My transfer to this institution is solely based on the need to expand my horizons and seek new opportunities. During the first days of my freshman year in college, I used to think that any institution can suffice because a diploma is all that matters at the end of the day. I never thought of how the type of institution in which one studies impacts the level of education they get, the knowledge they are able to apply in real life situations, their experiences, and ultimate success in their career paths. However, as time went by, I discovered aspects about myself and my career that were unknown to me. I realized that I needed new challenges that would enable me to expand my view of the world and widen my knowledge in my chosen career path. Hence, I opted to transfer for this very reason. I needed an institution that was competitive in nature and would provide me with new challenges and opportunities. I was attracted to the dynamic nature of this institution that provides one with the ability to acquire a unique set of skills and knowledge that can make them competitive in the job market and competent in other areas of life as well. The curriculums offer a very extensive and thorough coursework that is quite attractive to me.

Additionally, I was attracted to the diversity in this institution and the fact that I would be able to meet individuals from all walks of life. I think that learning to interact with people from different backgrounds is a very important component in the current globalized world. I would like to travel to different places, meet new people, and partake in unique activities that reflect a higher sense of diversity in many parts of the world. Hence, I thought an institution that illuminates values of togetherness and diversity would be ideal for my future plans. I would like to be in an environment that challenges my belief system and exposes me to varied schools of thought that are represented by different cultures. Only then would I be able to grow and learn, which will make me competitive in instances when my career sends me around the globe or provides opportunities in which I interact with different kinds of people. I think that this transfer will give me the necessary platform to advance this agenda and horn my interpersonal skills with regard to my future plans.

My research in this esteemed institution has also revealed that the faculty is very involved in the academic lives of students and endeavors to ensure that they become the best in their different fields. I admire such level of commitment and hope to find mentorship in my professors as well as the faculty in general so that I am able to develop skills that will make me competitive. I am hopeful that I will get the one on one experience with my professors that will enable me to advance even further in my studies and become competent in areas that have previously been a challenge for me. Like many other students across the country, I seek excellence in my academic journey and future career. I am optimistic that this college is ideal for my dreams and will provide me with the opportunities I am seeking that will make my future brighter. I am looking forwards to learning, making new friends, gaining a multicultural experience, and being the best I can possibly be in this institution.

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