In life, there is probably no better feeling than accomplishing one’s utmost desire. For me, the greatest satisfaction in life emanates from making a positive change in people’s lives through determination and handwork in everything I do. As I write this statement, my thoughts are with millions of people around the world suffering all sorts of medical conditions. My wish is to relieve such people off the wrath of various illnesses and bring a smile to their faces. However, with the little knowhow in medical care that I have at the moment, my goal to make an impact positively on people’s lives is currently unreachable. Therefore, a course in public health will open up wide doors for me towards contributing to physical and mental welfare of other people, especially cancer patients.

My academic background has effectively prepared me to take on a public health course. With a career prospect on nursing in oncology, I began college as a Health Science major. Nonetheless, life had other plans. On the onset of the second year in college, I had to change my major to Sociology as a result of academic advising mix-up. I took the change positively after doing my research and finding out that Sociology would actually prove to be extremely influential in public health and nursing matters in particular. Though Sociology is not directly linked to healthcare, it has been beneficial in instilling skills and information that is vital in the field of healthcare. Thanks to Sociology, I can effectively apply to healthcare various issues relating to population, environment, as well as cultural and social differences. Healthcare and Sociology are two disciplines that are people centered. Nonetheless, unlike healthcare, Sociology creates a greater understanding of nature of human beings and their relations. The fact is, no matter the setting, one can never relate well or in a healthy manner with other people if one lacks social skills. This implies that as a subject, Sociology effectively plays the role of a pre-requisite for a healthcare course. This is because Sociology has greatly enhanced my understanding of human beings, their relationships, differences, among other important aspects. This will not only play a crucial role in enhancing the manner in which I interact with patients and fellow professionals in the field of healthcare, but also in the way I relate with students and faculty as I take up the public health course. Thus, with a degree in Sociology, I am well equipped with the skills necessary for tackling social and cultural issues that may come up in the course of healthcare delivery duty.

As stated above, my ultimate career goal is to become a registered nurse specializing in Oncology. I am fully aware that I cannot wake up one day and just decide to take a nursing course. This explains my deep interest in public health. It does not matter how long it will take to get there because through Sociology, I have a great foundation and the only thing remaining is to start the healthcare journey through a public health course. A Master Degree in Public Health, specifically in Health Policy and Management, will help exemplify what I have learnt in Sociology and synchronize the social skills gained with various issues in healthcare. One of the main social and health related issues that affects Americans and other people around the world is failure to understand the functioning of health care policies. As a nurse, I would not be of major use to patients if I lack the knowledge regarding such policies. Sociology has done its part in acquainting me with the operation of social policies which are inclusive of health care policies in the American Society. It is now time for public health to take course of action. As a medical practitioner, a course in public health will make me capable of effectively guiding my patients on health issues such as health policies provided by insurance companies. This would be important in helping the patients make the right decisions regarding the best insurance policy to buy based on the medical situation affecting them. With a high number of Americans being either uninsured or under insured, a course in public health comes in handy for a medical practitioner. If Americans are to be fully and effectively insured, then the healthcare providers must be at the forefront in making the patients understand and take up the right medical insurance cover. As a future nurse who has Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and hopefully a Master Degree in Public Health, then informing my patients about the appropriate cover for them will be easy for me.

Healthcare professionals define public health as an art that focuses on disease prevention, prolonging of life and promotion of health via systematized efforts and informed choices of individuals, organizations and society at large. In reference to nursing, a course in public health will be indispensable in making me an informed individual capable of helping patients prevent disease leading to health promotion and prolonged lives of patients. I am deeply convinced that (name of the institution you wish to join), a highly competent institution with proficient faculty, will play an instrumental role in equipping me with the appropriate skills in public health which will go a long way in making me an outstanding nurse in the future. I am hopeful and prayerful that my application for admission will be given palpable consideration.

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