable and whole sensors that can be incorporated into devices and can transmit and receive data at a scale that would provide value to the expectant populace.

There are also theories in which there would be smart devices much like the smartwatches that are in existence that can measure your blood pressure, sugar level, pulse and other cogent health-related parameters that can be conveyed directly to your medical doctors and professionals who would analyze the data received and from there produce reports on what you need to do and what to stop doing. They can also relate to you if you need to come in and perform some tests based on their analysis.

The applications of IoT are usually categorized into commercial, consumer, industrial and infrastructural landscapes. Some realities of IoT devices include Samsung SmartThings Hub, WeMo Switch Smart Plug, Philips Hue Smart Bulbs and hundreds of other products that are being produced.

IOT is poised to create a lot of value for humans. The advantages from afar are numerous and we can only hope the cons are mitigated on the part of creators and inventors when it becomes mainstream

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