‘My Life My Choice’ Film Review

My Life My Choice‘ is a film on Birmingham’s safety concerning the formation and action of gangs. It depicts how youths are lured into criminal life and all its relatives.  The video seeks to explain the importance of making firm decisions against involvement in violent crime and involvement with the world of drugs.  In many ways, theories within the realm of criminal justice relate to the plot of the video.

One of the most relevant theories is social disorganization. It is an ecological theory that explains the impact of the differences in geographical areas on gangs’ formation (Steenbeek & Hipp, 2011). It posits that structural and cultural factors play a significant role in determining a community’s social order. The film depicts the vulnerability to crime amongst young people in areas characterized by a high frequency of violent crimes. It seeks to educate such susceptible persons that they can make good choices despite being under the pressure of their environments since their actions will have consequences in their lives.

Other relatable theories are those at the macro and micro-level. Macro-level theories explain the existence of gangs in society. For example, the social conflict theory posits that groups of people in society are in constant conflict (Kühne, Weber, & Berr, 2019). For this reason, criminal activities may arise as some groups try to improve their position in society above other groups. This theory explains why gangs form in the film since they seek to improve their social order position. Micro-level theories also relate to the video. They explain the involvement of individuals in gangs. For example, the developmental pathways theory explains the differences in how individuals approach a problem behavior. For example, the video depicts the life of a young man who chooses to avoid the course of drugs and crime.