Comparison and Contrast of Mythology and Comic Book Heroes

Mythology creatures and comic book heroes have multiple differences and similarities. The book gives some concepts which are in some way related to mythology creatures while in some way it presents views that are different from mythological creatures. Further analysis of the two is given as follows;

The first outstanding differences between comic book heroes and mythological creatures is that mythical creatures have a possibility that they lived (Godfrey & Guiley, 2009). As for the comic book heroes, it is clear that they are all made of creative stories that were primarily meant to draw the attention of the readers who are mostly kids. They are given descriptions that are made in a way that will influence the thinking of the kids that this hero lived. As for the mythological creatures, they do not have many exaggerations on their features, which shows that they might have existed (Knowles, 2007). The second difference is that comic book here has supernatural powers such as laser eyes. Mythological creatures do not have such abnormal features. For example, ogre stories present a vivid description that an ogre has three hands and big eyes. For mythical creatures, they do have such features.

Considering the similarities, it is evident that the two share some common features. The outstanding similarity is that the two of them are good people. Since they are all heroes, it can be concluded that both are good people. Either way, who would claim that a hero is a bad person? Secondly, the two, in some way, are abnormal. An ordinary person does not have supernatural features as the two have.

From the analysis above, it is clear that there are significant differences and similarities between comic book heroes and mythical creatures. The comic book heroes are more of fictional stories while the mythological creatures have a possibility that they might have existed.

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