Personal Statement Sample for studying Law

I was excited at first to help out with things at our family-owned restaurant when my dad who has been in the restaurant business since the 70s opened one in Fort Lauderdale. Let’s just say I have one of those dads who feel that all their kids must devote their lives to building a family business empire. While three of my elder brothers had no problem with following dad’s footsteps, I had misgivings about my dad-chosen career path. I wanted a thing of my own, and I knew that I would be able to contribute to the family business regardless of the career I chose. “You guys, at some point will need a lawyer.” I remember telling our eldest brother. “What will happen if you get in trouble? I asked them. Although my dad was opposed to the idea of my pursuing a career in law, my brothers managed to convince him. I could go on and on about why I chose law over simply going under my dad’s wings, but the biggest reason was inspired by the impact law has on the every-day lives of people across the social divide. It is for this among other reasons that I am applying to [insert uni. Name] to pursue a degree in law.

When I went back to Florida International University to complete by Bachelors in Broadcasting, it had not occurred to be that I might fall in love with law. I am an avid reader, and I read newspapers a lot. It struck me during one of my readings that most pieces are law-related, or somehow touched on legal aspects. From universal human rights law, intellectual property law to, to corporate law we encounter law in every major news event. While I had never given this much thought, I always knew that law was one of the biggest equalizers out there. It is this egalitarian belief in the law that captivated me. “With the law, I will have the power to change someone’s life: rich or poor, young or old.” I thought to myself.

The thing about the law that fascinated me the most was that the spirit of the law could be pursued from two angles: enforcement and interpretation. “Since law enforcement has never been in my family, I might as well be an interpreter.” I figured. I believe I will become a great lawyer not only because I am passionate about the law but also because I am both an eloquent speaker and a prolific debater. While the law is not based on logic and one’s ability to defend their position, debating skills, I believe will help me argue out in a court of law.


Ever since my newfound love for law, I have made it a habit to read interesting cases that have set precedence for the current practice. I remember reading about O.J Simpson when I was little. The title was as captivating as it was consuming. It read: The Trial of the Century. Although I could not make much of it at the time, it was an interesting read. Several years later, I revisited the story with a more informed mindset, but the nature of the case, the hours of manpower, and resources put into the case continue to fascinate me. Switching from broadcasting to law is a huge step. It is a huge challenge on my part, but I am not the type to shy away from challenges. Pursuing a different career path than that which has been established by my family is me moving out of the comfort zone. I am going to [insert uni. Name] to not only siphon knowledge but also contribute to the faculty by sharing my wealth of ideas and experiences from my other degree with fellow students. My goal is to become a corporate lawyer so I can go back to my hometown and make a difference and also offer legal counsel to our family business.

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