Instruction and information about the assignment

Memory, Meaning and History is one of  History modules in which challenges you to explore how historians can understand the past by investigating cross-cutting themes. In the late 20th century, memory started to become a key concept for cultural historians, taking the study of History through what is often referred to as ‘the mnemonic turn’. Memory Studies is now a fully-fledged and interdisciplinary field with its own historiography and a wealth of insights and controversies for anyone who is interested in how humans remember and make sense of the past, taking in not only the memories of the living and the acts of commemoration (and forgetting) that mark the present, but also the question of what historians can know today about memory in the more distant past. Whatever your own specialism, this module will help you situate your interests in debates that range across periods, encouraging you to frame your research in more conceptually ambitious contexts and understand the strengths and limitations of the ‘mnemonic turn’.

The assignment is

Write 3-4 pages evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of memory as a tool for understanding the past. You must include some authors arguments about it beside your arguments.

# Here is some blocks I studied under this module:

The Module blocks are ((look which block is the book connected with and consider it when you write the book review)):

1-      Memory, Forgetting and Memoria: the Invention of ‘Memory’

2-      Memory and Identities, Early Modern and Modern

3-       Memory, Media and Popular Culture.

4-       Contentious Memories, the Public and the Media

5-       Clashes and Silences: Contested Public Narratives of the Past in Media and Popular Culture.

6-       Memory, Ghosts and Ruins: Remembering the Visible Past

Here is some Authors who wrote about memory:

1-     Katharine Hodgkin, Susannah Radstone, Memory, history, nation : contested pasts.

#Also, there are quite a lot of good published articles about this topic online.,+%E2%80%98Memory,+individual+and+collective%E2%80%99&ots=gs0LSNQ_mc&sig=H-TXS7lZ6mnq83sMiuscnV5Q4Qs#v=onepage&q=-%09Aleida%20Assmann%2C%20%E2%80%98Memory%2C%20individual%20and%20collective%E2%80%99&f=false

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