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Pro Life Persuasive Speech Sample against Abortion

Attention Step: Some people think that it is easier when you kill a victim when you don’t see the victim. Some people believe that it is easier because you do not feel guilty, or that because you don’t see what is really happening. Worst of all, some think that it is easy to kill someone who does not know that he is alive. Such people thinking this way are those who support abortion.

Need Step:

Statement of Problem: No matter how beautifully and tactfully we define abortion, the fact is that abortion is the termination of a human life. In other words, it is a crime.

Explanation of Problem: A woman gets pregnant. No matter what the reason is, she feels that she does not want the baby. She simply enters a clinic, pays $300 and after an hour, leaves without the baby.

Proving that Problem Exists: According to Stanley Henshaw in his article “Unintended Pregnancy in the United States,” in 1994, the number of abortions in the United States was strictly one third of the total number of births that took place during that year. In other words, out of every four possible babies to be born, one is simply murdered in abortion. According to the 1996 Statistics World Almanac, in three hundred years of the history of the United States, about 1.5 million people were killed in wars and revolutions. However, in twenty years only, more than 35 million babies were aborted. Abortion is by all means an insane war against humanity.

Relation to Audience: Do you know where a baby goes after an abortion? Call it a tube, call it an incinerator, call it a trash bin, call it what you want. The baby is no longer a human being. It has been disposed of, just like any other garbage. How do you think of that as a fate for a human life?

Satisfaction Step:

Plan of Action: Because abortion is a crime, and because it is a degradation for human life and its value, something has to be done about it immediately.

Explanation of Plan: According to Elizabeth Fox and Marie Oates in their article “Abortion’s chains,” abortion is treated as a trade, not as a crime. It is necessary therefore as a first step to identify abortion as a serious crime.

According to Zeina, a friend of mine and a mother of two children who had been through abortion, women should be made aware of the dangers of abortion. Zeina suffered from complications and can no longer be pregnant. She also suffered from a hemorrhage that could have killed her. Making women know of the dangers that abortion can have on them is important because it will deter many from seeking an abortion.

Thirdly, the laws should be updated and made harder so that those doctors who conduct abortions will be punished.

Countering Arguments: According to the “Ohio Right to Life” those who support abortion are mostly people who cannot see abortion as an act of killing a human life. They try to give abortion nice names such as “the right to choice,” or “a solution to unwanted pregnancies.” Supporters of abortion should realize that they are actually supporters of a crime.

Visualization Step:

Action Step: If abortion was so easy and simple, many of you may not have been born. But because abortion is a crime that human conscience cannot accept, we are all here together in this room. Please think of my words and make your decision wisely. My plan is your plan, and every human being’s plan.

Summary: It is possible to abort a mission, a project, or a transaction. But to abort a human life is something that no mind or conscience can accept. The struggle for life and against abortion is the duty of every human being with a conscience.

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