Personal Statement for MS in Project Management

Hailing from India, the land of a rich heritage, its architectures have always enchanted me. As a kid, when I visited Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it left me astonished. I was taken aback by this Engineering Marvel. It had deep impact on my tender mind. That was when my urge towards buildings and constructions was awakened. After that small trip, I started keenly observing the simplest of architectures around me. I always admired works with the tiniest details. India hosts some of the most ancient architectures of the world which constantly kept me motivated. However, Infrastructure is far more important than architecture and there is a lot of room for improvement in India’s infrastructure. But being a developing nation there are tremendous challenges in developing a stable infrastructure in India. A remarkable transformation is needed in this field and I would like to be a part it. Hence I want to pursue MS in project management to advance my career in this direction and pave a way for my future endeavors.

Creativity and visualization skills are the two factors in which I have always excelled since childhood. Coming from a family with a humble background, middle-class life taught a lot about living life very meticulously. My school days went on very smoothly and after realising my passion for structures and buildings every history class turned out to be a thrilling magic show. The more I listened, the more I got interested. Being clear of my goal, I did my high schooling in science with mathematics with a clear objective of leaping on to the next big step i.e. Civil Engineering. After getting a decent score I got admitted into Parul University, Vadodara in the stream of Civil Engineering. This was the phase of my life where I finally found the answers to my quest regarding buildings and structures. Many concepts started bringing sense into me now that I had access to the exact concepts and theories behind my fantasies. My course end project was titled “Effect of high-performance self-cured concrete” which helped me to secure an A which is the highest anyone can get. Infrastructure in India is pathetic with a history of very bad roads. My project was developed in the light of this issue. The prevailing conditions and my traveling to the college was enough motivation for me to easily develop this project so that it can help in the betterment of my fellow citizens. With all these precious experiences and knowledge, I passed out in the year 2019 with a bachelor’s degree.

Due to my good academic record, I got placed into MAA constructions as their site engineer through campus placements. Though I had theoretical knowledge, this job helped me to develop and improve the practical side of my career. Initially, it was difficult but my interest and love towards my work helped me to cope up with my job role in no time. This phase helped me to develop my knowledge in preparing a tender, contractor finalization, and monitoring the work. This is when I realized that there is a lot more to be taken care of when it comes to construction. Work order preparations, monthly work planning, rate analysis work, checking of site bills and reconciliation are some of the other duties I performed while working in this role. The job helped me gain a lot of exposure and also a sense of seriousness about the work. I got a certificate from TCS ION where my communication skills, presentation skills, soft skills and the overview of artificial intelligence were brushed up and improved to a greater extent.

Apart from the academics, I always took keen interest in extracurricular activities. Since childhood I am an extrovert person. As I have a positive approach and being a people’s person, my co-workers and employees working under me always had a safe space in terms of work-related issues. Imparting knowledge acquired by me to others was another objective. Exploring new places and people are some of my favorite past times which I have developed throughout the years. This habit of mine turned me into teaching various subjects to underprivileged students. The close association with such students helped me realize the hardships they faced every day while traveling due to poor infrastructure in their areas. All these grassroots level experiences made me grip on to my goal and the urge to improve the lifestyle of such people in whatever way possible was the first thought that pierced my mind. It made me realize that the future and the progress of the country depend on the youth like me.

Summing up, I would like to conclude that a degree in Project Management would be of great help as it will help enhance my knowledge in the field so that I can apply the knowledge I gained for the betterment of my nation and to enhance my career. By taking up this course, I intend to develop my leadership qualities and management skills which in turn will boost up my personality. I believe that the Northeastern University (Toronto) can help me achieve many goals that I have set for myself. Firstly, it will impart me prolific knowledge about Project Management which will take my career to a whole different level. Secondly, my people skill would further flourish in the dynamic environment provided by the University. I will be able to build an exceptional network of people coming from all around the globe. This networking will prove to be a very crucial asset for me throughout my life. Also while working as a team with other students of different lifestyles and innovative ways of thinking, I will have a wider range of ideas and approaches when it comes to tackling a challenge. Above all, studying here will provide me a paramount international exposure that would reshape my career and personality. Hence, I perceive that a Masters Degree in Project management from the Northeastern University would shine like a golden feather on my achievements’ cap.

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