Personal Statement Nursery

Prompt 1

Nursing is arguably one of the most demanding careers, but its rewards are equally satisfying. Most people will tell you that they have since their childhood had a thing for nursing. Unlike most people, up until the point where I volunteered at a healthcare facility, my mind was not made up yet about what career path to take. However, five years of volunteering at a healthcare facility near my hometown were the eye-opener I needed. Although it was not my first experience with healthcare delivery given I have visited the hospital a couple of times as a patient, seeing how registered nurses and other physicians carried themselves while treating patients triggered something in me. I developed an interest in nursing. The one thing about nursing that appeals to me particularly is that nurses are devoted to being with patients throughout all stages of life: from the midwife at birth to the gerontology nurse taking care of the elderly. The first-hand experience I had with patients while volunteering taught me that there is nothing nobler than being there for a patient. For this reason, I am applying for a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

My goal after attaining BSN is to become a licensed family nurse practitioner with a keen interest in nursing informatics. I believe that as other aspects of healthcare delivery become more and more reliant on Information and Technology, nursing should not be left behind. Therefore, I hope to harness my communication skills to collect, store, and analyze data with a view to improving service delivery. I find nursing informatics a worthwhile career path because not only does it appeal to my meticulous nature as a tech savvy individual but is also a challenging discipline within the field of nursing. There is only so much a nurse can do, but with the help of IT, service delivery can be made more efficient and safe for both the practitioner and the patient.


Prompt 2


There was a lot to learn in five years of volunteering at my local hospital. From orthotics, prosthetics, the ER, surgery to pathology, the experience was enlightening, to say the least. Therefore, as I embark on a journey to become a nursing specialist, particularly family nurse practitioner, I hope to employ the skills and experiences gained during my time as a volunteer. While volunteering exposed me to the real-life experiences of nurses, BSN will help me gain the technical knowhow of dealing with patients. Five years of volunteering did give me a vivid picture of how to deal with patients, but I need a BSN degree to be able to practice nursing given I only acted as support staff while volunteering. Upon attaining a BSN, I hope to be able to assess patient needs and match them with the available information with a view to giving them the best while taking their unique needs and desires into consideration.

What I learned during the five years as a volunteer is that regardless of how knowledgeable a nurse is, one must never go against the wishes and needs of a patient. Therefore, effective caregiving involves furnishing a patient with all the necessary information and advising them on the best course of action without imposing a decision on them. To do this, I must become a qualified nurse, with all the necessary information needed by a patient to make an informed decision. BSN will prepare me for this in addition to equipping me with the proper skill set and best practice techniques. I am aware that a successful completion of BSN demands a lot of dedication and hard work, and I am ready to put in the effort and time to realize my goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner.

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