Intelihealth’s Impact during Covid19 Crisis

Intelihealth’s Impact during Covid 19 Crisis

Intelihealth provides education on essential medical needs and healthy self-care. The site connects people to health databases and consultation services (InteliHEALTH., 2020).  Its mission is to promote health to make health information accessible to the broadest possible audience.

The site comprises databases for medical information, condition profiles, medical dictionaries, and more features like when to contact medical professionals. Its experts strive to make user-friendly information to access a wide range of audiences (Thought Leadership and Insights in Healthcare, 2020).  The Intelihealth experts come from Harvard University, the national institute of health, and the University of Pennsylvania dental school of medicine.

Intelihealth provides essential medical education and updates over the internet. For instance, more than 70 percent decrease in distance moved to access primary medical care (InteliHEALTH. 2020). There is a more than 75 percent decrease in time spent to get immediate care.

The site has been essential to a large population, especially during the covid 19 crisis, for sensitizing on how to handle its early signs and symptoms. (Thought Leadership and Insights in Healthcare, 2020).   Further, Intelihealth has provided light to healthcare workers on using personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to ensure their safety. It is accurate, and its experts update the site regularly.

Shantel Kumar, a social worker in Punjab, India, developed a sore throat followed by breathing complications, high fever, and severe headache. Her husband logged into the intelihealth site and searched for the first warning signs and symptoms of Covid 19 and how to handle a case suspected to be infected. He was able to administer emergency care to her like giving analgesics before the government officials arrived. Shantel and her family were immediately taken to isolation and further medical review. She is grateful that the Intelihealth site saved her life.

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