Personal Statement for MSc Management for Business Excellence (MBE)

I have a deep rooted desire to do this MSc Management for Business Excellence (MBE) at the University of Warwick. My motivation to do this breathtaking course can be traced back from my experiences as a student. I have always wanted to do something oriented towards business. This is because I believe that this sector is taking over the world. I have a great learning ability, creative thinking and strongly attached to mathematics. All these combined will in all faith, soar me higher in my career and beyond.

My love for mathematics can be proven through my distinctive performance where I scored an A. I also have a good foundation in academics. This is evidenced by the fact that I hold a Bachelor’s in Engineering from the learning institution of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. There are several modules that I did that will be of value while pursuing this masters’ programme. Also under this programme , there are several modules such as ‘Creating Business Excellence’  and ‘Robust Decision Making’ provided at the University of Warwick under this programme that I would love to study. Through them, my professional acumen will be built and I believe that I will be ready for the market place in respect to this faculty.

Over the years, I have gained much experience that will come in handy as I go through this programme. I have worked with Sf Express Airlines where I was a mechanical engineer of the company. This experience taught me about hard work, teamwork and a great sense of responsibility especially during assessing the craft’s security systems. Also, in my line to hone my business mind, I am currently working with a first class trader company of Baosteel. I am currently dealing with business contacts having an opportunity to work with major clients such as Regal Beloit, Shanghai Hitachi among many others. I have also been given an opportunity to be in the company steel spot sales. These skillsets will allow me to drive into my business oriented future where management is key.

Apart from these experiences and academics, I have not been left out by the current news. I have been following the newspaper to be able to fathom the current flow in the world of business and its management. The Speeches of Ma Yun have also played a major role in ensuring that my desire for the financial world have had a foundation that cannot be shaken.

I am confident that with my background in the engineering world and my unquenchable desire for the financial sector have set me above for this MSc Management for Business Excellence (MBE) at the University of Warwick. With the two intertwining, I believe that the borrowed analytical mind will play a major role here and in the future, after completion of this course, I would love to work with a renown financial institution and later venture into business. I have great confidence that I will be the right candidate for this masters’ programme at this world class learning institution which provides both practical and modern strategies under a conducive learning environment.

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