1.0 Introduction

As an organization that aims to help every individual achieve well-being, NewLink Welsh, has a number of problems, chief amongst which is the fact that the organization is short of funds to run its daily programs. It also lacks the recognition that could help it gain more funds. The next two years have been estimated as being the most crucial years in which NewLink Welsh will have to make itself or else suffer becoming irrelevant because it was unable to meet with the changing demands of a more modern world.

NewLink Welsh is one of the most updated, charity organizations of its kind, being one of the very few that do not deal with only substance abuse, but actually try to aim for a more enhanced feeling of wellbeing for all the patients who come to the organization for professional help. This in itself is a very unique approach, which has been made all the more valuable since NewLink has been practicing this approach for a very long time now. Whereas other, similar organizations are only just beginning to realize the importance of aiming for the general well-being of an individual, NewLink has practiced this approach, and honed its skills at making its inmates feel better about themselves more often. This is why, it would be a loss for the community were NewLink to stop operations.

This report helps to analyses the problems, the opportunities and the challenges that NewLink faces at the present time, assessing also how the organization could run its daily operations better. The report ends with an analysis and a workable solution as to how NewLink Welsh could gain more recognition within the society, manage to secure more funding and continue to help the maximum number of individuals possible.

2.0 Analysis, Theory and Findings: Understanding The Realities Of NewLink Welsh

NewLink Welsh however, has a number of strengths and opportunities that it could benefit the organization and which could be used to create more funds. A SWOT Analysis of the organization helped to analyze that NewLink Welsh has a number of strengths. These include the idea that NewLink Welsh has the agenda of trying to aim for the wellbeing of all the individuals it deals with. Instead of trying to only treat substance abuse, it deals with actually trying to ensure the wellbeing of the individuals in question (Wasserman and Faust, 1994; Thornton, Henneberg and Naudé, 2013). That in itself is an excellent strategy from the point of view of a charity organization. At present there are already numerous charity organizations dealing with individuals who have shown a history of drug abuse over the years. Here is where it is important to understand a basic business concept: that the business in question needs to offer what competitors are not offering to the same client base (Charity, 2015). In this case, the individuals applying for help are the measure of success for any charity organization of this nature while the investors who send funds to the organization are the client base that the organization and the  services that they are offering. Here is where catering to the well-being of an individual, instead of just helping them deal with the issues of drug abuse that they are trying to overcome.  In this case, not only does NewLink Welsh manage to distinguish itself from its competitor, charity organizations, the conducting of a SWOT analysis helps the organization to distinguish its various other strengths and try and capitalize on them to the maximum possible extent.

NewLink Welsh also has a few more strengths that work for it; it has an excellent, working relationship with other local universities, many of whose students come to volunteer and assist at the organization during its free time. It also has a handle on the best and worst case scenarios that could occur at the organization, a system that will help NewLink Welsh deal with all the different types of situations that could occur in its work capacity.

2.1 Organizational Context: Where NewLink Is Lacking

However, in spite of having a varied agenda as compared to its competitors, NewLink Welsh has not been able to capitalize of its unique position, nor has it been able to deal with the generation of funds that it will need to be able to function adequately. The reason for this could possibly be the number of weaknesses that it needs to deal with. These include, for the most part, the need to raise the company profile, in itself a very challenging task because, as of now, the organization does not have a very large social media following or a very impressive presence on any front (Wasserman and Faust, 1994). Instead of capitalizing on the tools and the mediums available to it, NewLink Welsh relies more on getting funds (and patients) through word of mouth. There are no dedicated personnel dealing with the promotional activities that the organization is trying to come up with, and as a result of this, there is no fixed plan that the organization has outlined either. Changing personnel further exacerbates the problem since every individual managing the promotional activities at different points in time have their own stance on how they feel that the activities should be conducted (Lam, 2012). All of these problems mean that NewLink is one charity organisation that does not have a steady stream of funds coming in to support it. This needs to be addressed if NewLink Welsh is to continue to stay relevant and keep running operations.

It is essential to understand that NewLink Welsh can improve itself. However, this would require a lot of work on the part of the organization, one of the basic steps of which will be the need to understand its market, as well as the opportunities presented by the same, as thoroughly as possible (Epstein and Yuthas, 2017). Here is where a number of possibilities could be explored including making sure that the maximum number of people get to know about NewLink Welsh as well as the way they operate. Simply relying on word of mouth would not work at this stage. Here is where it is essential to realize that NewLink’s primary objective, their commitment to building resilient communities that can enable people to thrive as individuals in their own rights, have been met as closely as possible.

2.2 Organizational specific factors that affect the implementation of solutions

One way of doing this would be to broaden the focus of the organization, bringing about major changes in the various programs that the organization is offering the community to make sure that they continue to stay relevant also (Lozano, 2016). Even so, NewLink will be hard put to make sure that they are able to capitalize on all the opportunities that are being offered to them, without losing out to the many threats that could affect their work. These include the fact that while NewLink may be looking to move its promotional activities online also, it is not going to be the only charity organization looking for donors on social media websites or even asking for donation on its own webpage. Instead, it will need to face the online competition presented to it.

Likewise, there are a number of legislations that will act as drivers to drive the cause of NewLink as well as the way in which the organization works. New legislative procedures have generally been seen to be the drivers that enhance the growth opportunities within a business, helping it to become more transparent as well as successful (Thornton, Henneberg and Naudé, 2014). While this may be true, and should definitely help NewLink gain greater legitimacy within its own sphere of operations, the organization will have trouble implementing procedures that could also meet the new set of legislature available. Here is where, especially with promotional activities, NewLink must certainly look forward to hiring a team that could, dedicatedly, oversee all the promotional activities from its end and make sure that not only does the organization manage to get funds, but stays relevant also. At the moment, NewLink should be reassessing its market also. A greater number of organizations, like NewLink, are also dealing with a number of issues, so that there are now more organizations with a larger portfolio of charity work than ever before. Competing against them to be more relevant and gain greater funds means that NewLink will have to consider redesigning itself and the way it works.

