The Character McCandless in Into the Wild

The Character McCandless in Into the Wild

Into the Wild written by Jon Krakauer is a book that highlights the life of a young man who leaves behind all his wealth and goes to the wilderness to seek a new life. He gives some of his wealth to charity and burns the rest. The events that befall McCandless following his decision to move to the wild are an indication of his foolishness and unpreparedness. As he planned to move to the wilderness, he did not have the required tools as well as the developed skills to survive in the forest for such an extended period of time. This essay explores the unpreparedness of McCandless and the catastrophe that befell him for his foolish decision.

From the book, it is possible to argue that McCandless was not well prepared for the journey he sought to take. His decision to live on his own and off the land of Alaska brought suffering and shame to him. His mistakes are not only irreversible but also fatal. McCandless thinks that by leaving Alaska, he was going to find the true happiness that he so much desired. However, McCandless fails to consider the dangers that come with the idea of isolating himself from human society for such a long time. McCandless’ downfall is brought about by his proud and arrogant nature. For instance, he refuses to be adopted by Ron Franz as his grandson (Krakauer 55). McCandless can also be considered foolish because he makes the decision to leave his family despite the love and connection that they had. When he leaves home, his sister, Carine, is so upset that she does not spend a day without crying (Krakauer 129). Besides, the family members receive the news of his death with a lot of sorrow. For instance, his mother weeps uncontrollably when she learns of his death (Krakauer 132). This is an indication that McCandless did not consult enough and did not mind the feelings of his family when he made the decision to move to the wild.

McCandless did not have the required direction for the forest. As such he did not know the exact part of the forest that he was going to. He arrived at Stampede Trail without having a proper map that would have directed him in the forest. If McCandless had a proper map for the forest, it could have been possible for him to survive a little longer. Although it is not certain that McCandless would have remained alive if he had a map, it is quite sure that the map would have helped him live in the forest for a longer time. Besides, McCandless was foolish to think that a bag of rice and a sleeping bag would have been enough to sustain him in the wild for a long time. If was indeed serious in whatever he was doing, then he ought to have prepared adequately for the journey by having enough clothing, enough food and all the requirements that were necessary to sustain his life in the wild.

By and large, McCandless comes out as a foolish person who decision to move to the forest seems to have been hastily thought of. The decision that he makes angers his family and also leads to his death. Were McCandless a little wiser, perhaps he would have spent some more time in the wild than the one that he spent. His death is wholly his own liking.

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