Media violence is the impact created by media platforms or tools such the television, video games, movies, social media platforms that may change the behavior of youth when they come across them. Exposure to obscene scenes from these media platforms may change the behavior of the teenagers in academics, lifestyle, and social life.it is the main reason why youths have different behaviors, lifestyles that have to affect the ways some youths think and how the approach to their issues (Anderson & Bushman, 2001, p. 01).


During the study, a group of people from the society were interviewed about the matter on how media has violated the youth behavior, a large percentage of the people interviewed gave their views, which were based on youth’s behavior (Berkowitz, 1965, p. 03).

Some of the people refused to talk about it; hostility was also experienced from the people who were the ones copying the bad trends from the media.

Questionnaires were administered at random though not all were well answered and some didn’t even bring the questionnaire back to us to study them (Berkowitz, 1965, p. 03). Besides, some people from the society were illiterate so answering the questionnaire was difficult for them, other rejected the study claiming that the study is aimed creating a bad impression about them and isolating the affected from the group of the society.

Youths were video and audio recorded as a method of collecting information; the primary purpose was to examine the lifestyle, mood of dressing, type of language used, how they react to different issues and testing their emotions. It was realized that youths had changed their dressing mode, and some in a disrespectable manner, they wore short skirts and short tops (Geen & Stonner, 1973, p. 02). Body piercing was common to some of them the ears, tongue, and nose were pierced a habit which was not there some years back, although some of the youths from the society had good morals, and are not into the new lifestyle.

Youths had also changed their accents, and most likely they had copied it from other youths in other countries.


After the study, we found out that a large percentage of youths have changed their behavior due to exposing them to different media platforms. The study specified some media platforms that have affected the teens a lot and the type of effects they have created to the youths. The media platforms are as follows:

  • How television has violated youth’s behavior

It was discovered that most programs in these televisions are not appropriate for the youth to watch because they contain scenes that are not suitable for youth under the age of eighteen, youths are not allowed to watch this channels, and this program requires parental guidance (Geen & Stonner, 1973, p. 03).

When parents watch these programs with their kids, it makes the kids think that the bad scene from the programs are normal and anybody can do it. Therefore, they feel encouraged, and after some time the kids will go and try imitate what they saw on the television. Youth can copy things like; inappropriate mode of dressing, the slang language used of which most of them are always abusive, and contents from sex scenes (Gosselin, 1962, p. 04). They affect the youth causing them to have some good attitude towards violence, sex, involvement in criminal activities, substance abuse and academic failure. Sexual scenes from these programs keep our youth health at risk as some youths may go and practice the sex, this makes them be at a high danger of getting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

Some youths who are also student have a tendency of watching the television until late in the night; this may poorly affect their academic performance because they do not concentrate on their studies making them perform poorly in school, have low bonding to school, and high rate of absenteeism (Gosselin, 1962, p. 04).

Movies such as the action movies, movies that show the abuse of drugs, make the youth to involve themselves in criminal activities and substance abuse.

  • Roles of video games in violating youth behavior

Video games are always common in youths; these game are always found in computers and playing stations. Playing video games is healthy to the youths because it engages the brains but when one plays it every time it becomes wastage of time. The wasted could have been used to do something constructive. Besides, some videos are not suitable for some underage youths hence such games should be avoided entirely since content from such games can be imitated by the youth which would turn to be very dangerous to their health or those surrounding them (KIRSH, 1998, p. 01).

  • Role of social media platform in violating youth’s behavior

The social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. They are the commonly used social media by the teenagers to share information, but after the invention of these platforms, some youths have decided to misuse these platforms and start sharing information that is not appropriate. Some use these platforms to threat others hence creating fear among some youths (Gosselin, 1962, p. 04).

These media contain nude photos and videos that youths share them to others these photos trigger the sexual feelings among the youths making them engage in sexual activities, these increases the chances of the youth to get the sexually transmitted disease or even HIV/AIDS; it also increases the rate of prostitution and early pregnancy. Photos of some girls exposing their bodies make society to underrate and isolate them.

Effects of media violation

Media violation can have short-term effects or long-term effects; this is the period taken for someone to learn or imitate what they saw in a movie or in media.

Short-term effects:

These are the effects that take a short period for someone to learn or emulate, they are always imitated immediately when someone sees the contents, it includes the dressing mode of the actors, and they are always easy for someone to learn.

Long-term effects:

These are behaviors that are imitated over a long period after long-lasting observations; these include listening to music and mastering the lyrics, copying some dangerous fighting moves for example in the wrestling, learning how to use a gun, and abusing of substances. (Gosselin, 1962, p. 04)

This effects can be dealt with by putting appropriate time for the youth to watch television programs, television or video games that contain unsuitable scene hence parental guidance is required.


In my opinion, I criticize the media platforms because it has always been in the forefront in killing the morals of our youth, because of the content some people share. The owners of each media platforms should ensure that their media are not used to spread evil. Proper policies and rules should be reinforced to reduce this habit of sharing obscene information across the media (Anderson & Bushman, 2001, p. 01).

To reduce the media violation, parents or guardians should do the following;

  • It is advisable for the parents to preview the contents before purchasing the media and also before allowing children to use.
  • Parents should restrict the access of some programs or media basing on the age, title of the program.
  • Parents should be keen on what they are doing or watching in front of their children; this prevents the children from imitating them.
  • A parent should assist their children in separating fantasy from reality, for instance, the children should know what is done in a movie is acting or fiction and cannot happen in the real world.
  • Parents should not allow their children to play video games or go online secretly because they can view the nude images or read inappropriate journals, so they should set computers in common rooms or living room.
  • Guide children on what type of shows he/she should be looking at his/her age.
  • Setting limits on how long the children will be playing games or watching movies so that they don’t waste much time in playing or watching movies.
  • Parents should advise their children about peers so that they cannot be affected by peer pressure making them do unlawful activities.


Future Findings

In the future, children should be taken to a specialist for advice.

Children who are affected by substance abuse should be taken to a rehabilitation center to correct their situation and reform (Anderson & Bushman, 2001, p. 01).


According to my study, the field will benefit the social psychology field because the study can be used in the counseling both in individual level to marriage level also it can be used to benefit the educational psychology field because the study can be used in educational testing and even in creating a curriculum.






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