Personal Statement: Master in Nutrition

Admission to the Master Program in Nutrition

Dear Sir/Madam,

In our contemporary societies, health concerns are increasing. Individuals are caring more about their health, fitness and looks. In order to achieve their objectives, individuals are expected to consider their food options and thus get the necessary nutrition advice. The master program in nutrition and food sciences will focus on a variety of aspects related to the utilization of food and its relationship to human growth and metabolism. It would be a kind of an interdisciplinary study that would study a variety of areas of nutrition and dietetics and the effects on the human body, in both normal and non-normal states of growth and working order.

My name is anonymous. I am a holder of a bachelor degree in education and home economics with a specialization in Nutrition and Food Sciences. Throughout my studies at the Anonymous university, I have maintained and excellent performance. I am an ambitious and an active student. I look forward to join the master program in Nutrition and Food Sciences at your university. A master’s degree in nutrition and Food Sciences will provide me with various opportunities to practice nutrition in a position of authority in many areas including the private or public health care industry, governmental, nonprofit and research and academia. I will have the option of a wide variety of industry positions as well as a solid foundation for further academic aspirations.

In my home country, there is an apparent shortage in the number of nutrition specialists that operate in the markets. In addition, there is shortage for nutrition professors in a variety of academic institutions. The master degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences will provide me with the opportunity to work as a professor or a nutrition specialist in a variety of organization in the Saudi market.  Furthermore, the master degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences will strengthen my research abilities and will pave my way to earn my PhD degree in the same field later on. I have a unique interest in conducting researches related to nutrition, human health and the association between metabolism and human health and obesity.

While it is very important to be able to communicate with others and understand the study materials, I currently undergo an intensive program of studying English language. I have acquired a reasonable level of English language writing and speaking skills.

My interest in Nutrition and Food Sciences was initiated through my readings in this field. My Plans for my career have set this major at the top of my priorities. I am quite confident that your university is the place where my academic dreams will come true. Nutrition professionals are very scarce in Saudi Arabia. This area of study should make me one of those who contribute to filling that professional gap in the Saudi Arabia workforce with the expertise and knowledge that I would acquire throughout my studies at your university.

Besides my English language skills, I have accumulated the necessary computer skills as I have mastered various Microsoft Office program. In secondary and post secondary studies, my character at the time was not very outgoing. I was always quite and tried to do things on my own. As a result, I was a good listener. Many of my peers would always want to confide in me their problems and I would try to help them solve it. Since I have always been independent, whenever I was assigned to do something, I never gave up and tried my best in everything I did. That led me to become the leader of my class during my secondary and post secondary studies. Besides, I am a hard worker and a dedicated student that would put all needed efforts and sacrifice to face any obstacles that might arise throughout my studies. I have a strong belief that dedication and persistence will lead to success despite all difficulties that might arise.

I was attracted to your university as it is characterized by being a diverse university that is a home for students that come from a variety of regions around the world. It is characterized by capable faculty members and great research resources. In addition, your university is a reputable university in my home country and the government of Saudi Arabia advises student to join it.

I am self-confident that I have the requirements and the skills to pursue my master program in Nutrition and Food Sciences very successfully. It is true that I might face some obstacles at the beginning of my studies as an international student that comes from a different culture and background. However, with persistence, dedication and insistence, I would succeed. Hoping that the Admissions Committee finds my credentials adequate in this respect, I look forward to have your favorable response.


John Doe

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