1. The trainee detects the issue:

The trainee and the faculty supervisor should consider and review the issue and try to come to a situation that is mutually acceptable. This situation is not rare and in many situations it requires no additional actions. The Training Director should maintain a record for verbal complaints, which are not formally wedged against the supervisor. If the Director of the Division of Clinical Psychology or Training Director finds a pattern of issues over a period of time then they can intervene.

  1. If a remedial plan is recommended:

If the Director of the Division of Clinical Psychology judges the issue the Director of Training, Track Coordinator and Advisor to be remedied, then there is no need for any additional actions apart from a letter that is present in the file of faculty member in the training Office. The Training Committee will be told about the result and if the issue is not resolved that additional remedy is proposed and examined at a suitable interval along with recommendation for delaying of the privileges of trainee supervision.

  1. If a faulty member’s privileges have been suspended twice then the Director can terminate him from training program:

There is a voting session where the training committee votes on the termination of the faculty members from the training program and it is chosen through majority. The faculty member is then informed through writing and the decision is mailed to the Chairperson of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Psychology Chief at the hospital and the Chair of the Appointments and Reappointments Committee.

  1. Grievance in consideration to a concept continuing education process:

In this situation the complaint is likely to notify the Director of Education and Training through writing or phone at the earliest in order to address the nature of the issue in a timely manner. If the grievance is involving a social worker then the CE social Work Consultant and the Director of Education and Training would review the issue. The written response would help in recording the grievance and the participation of the Social Work CE Consultant in the resolution and discussion of the problem.

If there is no immediate resolution to the issue then the CE Social Work Consultant, if applicable and the Director of Training and Education would forward the complaint to the Concept Advisory Board in a month.  The board will be responsible to formulate the responses of the complaint and provide actions if needed.

All grievances’ confidential records, the procedure to resolve the grievance and the result would be stored in locked and protected files of the Director of Education and Training. All the   valid written complaints and the written response to the complaints of the CE program are also reported.

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