Process Writing Discussion Assignment

Answers to the attached questions

Reasons as to why I enjoy linear processes.

The linear conceptualization and approaches always determine our way of living in current society. In the business world, it has brought the integration of communication channels, thus enabling easy and transparent transactions between business communities worldwide. This always worked best for me professionally because I am all about rules, processes, and doing this step-by-step. This has increased efficiency in my business, thus the realization of upward progress and profits.


The valuable process that I have found beneficial in my professional life.

I want to live a legacy and a long-lasting rapport with my clients, and I have developed the following process in my business. To achieve this, I have developed a written code of conduct and laid ethics to be followed while in the shop; these ethics have helped me maintain a good relationship and communication between my clients, customers, and employees. I have also ensured that my staff develop high emotional intelligence; this enables them to maintain their coolness during a tense situation while operating the shop in my absence

Before closing my shop, I prepare for the following day by arranging all the necessary materials and putting them in place. I also release my employees early enough to reach home and have some time with their families. When I get home, I check on the weather condition; this helps me prepare the following day’s outfit and put everything in place. To avoid being late to work, I always set the alarm, which helps me get up early enough and avoid the morning rush.

The maintenance of the above process and procedures have helped me realize and great growth in my business career.

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