Personal Statement to Study Medicine

Personal Statement

The cultural misconception that medical care is only necessary before death results in poor health and even tragedy, which is what caused my mother to develop breast cancer. I want to become a doctor, which has been bolstered by my experiences as a volunteer with Dr. Yard, where my eyes were opened to the realities of medicine, and I have the passion and necessary skills in communication and stress management to become a good doctor.

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had to undergo a mastectomy, and all I wanted was. to help her recover smoothly from this tragedy. While I was doing personal research on breast cancer, I realized that breast cancer can be detected early by mammogram, which avoids complications that arise when the disease is discovered in an advanced state.  Unfortunately, none of my family members were aware of this. I wondered why my family and I were so oblivious, especially considering that breast cancer has occurred twice in my family. Even though my mother’s condition is currently improving daily, the ideal of visiting a doctor’s office to run medical diagnostics for common diseases such a breast cancer still carries a negative stigma within our culture, due to multiple factors that are associated with culture, traditions, and religion. My mother’s struggle with breast cancer has inspired me and stimulated my emotions to pursue medicine.

My experience as volunteer in the gross anatomy lab at the IU Hospital with Dr. Yard who is an expert in medical neurology, had a tremendous positive impact on my identity to practice medicine. I had the opportunity to be around medical students and observe dissected bodies, and even hold a human brain with my hands. The close observation of a dissected human body has given me a more comprehensive knowledge of how human body systems are interconnected in terms of body structure and functionality. This wonderful experience has influenced my orientation and goals in recognizing the specialties that I am interested in.

Good doctors are characterized by good communication skills that help them deal with patients in the best manner possible, regardless of sex, gender, race, and religion. I participated in a training course in understanding personalities with a professional psychiatrist, which developed my communication skills. I have learned that everyone has different personality traits and each one has also different way to deal with. This quality of understanding personalities will help patients feel comfortable to communicate with me. Good doctors are also characterized by stress management skills. Physicians and other healthcare providers are expected to bear work stress and handle many hours spent. Through an online course on stress management, I have learned to manage and overcome stressful times that are correlated with one’s life, and my ability in controlling stresses will enable me to become a successful doctor.


I will contribute to expand the cultural diversity in the Royal College of Surgeons, and I strongly believe the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Medical University of Bahrain will provide me an excellent education and high quality skills that I need to become a successful a physician. My mother’s breast cancer struggle was a transition point in my life that sparked my passion for medicine. Additionally, this inspiration was strengthened by the experience I had with Dr. Yard that has promoted my persistence to apply to medical school and become more compassionate.

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