The historical context of near death experiences is associated with elements of religious, philosophical and scientific beliefs that aim to contextualize and explain occurrences in an individual after the event of clinical death.  This was later formalized in a book by Raymond Moody that was authored back in the year 1975. Formal research was later developed through an international association on NDEs later in the year 1981 (Bell). The main issues around Near Death Experiences that make it particularly significant as an issue of debate lies in the ongoing debate regarding their existence as a reality or as a fallacy that results from brain hallucination and surge in activity. On one end, many of the proponents in near death experiences as a reality are individuals that have been through devastating health conditions, thereby deteriorating to a state of near death before recovering and giving narration of their experiences that has indicated a striking component of similarity.

On the other hand, scientific contextualization and argument posits an entirely different view where study and research has associated this component view with a surge in brain activity. The issues at stake in this case lie in the issues of philosophy and religion which have strongly cropped up against the role of scientific argument in realistically dissecting this concept (Bell). While these accounts go against the context of a scientifically founded argument, their state and level of believability is by itself a significant influence that points to the potency and temerity in this line of thought. Individuals have written books and made a full fletched argumentative debate regarding their experiences. It is thus subject to further research and analysis to determine the truth and factual basis of this line in view.

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