Kyle Rittenhouse Court Case Short Summary

Rittenhouse, a teenager, was accused of killing two men during the recent unrest in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse claimed that the two men were constantly threatening him and his intention was not to harm anyone. However, he acted in self-defense noted by his lawyers. However, one of the witnesses, Grosskreutz, noted that he intended to disarm Rittenhouse and not harm him (Villa et al., 2021). The prosecutors were not well organized, and they had problems proving that Rittenhouse had a direct motive for killing the two men. The Kenosha County Circuit Court unanimously decided to exonerate Rittenhouse of his two murder charges.

Rittenhouse was accused of two first-degree murders. He shot and killed two men in Kenosha and injured one. The complainants accused Rittenhouse of unlawful killing of two people with malice aforethought. He was, however, released, and all charges dropped as the defense noted that it was out of defense. The United States is against unlawful killing, and thus, Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree murder (Villa et al., 2021). The case received many publications, and the jury’s ruling was subject to public opinion. The next court level would be the court of appeal, where the complainants would try to get more evidence to convict Rittenhouse.

All charges against Rittenhouse were dropped, and the jury did not find any concrete evidence. It was unjust for a killer kid to be released (Villa et al., 2021). The affected families mourned the loss of their people, and justice was denied. It still bothers me how such a young kid owns such kinds of weapons. Fleeing Rittenhouse will make the people have little trust in the jury system. Their actions and decisions are questionable. The case needs to be revived to try and find evidence. Besides, the weapons should be taken away from the teenagers.