2.3 Networking Theory and Its Application To NewLink

NewLink could consider the application of the network theory as a good way in which it could utilize its current system to build and enhance the way in which the organization is working. In this context it is essential to understand how the Network Theory could be made to adapt.

According to the network theory, an organization, such as NewLink, could be considered a network or node that is linked to other nodes via edges or links.  In terms of NewLink, these could be considered the associations that the organization has formed over the years of its working with patients, with associates, with donors, universities (from where its main influx of volunteers come) and even the society in general. So far, NewLink has relied on this network to a very large extent, in that it depended on getting its message across only via word of mouth of its clients, volunteers and any other individual that came into connection with the organization in the past. However, the network itself is not a very large one which means that it has not been able to effectively rely on the same or manage to gain any benefits from it either (Lozano, 2016). A social network analysis of the organization at present would help to understand how new innovations could help the organization spread the message regarding its many operational procedures as well as gain more funding, volunteers and create new relations within the society it is operating in (Baird, 2016; Ford and Mouzas, 2013). Conversely, it could also help the organization to better study and re-learn the market that it is operating in, as well as the ways in which it could adjust and gain a place for itself within this market also (Ford and Mouzas, 2013). Network analysis can also be used to ascertain the amount of trust that NewLink has managed to build up over the years, and how far it can count on its brand recognition to help it make a greater mark within the society (and market) that it is operating in.

For NewLink, an opportunity to build up a network within its existing sphere would mean that the organization would be able to get a free and easy source using which it could gain a greater amount of recognition within its community. Here, it would be essential to remember that NewLink only has a very limited budget that could be used for advertising or promotional activities. For this reason, it is essential that NewLink take part in as many low budget, promotional activities that it possibly can. These could include events that could be held in collaboration with different universities in the region, promoting the company on social media via social media discussions on forums such as Facebook or Twitter, creating a handle for the organization and using it as often as possible, and even by enrolling on forums such as Eventbrite that will allow the organization to promote itself, within a low-key budget, at as many events as possible (Event Brite, 2018).

3.0 Solution

3.1 Selection

There are a number of solutions that NewLink could look into as options for a more sustainable future. Developing a system of social inclusion to develop the idea of wellbeing within the individuals coming to the organization, using various forums to enhance the inspiration within others (such as the community or volunteers) and assist them in championing the cause of those who could benefit by visiting the company, and even encourage volunteers and members of the community to participate in the activities (Porter and Kramer, 2002). This could help reduce the harm being caused, and improve the adverse health and living conditions in which those individuals have often found themselves in (Baird, 2016). The living conditions could likewise be improved for caregivers, professionals, even the volunteers and the public that come here.

With NewLink, some of the activities that could be considered to raise funds include:

  • Opening a brick and mortar style charity store
  • Opening an online charity store
  • Increasing the number of promotional activities that the organization is taking part in.

3.2 Implementation and Evaluation

Opening a brick and mortar style charity store

At present, NewLink already has a charity store on its premises. The store only stocks drawing books at the moment. The products available at present are drawing books. Stock could be expanded to include seasonal gift items, or custom made, recovery cards also. However, both these solutions, the designing of all the cards, as well as stocking up on seasonal gift items requires time and a lot of funding that the organization just does not have at the moment. For this reason, this idea would be difficult to implement.

Opening an online charity store

As already discussed, NewLink only has drawing books on offer at its charity store. Starting operations for the store online would mean that the organization is able to cater to a wider range of customers or those within the community who are interested in helping those who come to NewLink for assistance. However, again, the problems of time and funding would remain: the organization would be unable to put together the funding required for this venture.

Increasing the number of promotional activities that the organization is taking part in

Organizing various events such as ascension celebrations could help to raise a significant amount of money for the corporation, and could help to raise an approximate amount between 200 to 2000 pounds. Similarly, Oxfam events could raise nearly 150- 2000 pounds while special holiday events such as Women’s Day, or Earth Day could generate between 50-1000 pounds. Other events that could be held for promotional purposes include clothes swap, Oxfam gig or a Board game night.

4.0 Conclusion

The best ideas for any fundraising activities would be to host a promotional event as this would help to serve multiple purposes at the same time. For instance, hosting an event such as Women’s Day would mean that, with the minimum amount of expenditure, NewLink is able to earn up to a 1000 pounds in profits. Promoting the event online would mean creating a specific handle for NewLink’s own event, merging it with the International Women’s Day handle would cause more people to notice NewLink’s online promotional material and create greater awareness about the organization. However, these fundraising activities could be time-consuming, challenging because it would be essential to gather that many people, it would require the involvement of local educational institutions or NewLink would have to rely on external institutions for help to make their event a success.

5.0 Recommendations

NewLink has to gain in brand recognition, and this could be achieved only by increasing the social media presence of the organisation online. This is because not only is this a cheap and easy way to promote NewLink, it is also a very effective one also. Likewise, other, cheaper methods of fundraising that would likewise help to attract a larger number of consumers, should also be employed. For the future, once NewLink has gained recognition, it might not be a bad idea to start off with a better, well-stocked shop also, as this could assist with NewLink’s financial status later in the future also.



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