Public Nurse vs Clinical Nurse Assessments

Public Nurse vs Clinical Nurse Assessments

Nursing assessment is the most important part in care delivery for it views the patients’ needs and helps nurses in identification planning, implementation, and evaluation of care (Weissman & Meier, 2011). It can be defined as the process of collecting a patient’s personal information keeping in mind the patients social and spiritual wants by a licensed nurse. This process helps nurses to deliver self and evidence-based care to patients and avoid medical risks because the physical exam helps to heal the body and mind of patients.

Public Nurse assessment deals with a whole population by selecting a sample population to come to a common conclusion. This is because when one deals with an entirepopulation, the information might end up being biased and redundant(Borrelli, (2011). Public nurses work with the members of given communities on their health matters hence improving their health and acting as a direct link to healthcare centers. Besides, public Nurse assessment calls for a lot of patience and sacrifice of one’s time because one is dealing with different people who have entirely different personalities. It also involves finding health risk factor that affects a specific community and at the end design and implementa campaign on the risk factor for instance cancer, after liaising with the proper channel of authorities within the affected population.

Clinical Nurse assessment on the other hand is the process of giving systematic and comprehensive pieces of advice relating to a specific condition(Weissman & Meier, 2011). The evaluationis individualized to a given patient and requires trained personnel with experience because there are clinical assessment tools which must be handled with great care and are not entitled to meet specific local needs unless otherwise stated.  These tools for assessment  must be liable and valid. Additionally, this type of assessment solves health issues more amicably compared to Public Nurse assessment because the tools for assessment are readily available, and one cannot obtain biased information hence the chances of getting better health care. Clinical Nurse assessment can be reliable in the case where there is little trained public health personnel because they might not deliver the best health service due to strains from being overworked.

In conclusion, I prefer Public Nurse assessment to Clinical health assessment because one goes to the roots and finds out the main cause of a specific problem in Public nursing assessment as compared to Clinical nursing assessment which aims at tackling the issue at hand after it has occurred, and infections have accumulated. Hence its quite easy to combat a disease outbreak in Public nursing assessmentas compared to Clinical one.

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