Problem in Nursing Practice

Problem in Nursing Practice

Nurses form the largest workforce of the healthcare industry. In the course of their practice, nurses face several problems that affect the degree of care to the patients and affect the standards of nursing. One of the problems that nurse are encountering in their practice is offering care and communicating with the culturally diverse patient populations. Nurses are working with patients from different cultural backgrounds who use different language and have various beliefs about health. This paper describes the problem and provides a rationale for the significance of this issue.

Description of the problem

The country and the world are currently experiencing global mobility of people that has resulted in populations if different countries to be ethnically and culturally diverse while the nursing force remains the same. The nurses in the country are required to offer care to these patients from the different cultural backgrounds. Productive interaction between patients and health care professionals is one of the most important factors that affect the safety and quality of health care (Almutairi, 2015). Cultural differences are one of the things that affect this communication. The nurse and the patient may use different languages, which hinders communication or the patient may have cultural beliefs that are contrary to the offered care.

Rationale for the significance of this problem

This issue is significant because the nursing interventions should provide culturally competent care that eliminates the barriers and improves health outcomes (Rassool, 2011). This issue creates a barrier that prevents the nurses to offer quality care and the puts the patients at risk of not recovering fully. The problem occurs when differences between cultural backgrounds of the nurse and the patients stand in the way of offering the best care.

The problem is also significant because a patient’s culture influences what the patient may perceive as a health problem and what the patient may ignore (Smith, Wertheimer, & Fincham, 2013). Some patients under the care of nurses may refuse some nursing interventions because they feel it is against their culture.  For instance, some cultures do not take modern medicine and may refuse to take some even when their condition is critical. This creates a problem for the practicing nurse because the refusal by such a patient may worsen the patient’s condition or result to death.

This issue of how to deal with people from different cultures is also important for nurses, as it will also help them to use the same knowledge when dealing with other healthcare professionals. Since nurses are the majority professionals in healthcare, their learning on how to offer culturally competent care will be a significant step in improving cultural diversity in health.

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