In this chapter, the researcher will discuss the background of the study, objectives of the study, and significance of the study. This study seeks to investigate how to be a mother and a successful entrepreneur. This paper will also look at women and entrepreneurship, but it will primarily focus on mothers and successful entrepreneurship.

Background of the study

Entrepreneurship is a major economic force, and many countries have discovered that. Over the recent decade, many women have ventured into entrepreneurship which has led to a major economic boost. Entrepreneurship has been defined by several researchers in various dimensions.

The first researcher Richard Cantillon asserted that an entrepreneur is a venture capitalist, and he concentrates on looking for better opportunities which have better rewards.Also, Cantillon added that for an entrepreneur to consider a worthwhile investment, he must access a venture with the least risk (Cantillon, 1755).

Jean-Baptiste Say also delved on trying to explain the main concept of entrepreneurship. Jean was a successful entrepreneur, and he appreciated the fact that entrepreneurship had a significant impact on the economic development of a country. He added that for a person to be considered an entrepreneur he must be an innovator. Therefore, he expected them to do things differently (Say, 1996).

Women who are entrepreneurs are commonly known as mumpreneurs.These women have two major roles to play: being a mother and being a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, for mothers to be successful entrepreneurs, they must ensure that they integrate these roles and undertake them effectively and efficiently.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2007 reported that one third of entrepreneurs comprised of mothers. These happened because these mothers were determined to make a significant impact on their communities as well as their families. If there are more women in entrepreneurship, a country’s economy grows because there is increased income which increases the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Research Objectives

The specific objectives of the study are;

  1. To analyze the effect of entrepreneurial family on successful mothers’ entrepreneurs.
  2. To find out the effect of unemployment on successful mothers’ entrepreneurs.
  • To determine the push and pull factors on successful mothers’ entrepreneurs.
  1. To assess whether work-life balance has an effect on successful mothers’ entrepreneurs.

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